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Pain, Fever Dream…

It's 3:10 AM. I lay down in the evening thinking that I was going to be out a mere half hour but the next thing I knew I'm waking up to the same pain I fell asleep to. I've slept through my meds, and the only reason my temperature is as low as it is sits in my grade fridge—a high quinine rasberry-cranberry tonic water I mixed myself.

…different reason. I like the bitter bite of tonic.

I woke with pain a few hits minutes ago. My pills are hours late.

I hope I don't oversleep…

Date: 2016-11-27 06:26 pm (UTC)
kuro_pantsu: (ミスタームスタッシュイオ)
From: [personal profile] kuro_pantsu
Fingers crossed. :(

If you fancy some anime crack with extreme music porn, I can rec ClassicaLoid. It has magical girl transformations, nonsensical music battle sequences and for some reason famous classical composers are reborn in different genders yet poke fun at it. (Tchaikovsky even rants about being written as a teenage girl when he's really an old man in ep 8 and Liszt doesn't care he now is a woman. Plus Chopin is a people fearing social recluse and Schubert is obsessed with BEETHOVEN-SENPAI whilst despising Mozart.)

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