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Buying in bulk is a lifesaver. Today, dinner is a salmon burger with turkey bacon and cheese. It's because it's what's in the freezer. I bought these things in the summer, before the pestilence drove me out.

Having my food stamps cut so low means that I'm going to have to see if my income qualifies for trips to the food pantry. Bills and stuff will be triaged.

It's scary. I'm sitting here in what is officially a safe apartment, but the money is thin. My job has been threatened thanks to my injury. But, they do this every week. I'm still not sure if they're just trying to scare me or what...

Dinner is almost ready. A one meal system at least works better if you got the food that your body doesn't reject, unlike over the summer. Tomorrow I use my tiny "allowance" to get cheap things to stretch meals with.

...Time to settle in to my sandwich. At least it's a good one, right?

Date: 2016-12-07 03:26 pm (UTC)
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Freezers are one of the best inventions man has devised and do not get nearly enough credit in their contribution to daily life. (I wish gyoza and spring rolls froze better but the recipes I use cause the wrappers to fall apart upon cooking due to sogginess of the contents. But I freeze a load of sauces and bulk meats and they come out fine.)

Fingers crossed over the current situation. Your workplace is beyond the pits and that's without the guests from hell.

What else are you currently able to manage in terms of food? I hope the stuff that's tolerable continues to be in stock for the time being at any rate. :(

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