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Until now I have refrained from commenting on the state of American politics. It isn’t because I don’t have a position (I do).

It’s  because I’m completely terrified of where it’s going.

The nation managed to elect a wholly inexperienced, morally and multiply financially self-proclaimed billionaire to the highest office in the land, a man who bragged on national television about the enormity of his sexual member and bragged (on a hot mic) about how his fame and fortune lets him do anything that he wants to women, up to “grab[ing] them by the pussy” if the notion struck him. There have been incidents of this happening around the nation now, with the only excuse given that “this is Trump’s America now, we can do that.”

As someone who is equipped at present with the aforementioned anatomy, that’s terrifying.

Further, all of his picks for cabinet positions all are unqualified for the positions he’s put them in—it’s like he’s playing a matching game and the only matching he’s doing is to match the least qualified to the office position. But that’s not even the scariest thing about it. There’s a pattern and until recently, it went unnoticed.

Enter Jeff Sessions, a Dominionist Christian who doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state and wants to bring the church’s system into every decision that is brought down. Suddenly, everything is on the table. The governnent is in the bedrooms again, the operating room, the OB-GYN clinic…and this man is even worse than the usual of this sort because he’s been on the side of racists before, having been caught saying he was ok with the KKK until he found out they smoked weed. I don’t care if he said it as a joke…that isn’t a joke that you make in today’s America, when half of America is looking over its shoulder for someone wanting them dead for the color of their skin or the god they pray to.

The next four years will be truly terrifying for me and other People of Color, gender minorities, the disabled, the infirm—and those like me who lie on the border of all of these axes.

All we can do is raise our voices and march, give this new government the “hell no” it needs to hear while we still can.

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This whole incident is as bizarre as it is terrifying. I keep wondering where all the sanity in the world went as the way the accession of Trump is being praised or normalized is not just alienating but also core rocking.

I've heard my own parents and people from their circle make comments such as "he seems to be surrounding himself with sensible people" and "I'm optimistic since he wants to be friends with Russia" and "I was so pleased when he won as it made all those people I can't stand weep!", all of which disorientated me as well as incensed because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. And since November I've been told by almost all of them I've got to learn to accept Trump and morally I find myself screaming because UM NO??? I am not naïve enough to expect all politicians to have clean records or lack problematic stances on certain issues but I do think that in this set of circumstances there is a very real and legitimate reason to protest.

There are so many reasons to protest that the list is exhaustive and it is quite easy to unintentionally forget many important ones. Most other politicians would've been ousted for just ONE of the things Trump has done. Here we had Michael Gove cut from the running for PM because he stabbed allies in the back and was caught attempting to manipulate an opponent (Andrea Levinson) into working against Teresa May in the vote for PM. Subsequently Andrea Levinson was then booted out for making a comment that she was better suited to the role of PM because she had experience as a mother (whilst Teresa May was childless) that received such public backlash she had to pull out and May became PM by default. These transgressions seem MINOR compared to just about everything Trump has got up to.

The way that Trump's "grab 'em by the pussy" comments were brushed off so casually is... distressing. In so many ways. The whole "OH IT'S JUST LOCKER ROOM TALK!" defense holds no water when he has been repeatedly charged with sexual assault and had former beauty pageant contestants claim he barged into their dressing rooms. The fact the woman who was charging him with rape had to drop her case out of fear for her life due to harassment from his supporters is yet another cause for alarm. And part of what I fear is that this may be a reflection of how normalized sexual assault already is to a lot of people? For example my parents' generation was used to having women in the workplace (this being the British television industry during the 60s-80s) getting groped and men they worked with had reputations for being gropers. (And disturbingly a much despised female columnist here not only THANKED Trump for winning but said she'd 'rather a man would grope her by the pussy than be one' as she classifies complaining about sexual assault as political correctness come mad. And also accused the Hamilton cast of bullying poor 'white haired' Pence simply because being LGBT 'made them feel special'.) Previous presidents have had murky sexual pasts, yes, we all know that. But the man had a long history of assaults and, you know, was caught bragging about it on tape. I think that kind of doesn't make it okay.

It's amazing how much he can potentially destroy. Never has one man been so capable of destroying so many lives. Buggering up the education system (though given the cabinet choice 'buggering' is probably not something they'd approve of) is actually one of the best things he could do in comparison to wrecking the health system, removing freedom of the press, destroying civil rights, tanking the economy, wrongfully imprisoning people who fall under groups he doesn't like (starting with the muslims but odds are other minorities will be added), creating an outright demagogue, starting wars, killing off the planet by contributing massively to climate change and nuking countries.

...there's a reason so many people suddenly had a spike in anxiety or depression since November.

I have never felt the actual sensation of "I seriously hope we can all survive this" until this result came about. But now I feel as though I'm in the back of a train, looking out the window to see it steam ahead towards a fragmented bridge over a ravine.

Every protest gives me hope. And as someone unable to do a damn thing, hope is what's helping me get through this day by day.

*sends hugs* I sure as hell am wishing us all the best of luck as we damn well need it.

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