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I wouldn't turn down money though lol.

It's  been hectic. Got rid of the bugs. My Outlook account is buggin'.

My doctor discontinued my gut medicine and it's like $70/month for a month's supply if he doesn't fix it.

There is still a gaping gouge in my ceiling.

I dislocated my knee seven times last month. The good knee.

But I'm going to try to write again. I fell into this...hole, and I wasn't writing. I haven't been able to get it going. But I'm going to do it. I'm going to push forward and write again. Cooking, photography, and writing are the things that make me happy, and I haven't been doing any of them. But I'm going to change that starting now.
It's time to get moving.

...ps, if you want to feed the starving artist, feel free to toss a few at. $20 feeds me for a week with this injured esophagus.

Date: 2017-05-04 05:17 am (UTC)
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Damn I wish I could help. (I'm in a financial pit of my own at the moment because my computer is just about kaput and I can no longer use it for work so almost everything I have saved is going into the replacement.)

I need to get back to photography myself - I started to put it off after my phone decided it would kill battery at a breakneck speed (so any trip I go on I have to be armed with a portable charger or able to return to charge it in about an hour) but it's therapeutic - even if I spend most of it sending evil thoughts towards the assholes who get in the way of my shot XD They're at the worst in spring because you get the selfie sticks and the young couples who decide to do their best impression of rabbits in mating season. Well okay that's not true - the couples are even worse in summer but they're still pretty obnoxious in spring because of the blossoms and the first decent light in several months.

All the very best with the writing. One thing I recently discovered that apparently earns money is blogging anime reviews since a lot of the writers from ANN come from that background (some also double as hired proofreaders or will review specific anime series on demand for the right price - others are online YA authors) so I wonder if there's any potential in that route? I've considered it myself but I'm way too niche to pull it off (especially as I am growing increasingly anti-waifu with age) and essentially write like a slob when reviewing something unless it is for comedic effect. Anyway, if you need a cover artist or just comedic illustrations to go with a piece, gimme a buzz.

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