Jan. 12th, 2013 07:37 pm
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I can’t figure out why but it’s only half past seven and I am…TIRED.

Like knock down, drag me INTO bed tired.

It’s not like I’ve done anything today.

…well I don’t count the marathon session of Borderlands 2, even though I did get the achievement for getting a lot of sniper rifle kills without bothering to use the scope. (What? Guy was point blank close, and that gun sets things on fire.)

The stove…is clean. Not going to see much use for a while, not until I start trying to be super fancy…

Speaking of super fancy, tomorrow I intend on making something very specific. Fancy-ish but not. Do something nice for myself for—well, because I just haven’t in a while. Expect some test-kitcheny fun. =)

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For instance, after getting out of the doctor’s office today—a few bad bouts of dissociation; not knowing where I am and how I got there is starting to get REALLY FREAKIN’ OLD—I made a trip to the pharmacy. It took forever to get the prescription in—X goes wrong, Y doesn’t fix it, Z asks if I can have more time, and P, D, and Q all decide that they ALL have to get this done right here and right now and could I please sit back down and drink my goddamn tea wait as they get the prescription ready, please and thank you.

Rather than sit down I walked a couple laps around the store and landed in the bread aisle. My target: these gorgeous pretzel buns. They have a wonderful sepia coloration, with vibrant cream-colored slashes in the top of the bun, making an ‘X’ across the top. Advertised as ‘a tasty blend of salty and sweet,’ I decided to give them a shot as a test kitchen project. And since my meds were STILL not ready, I checked out those items to wait.

Cut here because FOOD PORN )

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I wasn’t paying attention apparently when I had my last laundry shift and did something messed up to my shoulder.  I’ve had either zero feeling or excruciating pain in the arm for the last two days.

For the third day in a row: CUE THE TOSCA. )

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Dull day... sort of.  For a rundown, proceed to the commentary below.  It gets interesting in the end.

Ah, yes, commentary. )

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I write this on a bus, firmly ensconced in a traffic jam.


Bus horns are...decidedly unmusical. )

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Since I still don't have the internet, I've gotten my mitts on the mobile app.  I've also begun planning the return of the internet.  It occurs to me that I might have to replace the thing myself-- it would be cheaper and if I could get it across somehow without it seeming like a move...


Of course first I have to find my computer cable.  I'm not sure what I did with it.


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 So the day went by with only minor hitches - no dinner at Dad's because a pipe went asplode, but the other things went very well.

Then about eleven last night I got wicked chills.  After a nap that lasted until about four, I woke up and made cinnamon bread.

It's good cinnamon bread.  Soft and fluffy.  If you poke it it kind of gives and then bounces back kind of like a really firm memory foam mattress.

I kind of need a nap.  I'm on enough painkillers right now that I should be sleeping.

It might be the Mountain Dews.  XD
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It's a little out of season right now (and possibly a bit dated), but it's stuck in my head, so here goes.

A Russian named Rudolph looks up from his paper one morning as he hears an annoying clatta-clatta noise on the tin roof.  After a moment of consideration, he concludes, "It's raining."

His wife looks up at the noise too, thinks about it for a second, and concludes, "No, it's sleeting," as she listens to the racket it makes.

"It's raining," insists Rudolph.

"You haven't even looked outside," his wife points out.

"It's raining."  He looks over his paper at his wife as he asserts,  "Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear."


Jul. 24th, 2009 02:00 am
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Serves me right.  It is almost two in the morning and I have been playing WoW for the last three hours.  I leveled my shaman up to forty-six, and trained away my profits on the ding.  I'm going to be selling a lot of stuff to make up for that, and grinding up to forty-seven after that.

After that I will get ready to crash.  I actually have to be up.

Last few days have been insane.  Went to Delmar and did lots of crap.  Bought a skirt, some music, a plushie ( I <3 the Moofia!) and a top.  Today I added more music to that.  Spent way more money than I planned on, but I still have enough money to make the rent, which means for now I am cool.  Also have enough drinks on hand so that I don't get bored with the selection.

It is time to get out of dodge.  Peace out.

Silly joke.

Jul. 2nd, 2009 10:12 pm
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So. This vulture walks out of his office at the end of the day, all ready for vacation. As he makes his way to the airport, he picks up a briefcase and three dead gazelles, and he gets to the security checkpoint with no problem. But after he gets that far, the officer stops him.

"Sir, I'm afraid I have to stop you there," he says.
"What's the problem, officer? Nothing unusual here," he says. "Just your average business vulture off on his way to vacation."

"Well, that may be so, but you're going to have to put some of that--" and he points to the baggage and gazelle carcasses here-- "and take it to the baggage counter."

"Well, ok. But why?" the vulture asks, puzzled.
"Easy, sir. Passengers are only allowed two pieces of carrion onboard."
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It's May Day and I am bored.


I am also tired.  If there had been a bonfire to leap through I don't know for certain if I would have.  Even so I've gone through the usual racket of a big-and-involved ritual cleansing for what will likely be a low-key observance before dinner.  I also did the one thing that I absolutely must do after a long and annoying day:


Gave myself a decent pedi.

No, seriously.  You always feel better with freshly exfoliated footsies.  Try it one day; even a salt scrub works wonders.


After the heat wears off, I figure I'll do my thing there and then eat dinner.  Probably a veggie burger and some tea.  Or chocolate soymilk.  I love chocolate soymilk.  Gets me a chocolate fix and doesn't give me a tummyache.


Until then, a nap.  Soak was a little too hot.  I am currently extremely groggy.

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In fact, I am so incredibly bored that the only thing that I could think of doing today that was remotely interesting was to come to the library right after work and see if I could bore anyone else.

No, seriously, I am really rather bored.  I kind of wanted to browse some online catalogues, but the problem with that is, I need to be saving my cash right now in case something happens before ACen.  I have to make sure that NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, happens to the money.  (Never shoulda volunteered.  I got us a cheaper rate, but lo, the pressure!)

My Zen's battery is really going downhill fast lately.  I have been thinking about replacing the battery but the firmware for the device is no longer supported, and the device itself is starting to act up.  While I decide on what to do I will carry several chargers with me and make sure that it doesn't get too close to anything magnetic.

Still trying to get some money squirreled away to reclaim my computer.  It's not easy to be sans machine when muses wake up.  Silly me, I neglected to back up the file on a portable device so that I could at least work elsewhere.   Next time, I am more careful.

I'm probably going to leave the library soon.  I've been posting on forums and finding awesome music today but.
I'm hungry.

I need food before I do much else.  Maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't.  But whether or not I am back, I will probably remain bored.

I'll browse anyway.  At least I can find cheap prices beforehand and spam stores later.


Mar. 1st, 2008 09:42 pm
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So, yeah.  The murder!shift is just that.  The murder!shift.  In the past couple of days I haven't had a day that has lasted less than six hours.  I'm tired, and I don't have much energy to do much at all.  I haven't even spammed a spiral notebook in several days, and I know I need to write something sooner or later before my head explodes.  The problem is I'm just too damn tired to do that much at all.

So for the last couple of days I've just worked, come back to this house, made up the couch, and gone to sleep.  There isn't that much else to do.  Sure, I could go to the arcade and do some DDR, but I've even been too tired to do THAT.  I've even gotten bad enough that I can't manage to finish three out of four complete rounds, and even the one that I managed to finish, was severely nerfed—freeze arrows off, jumps—well, I mostly didn't actually bother DOING them, accounting for a knee, and my brain has been on mute when it comes to muses.  I haven't even had the usual muse tormenting me for random things.

I've been re-reading a  bunch of old stuff.  Books, fic, my own crap.  It reminded me that there's about six other things that I haven't updated.  But!  I have an excuse for that one:  This machine lags on THIS site.  Imagine the hassle I'd get with something more graphics intensive like  Which is annoying, because I've somehow become one of the resident experts of existentialism, so there's some people on the site that are at a loss for some information.  But they'll just have to wait until I get to the library, 'cause this machine ain't havin' it.  XD

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