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Barely even that. Closer to a drabble.

Title: Heads UP
Summary: Words are put in WoL's mouth.
Characters/Pairings: WoL, Bartz.
Word count: 135
Rating/warnings: Utter Nonsense.

“Blah blah light.”

“Blah blah light.”

“Blah blah light.”

It doesn’t seem to say anything else. However the Warrior of Light is transfixed by it, the crystalline likeness offset by the dark wood upon which it is mounted.

“Neat, huh?”

Bartz stands a bit behind the Warrior and nods. Then he holds up his hands, making a box.

“Though I think I might move it. It’s not level.”

“But why does it talk?”

“Why not?” Bartz shrugs.

As if taking the suggestion the head speaks again. “Blah blah light.”

“I don’t even sound like that,” the Warrior says.

“But your manikin sounds like you, and so it sounds like this.”

He gives up. The Warrior walks away. “…light help the others.”

There are at least a dozen empty plaques on the wall.

“Blah blah light.”

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Here it goes again! *narrowly resists linking to the OK Go song* Five Things today means the following:


  1. FFVI
  2. Dissidia
  3. Introduction to FF
  4. Pastry Arc: How the hell did that even come up?
  5. Seme or Uke?



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NaNoWriMo ate my soul.  BUT~

I do have this!

Legal blabla. Don’t own it, © Square-Enix—Let’s have some fun~!

5: Rough Around The Edges

By: Railenthe

Rating: PG

Genre: Crack, Domestic!AU, Pastry-Shop

Warnings for: Silliness, some language.

Summary: The ‘Puf Pastry is still sans a pastry chef. It looked promising for a while, Kefka Palazzo’s delicious soufflé impressing Kuja—but the kitchen was an unacceptable casualty of his cooking, and so no dice. What next?

Ser, you possess not the look of a maker of pastry…


Sep. 18th, 2011 12:49 am
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Kind of a fake update, but the upcoming work day means that there won't be much of me.  What with it being Sunday, that is.

Thus, guess what?  This!

Yep.  Fic.

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I’ve got today off.

Unfortunately, that’s about it.

The Saturday that was spent in various fitting rooms kind of threw a wrench into the established schedule, and that usually means that the person who requested the day off is going to have a series of weeks that go by with only one off day in strings of seven until it corrects itself.

And because I requested a Saturday off, that means it’s me! Yay! Not.

If nothing else, I’ve got a strategy. Just a tad ambitious, but hey. )

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So today was hell shift: super long, super late, lots of crap that needed to be done and things went wrong…


Work relevance plus other news! Writing ahoy! )

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Because it will be much easier, I’ve decided to have a master journal for my fics.  I’ll still post here, but…well, I took a good hard look at the tags I’ve accumulated over the last six years and it would appear that some housekeeping is in order.


That’s bad news for me.  I HATE doing maintenance like this.  Guess that means I should have been on top of that from jump, ne?  I’ve got work to do.


The good news:  Even with my writer’s block, I’ll be making sure that things never get so disorganized again.  Meet what will become the master list of my writing, Conchordia.


Now, to stare at a blank word processor screen as it mocks me.

EDIT:  9:34 PM:

Or, you know, to just watch my right arm spaz out on its own, listen to a whistling noise in my right ear, and feel my jaw start to slowly, totally lock up.

…at least it isn't as bad as my mom's was.  Of course, that ain't saying much because you could hear her teeth-grinding and jawbone-pops from a room over.
I'm taking meds now and crashing, kk? 

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[Poll #1763308]I don't know if I even did this right XD

But the question is serious XD
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In other news holy crap I just got featured.

My fic Fancy Footwork (a Dissidia Fic) was just featured in this location.

I feel pretty awesome.
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It's been another week. I haven't heard a thing from my job about the thing.  The messed up thing about that is that, without the approval papers in, I'm going to the physical therapist to get turned around and sent back home--because they haven't approved the actual therapy yet.  It's raising concerns, naturally, about how I'm supposed to go about paying for things without a stream of income.

I made something out of Personal Trainer: Cooking yesterday: the meatloaf.  The meatloaf recipe in it is a bit more involved than the usual meatloaf recipe.  There was the usual 'starch filler item' that required bread soaked in milk.  Not having bread handy I improvised with panko crumbs.  Then there was ground pork, and the beef.  And sautéed onions.  

Wrapped in bacon.  =D
I was surprised that was actually a part of it.  I thought it was just going to be baked on top of bacon, but it is in fact wrapped in bacon.
I'll post pictures later in the week.

And it was delicious.

I've made a to-do list of fic on my dA page.  <a href="http://railenthe.deviantart.com/">It's in here somewhere, if it's more than three days past this date you might have to rifle through the journal in there.</a>

I'm looking forward to the crack pairing reaction.  A couple of people know what I'm planning, but most of them don't.  Once I get a few more chapters into it I'll probably cross-post it to the LJ DFF community.

Anyway.  I'm going back to my coffee.
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A/N:  I’m trying to remember how this even got started.  Somehow, two things have made it into head!canon:  bacon and cereal.  Because I’m currently having writer’s block on bacon, here’s cereal.


A Prize Inside Every Box
Author:  Railenthe
Rating: G
Warnings for:  Nothing, really, unless you’re averse to cute fluff and a quickly growing domestic!AU.


A Prize Inside Every Box


The Onion kid likes cereal. I mean, he REALLY likes cereal. )


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I posted some Pala/Mecia.  That's about all I've done thus far.

I blame a combination of desperately needing to beat Inward Chaos (THANK YOU GABRANTH!) and the new Pokemans.  Kind of funny to play Dissidia while walking a fluffy Hoppip.

Meanwhile I sleep now.  Need to get my head ready to work on other prompts.  Cleaning up most of the fic and making it presentable.  It's currently on my DA. railenthe.deviantart.com/art/Fuzzy-Ethics-157719805 
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Meh, I ought to be asleep by now, but.

Last week the anniversary of my moving into my own (tiny) apartment passed by with not much fanfare.  I did get a peach cobbler.  Homemade, too.  It's tasty.


I should post some of my more epic Dissidia wins.  I've got one that should have been a loss, but my luck--well my luck was simply EPIC.

With that said, To-Do list:

Finish Pala/Mecia fic.
Finish OK/Shantotto fic.
Post turnaround replay.
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Mulitasking like never before in these two weeks.  I posted a thread in a comm that I'm a member of, selected five official prompts, and two bonus prompts, and this week I begin work on them (this week because I am for certain to have a computer this week...kind of an important part of it, you know?)

There is a party this weekend that I will not be able to get out of, but if it goes too geeky—read: the newer models of things that go inside of computers, I'm familiar with older hardware—I can do some brainstorming.

And oh god, someone drew Mateus wearing ONLY SNAKES.  That gets a bonus immediately.  I honestly don't know how I'm gonna shoehorn a plot into that but *agonized* daaaaaaaaammn. 
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Disclaimer:  Characters (c) Square Enix.  I don't own.  I am not getting paid for this.

Vicious Bite

Author:  Railenthe

Genre:  slash-fic

Pairing:  Firion/Kuja

Rating:  R for suggestive themes (It’s not too graphic, but….)

Warnings for:  a pair of men doing the unspeakable to one another, a crack pairing, nudity, nonstandard use of an appendage, implied nonstandard use of a potion, blood.  Not worksafe at all!

Prompt:  “Be careful, or I might just bite.”


A/N:  Well, enough asked for it, so here it is.  Hopefully it is to your liking.  I guess I should have known I’d create a demanding monster if I mentioned that line…

*is shot at by raging comrades*

Sheeze Louise.  Here it is, then!



It wasn't the -worst- place to have him. )



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As it turns out, what they did to me was in fact illegal.   While I am actively now searching for a better job (screw this nonsense), I am also holding on to this knowledge until I have an actual course of action to take.  As such, I'm just using the 'mildly aggravated but still personable' persona at work instead of the 'oh, you shitheads are going DOWN' persona.

Meanwhile, I have five days to finish a prompt for a comm.  I should be done by Sunday night.  I'll be sitting down to figure out where to take the ending of it.  The problem is, I'm writing crack-fluff.  I do crack well, but my fluff is a little rusty.

(What would rusty fluff look like, anyway?  I'm seeing a reddish dusty soot sprite.)
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 I didn't ask for this idea.  But it kept going around and around in my head at work today.  It was made especially worse because—apparently, I'm one of many slashers at my job.

Organization XIII Therapy, 2/?!:  Xemnas and Xigbar session
Genre:  Crack, as usual
Warnings:  That same weird brand of humour as before.  Also pure unadulterated crack.  Insanity, some OOC-ish ness is intentional.
Disclaimer:  I don't own it. If I did I'd be doing something other than housekeeping, now wouldn't I?

Summary:  Second session of Organization XIII's mandatory therapy sessions.

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But!  In my defense, I haven't been at the house in a while.  I haven't gotten a chance to write much otherwise, either, so I really haven't even thought about it.

All that I have written lately is Vincent/Cid, and it hasn't even gotten that far yet.  I've decided to go back to an old fic that I was working on and add a little bit more suspense to it, some more action.

Substance, really.

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Albeit the majority of it happens to be longhand.  Just call me old-fashioned.

Fake cut! )

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Because it had to be done.


Not too long ago, I got hooked on this game, a tactical-RPG kind of affair by the name of Gladius. Basically, [profile] tonberryqueen21 decided to make this comment about the personalities of some of the main characters, (notice how often I blame her for these things…must have revenge!) and it got into something that turned out to be hilarious and…well, fun. Basically we wound up in a discussion about them "blasted Imperials" and their—ahem—habits. It turned into this. Then again, let's face it. Between the way Valens went on about losing his best friend in the games (he left the school) when you first run into him, it's like he'd lost something closer. *coughboyfriendcough* To really see what I'm getting at, you'd have to play the game—that is, if you haven't already.


By the by, I'm not plugging this game at all. [play this game play this game and enjoy it] Okay maybe I am. [did you catch that? Play this game]
Words: too lazy to count manually… Status: Beta, will be asking for cleanup and review asap.


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