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I've ramble-rant-thingied about how important Final Fantasy has been in my life before. But today is the fourteenth anniversary of one of the best ones. And rather than go on and on about how the series has changed my life (especially since another friend of mine can cover this one better than I can) I'll let the game speak for itself.

Zidane: "Hey, that's Ipsen's line."

Dagger: "Ipsen? Who's that?"

Zidane: "Ipsen is a character from a play, but he's a real-life adventurer. I think the play is based on his adventures. It kind of goes like this... Ipsen and his good friend Colin worked at a tavern in Treno. 

One day Ipsen got a letter. The letter was so wet from rain that most of the writing was illegible. The only part he could read said 'Come back home.' Nowadays, we have airships and stuff, but back then, it was really hard to travel. He didn't know why he had to go back, but he got some time off, gathered his things, and set out on his journey home. He walked a thousand leagues through the Mist. Sometimes he was attacked by vicious monsters, but he made it, because his friend Colin was by his side. And then, after much time on the road... He had to ask Colin something. 'Why did you come with me?'"

Dagger: "And? What was Colin's answer?"

Zidane: "'Only because I wanted to go with you.'"

Happy 14th, Final Fantasy IX!

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~Earlier Today…~

The phone rings—it’s Godot’s theme from the Phoenix Wright games, a coffee-themed jazz tune. Dad’s calling.


Hey!” Delivery truck sounds like it could use a muffler—he has to shout. “Get down here, I got the stuff!”

“Got it!”

The ‘stuff’ is fresh garden stuff and a microwave. The one I’ve got right now is three bags of popcorn away from being completely dead. (It’s moving steadily slower—I knew it was time to get the thing replaced when it took nearabouts ten minutes to pop a bag of popcorn.)

I make my way downstairs and see my dad, who happens to be next to a young man who looks vaguely familiar. I don’t have any sort of recognition going on, until I make a point of looking directly at him (it’s easier for me not to look directly at males lately), when suddenly I realize—this kid looks like what I would if I’d inherited the Y chromosome instead of the X from our father. That, and the “OMFG OMG STRANGE MALE RUN” response doesn’t kick in.

“Kid bro!” I squeal and run up to the truck.

(I think I should mention that my kid brother Jules is athletic, LUDICROUSLY smart, has my tolerance for bullshit from other people (read: JACK AND SHIT), was one of the first people to out me as bi (He caught me staring at a certain android on a certain series that went well over nine thousand memes—and for the record he has no problem with it), and plays video games the way I do: almost all the time and can discuss everything about all the ones he plays.

In other words, DEFINITELY my little bro.)

There’s handshakes and hugging and squealing as we follow Dad lugging the thing upstairs. We catch up on the way up, talking about sports, classes, books, video games, how blind Dad is (FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m blinder. He wears a prescription about half that of mine).

Soon enough we’re in the middle of the apartment, deciding the middle of the floor’s just fine. We’re still discussing stuff, in this case video games, and then we get into the talk of video games. Dad and I start suggesting a certain game for Jules to play, and it’s quite possibly the weirdest thing any random passerby would have seen—short woman in a hairnet and big tall guy built like Bruce Lee pretty much squeeing over a game, complete with “Eee!” and “I KNOW!” screams, when—

“Nah. Final Fantasy’s kiddie.”

I SWEAR I heard the cosmic record needle scratch. Both I and my dad do an ACTUAL double-take.

“WHAT!?” we both shout.

“I mean, it’s so kiddie and—”


“Awesome story—”

“Stuff blowing up—”


Dad and I keep going like that for a while.

…sometimes, my family’s awesome.

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Here it goes again! *narrowly resists linking to the OK Go song* Five Things today means the following:


  1. FFVI
  2. Dissidia
  3. Introduction to FF
  4. Pastry Arc: How the hell did that even come up?
  5. Seme or Uke?



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Ganked (sort of) from [livejournal.com profile] toffeethesnob: the 5 Things Meme. You’re asked to answer five questions, and if interested, reply with 5 and I’ll do more or give you five things. My five?

1. Liam O'Brien
2. The Emperor of Palamecia
3. Yaoi
4. UraBoku
5. Organization XIII

It's kinda like an Ask Me Anything on steroids.

Note: The odds of this being particularly deep are…zero to nil.

OK! Here we go! *KWEH!* )

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But, then TV Tropes happened.  I was on the WMG page for FFV, when I ran into this theory:


The game is Square's attempt at a Henshin Hero work.


Although the Job System is nothing new to Final Fantasy, FFV mixes up the format by having the jobs only activate in battle (as the out-of-battle Freelancer sprites are kept), thus we can conclude that the crystals serve as transformation trinkets. Other elements of the game that make it look sillier than other installments can also be attributed to this.


…Thank you, TV Tropes.  I now have a mental image of Bartz changing into his Dancer class Sailor Moon-style.   Complete with him shouting “WIND CRYSTAL POWER MAKE-UP!” before it starts.


Excuse me while I fix my brain.

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Calling your attacks!


Everyone does it.  It's useful sometimes: the only way you know that something is about to hit you upside your head.  But this can also backfire. 


Take, for instance, Zidane.

Nerd Alert. )


Sep. 18th, 2011 12:49 am
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Kind of a fake update, but the upcoming work day means that there won't be much of me.  What with it being Sunday, that is.

Thus, guess what?  This!

Yep.  Fic.

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First, a letter to the internet.


Dear Internet:


Signed, Railenthe Y. Zeal.


*Previously, on FFIX DISC 1:


Oh look.  It’s Beatrix, come to kick our asses.


…!!!  Oh, hello there, he of the heavily emphasized crotch!  Why, you could almost rival David Bowie Himself with that highlit heaven-rod!


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The ending of 013 is lovely. Everyone goes home, with their crystals still shining with the light of the goddess Cosmos—with the exception of the Warrior of Light, who begins walking to from what I can guess is the south, moving toward the city of Cornelia, castle spires shining in the distance. He holds his crystal in one hand.


I’ll break the argument here to mention something that suddenly makes sense. The crystal that the Warrior of Light carries is blue, representing the Water Crystal in his world. The Water Crystal is located in the Sunken Shrine, near the town of…Onrac.


Consider the things that you learn in the reports, and keep them in mind, as I continue.


It’s a lovely image, isn’t it? Too bad that for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t happen.

…wait, what? )


…yes, I’ve overthought this.

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For me, this is something of a retcon.  When I first played the game:


  • I hadn’t played FFI yet.
  • I hadn’t played FFII yet either.
  • I hadn’t finished FFIII.  Still haven’t actually.  I WILL get the ultimate magics first, damn it.
  • I hadn’t finished FFIV.  Still haven’t.  I can’t sit through the first translation.
  • I was a boss-fight off from clearing FFV.  *Yeah, stalling*
  • I hadn’t played much of FFVIII.
  • I hadn’t played FFIX.  Still haven’t.  Any day now…dammit broken phone!
  • I’ve only backseat!gamed FFXI, but I know enough about it to pas.
  • Hadn’t played much into FFXII.
  • Know nothing about FFXIII.

…I’m not a slacker.  I’m just broke.


So…yeah. )


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*trudges in, dragging her feet*

Long day.  Walked from train station.  Found out the Counterburst Forums are shutting down because the moderator is frustrated.  Now I’m depressed and need to inflict MUCH GRIEVOUS HARM to AI opponents to vent, and get a glass of icy cold cream!tea.


Below: Lots of me not making sense! )


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…partially nodded to when Zidane knocked him down, but I still wanted to hear him say it.  XD


Remember all of the dancers in FFIV?  Why does no one bring this up?  Team Cosmos needed some delicious scandal.BUT WAIT, THERE'S SLIGHTLY MORE! )


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Here’s a demonstration of Mama Bear and Papa Wolf’s abilities.  SPECIAL NOTE:  Terra’s squishy because her level’s below the threshold for the course—I’m using a level accessory that requires me sticking a level under 20.


Epic music just because.

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And now, for the individual assist!faves.  This one’ll be a little quicker and less overthought.  XD




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Well, hell, don’t ask me this question if you don’t expect me to be nerdy!  I will warn you now that my answer will be quite wordy.


I change assists like I change socks—in other words, enough that no one’s running the same rotation for more than 48 hours.  When I change equipment, I change assists.  When I change builds, I change assists.  When I plan for different types of runs (like the HURRY UP I NEED MEGALIXERS build I’ve gotten set up with Mateus) I change assists.

Depending on who I’m facing—and therefore whose head I have to mess with—I change assists.

Depending on my moveset, I change assists.

Depending on my crack-pairing mood at the time, I change assists.

Depending on the pattern the AI’s picked up (in the Labyrinth that is) I change assists.

I’m like Lady Gaga when it comes to assists—you NEVER know what to expect, even when you think you have an idea.

Now that that’s been said, I do have a few favorite assist combinations.

BTW:  Feel free to steal combinations.  I’ll be listing my favorite assists in general afterward in a second part.

*If you’d like me to test more combinations, let me know!

Surprisingly, not all of them are shippy.  Most of them are practical arrangements.




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There are so many!  But, I’ll keep it short and go with the one that has been my saving grace for so many fights recently (not to mention netted me a WAY-under-ten-minutes Time Attack clear).



Gilgamesh Morphing Time!


…lolwhut? )


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I have created my own meme!


Final Fantasy XXX Meme

(Rejected titles:  Final Fantasy Fornication, Final Sexy Fantasy, Final Kink-asy)



Click for potential awesome! )


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As the main list of questions of this meme started winding down I started thinking about the answer to this question.  It’s not a simple question, to be sure—I think this might be the tricksiest of them, actually.  Tricksy, in that it makes me think of all of the things that could have been but alas! are not.  Tricksy, in that I have to prioritize and figure out what it is that I want the most in the next game.

Considering what a question this is, I shall do my best to answer it in a way that makes sense.





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Sorry, it had to be said.  His Ex Burst is my favorite for a reason, after all.

That said—uh, Toffee?  Did you mean in-game or Player’s Choice?

Cuz I’m answering both and no Cloud or Squall is going to stop me.

(hahah see what I did there?  I’ve backseat gamed enough to know that one!)


TWOFER because I’m doing the additional!questions and because this feels kind of half-assed!




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