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I have a low grade headache. That seems to be the norm lately.

An interesting thing happened at work today—almost didn’t get there. I had this dream where I’d gotten called off from work, and as such had turned off my alarm. So I wake up with seven minutes to get dressed and out the door when I realize that the text message was a dream.

Then I get on the bus and almost sleep past my stop.

On the upside, I CARRIED the shift today.

On the downside, the legendary wait for vapemail has begun again. The new juice I ordered got rerouted somewhere and I won’t be seeing it until tomorrow, probably. It needs to hurry up. I’m getting a mild case of flavor fatigue; finally I understand the philosophy of having several ADVs (all day vapes).

A pipe went asplode at work sometime during my string of migraine-off days. It was one of the ones between floors. While the carpets were being attended to, I had to worry about the linen. While it wasn’t BAD-bad, it wasn’t exactly a cakewalk, either. There was enough rust that almost every piece of linen that was trucked over to stem the flood was rusty. Luckily, we have a bottle of pretreatment stuff that takes rust out.

Except that if you have to hit the rusty spots too many times, you erode the linen.

Yes. You read that right.

On a good day, as soon as you hit the stain with this stuff, it sort of rises up and then disappears, after which you must immediately wash it so that you don’t accidentally dye the linen rust-pink. A few of them were so bad that they took multiple hits to get clean. …and then there’s the one that somehow manages to get a hole eroded into the threading pattern and yet somehow the rust is intact.

Now, this is one of those moments where there’s only two things you can do: You say “Uhh…” and then you toss the thing behind you in the general direction of the “this has no chance in hell” bin.

(There was a lot of that today.)

Oh well. Could be worse.

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This week's video is kind of short, I realize. I also missed it on Friday because…


OK, I honestly don't remember Friday right now. I remember there was a nice little PTS-freezeup. But when the day ended I was DEAD TO RIGHTS. There could have been an earthquake—well, ANOTHER earthquake—and I'd've slept through it much like the last one.


Hey, maybe if I move to California, I'll get more sleep. xD


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Feb. 20th, 2013 01:15 am
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I started an LP.

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It’s the second day of trying to reset my internal clock. Strict-ish bedtimes have been implemented, but my body’s not having it. Soda’s made, meds are about to be taken, and…

I’m barely conscious.

I’m having a difficult time. My head hurts quite a bit; my hair looks terrible; and to top this all off, I’m so sleepy. I got a reasonable amount of sleep and yet…

My shrink and a local naturopath have both suggested that I get more sun. I can see where they’re coming from—a naturopath WILL suggest that a keyboard jockey needs more sun, and a shrink…also will suggest that someone in my condition get more sun.


Among my friends I am infamous for not being able to maintain a comfortable temperature. I’ve burned hands when coming out of the sun before, and many a time a handshake from outside has gotten a “Good lord, are your gloves full of ice?!” Ice packs fail quickly when I’m running a temperature, and hot packs chill rapidly if I’m running significantly cooler than normal.

Walking around outside tends to shoot things upward—I wind up having to strip down to the workout shirt layer in forty-degree weather rather quickly. But the threat of migraine recently has put a damper on that plan lately, and in addition to really being too tired to go out for a walk, I don’t really have an incentive right now—I still don’t have my replacement Fitbit (I will gripe about that subject from time to time because I miss my little favorite gadget).

The meds are…ridiculous. Everything that I take on a prescription causes drowsiness. It’s gotten to the point, actually, if we find more problems we have to do some grilling—we press the benefits of keeping a prescription against fixing the problem that’s newly popped up—because I’m in danger of something called oversedation. In other words, “TOO MUCH—*ZZZZZ*” could happen.

It’s 0930. I’ve just popped everything. I’ve been awake for two hours, but there’s no guarantee I’ll be awake for the next two. I do what I can. But I have to be careful of lots of things.

The good news is that last night didn’t result in me winding up so high and dazed that it resulted in another sequence of laps walked around the apartment on my hands. …granted, my nose fell asleep (…I seriously don’t even) but that’s a lot less aggravating than waking up and realizing that I’ve tried to open the refrigerator door with my feet.
…actually, if we’re being perfectly honest, it wasn’t annoying. It was fucking hilarious. I can’t help but wonder if my neighbors were up and what they thought I was on. I can honestly say that I’ve never had quite that sort of sensation—not the last time I was stone-cold drunk, not the time the housekeeping staff had to work on the floor that some guests had turned into a giant hotbox (and no one left there sober that day, it was that strong), and not even on my first salvia trip.

I’m beginning to feel dazed again. I should sleep a little bit. I’ll set an alarm, though—I can’t afford to bork my clock again.

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Jolly Roger Sighted Off The Port Bow!
The Issue

Tephireth's merchant navy has seen increasing attacks from swashbuckling pirates in recent months, devastating Tephireth's foreign trade.

The Debate

"We should blow them out of the water!" says First Lord Admiral Bianca Jamieson. "These waterlogged vagabonds have been plundering our ships for far too long! All our exports from the Tourism industry are going straight into their hands! It's downright dangerous for us to let this continue! All we require is some funding for coastal patrol boats, fleet carriers, and nuclear submarines and a free hand to show these freebooters what's what."

"Hello," says a grog-swilling, peg-legged scurvy dog entering your office. "I'm Hack Longbottom, a mighty pirate. I'd like to suggest that instead of wasting all that money on attacking pirates you simply buy them off with barrels of bullion, jewels and Maxtopian gold! There'll still be pirates around, sure, but as long as everyone's paid off, they won't hinder your trade. Not much anyway."

"That's the second biggest load of bilge I've ever seen!" says Captain Grapnel, CFO of Hispaniola Shipping Insurance, LLC. "Shiver me timbers, if these scurvy dogs don't be cutting into me profit margin! Me comprehensive coverage has to pay out for victims o' illegality, and of course theft be illegal in this country, bu' that be giving me an idea - what if we were to have privateers? That is to say, if ye were to make piracy legal but with a quotar o' sorts, like huntin'? That way me and mine can stay in business and ye can get a fine cut o' th' booty from licence fees! Savvy?"

"Come now, that's hardly fair," argues 'gentleman pirate' Taupebeard de Gauche with a bow and flourish. "There is an ancient tradition of actively redistributing wealth on the high seas, and we active redistributors serve an important role in the global economy. You would not keep a family-run bookstore from handing down its business from generation to generation, would you? We simply ask, nay, demand the same right! And get rid of the word 'pirate'. It's a slur. We are corsairs - not common sea-faring thugs."

Fearless Leader's options:

--YARR! or

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I’ll admit it right now: I’m not one of those girly girls who shops for the pleasure of shopping or ‘just because.’ I don’t get it. I mean, you’re spending money that could be put to other things that are actually NECESSARY!

I don’t have the stereotypical fascination with shoes or makeups, either. As a kid, I was hard to shop for because—with the exception of the Barbie Corvette—I wasn’t into the ‘girly’ things.

Which makes the fact that some of my favorite stores have some of the GIRLIEST things I’ve ever seen.

Chocolate Chocolate Store.

There’s a store called the “Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory.” It specializes in…chocolate. I realize that sounds a little obvious, but the fact is that this place specializes in the GOOD stuff—we’re talking the $5/pound stuff. I don’t go there often because I can and WILL eat an entire 1-lb brick of chocolate in a single sitting if you let me. The place also serves excellent chocolate-covered bacon—lean, meaty, applewood-smoked bacon coated in the smoothest mid-dark chocolate you’ve ever had. I can’t have it often but when I do, I savor it.


In the local mall, there’s a Teavana store now. It’s located in what used to be a Panera/St. Louis Bread Co. store. At first I was mad because the place had closed down that restaurant, and then I found out that there was a tea store coming. My first experience there was memorable. I was looking or something completely unrelated to tea when suddenly I smell this light, sweet and fruity scent. I literally follow my nose and before I know it I’m standing in front of a ‘free sample’ dispenser tasting things. Their tea isn’t cheap, but it’s one of the higher end places—the highest end brand is Republic of Tea, I believe.

I can’t go into Teavana and come out empty-handed. Even if it’s just a tin of tea cookies, I leave with something.

Huh? How much tea have I got? …I don’t have an hour to do inventory. I’ll guess that in total I have about 3 pounds of various kinds on hand. (Guesstimating up, here.)

World Market/Cost Plus.

Around here it’s World Market but in other places they go by Cost Plus. However you butter that piece of toast, it has a wonderful selection of international fare. This was the first place I ever went that carried Pocky. And if I remember right, this was one of the first places I ever cut classes to shop at (Yeah, I know, but it was a college course I was already doing well in—and then it turned out that class had been canceled anyway).

The place has saved me from several interesting craving situations. I can now have a Vegemite or Marmite sandwich WHENEVER I WANT. …now, granted, I usually just dunk a spoon in the stuff and eat it like a salty lollipop, but still. It’s also got some of the cutest dinnerware I’ve ever seen. As my hand-me-down plates slowly lose their structural integrity (Microwave a potato! Watch the plate explode!) I’ve begun planning on what I’m going to replace them with—all things that can be found here at World Market. In addition to food things, the place also has some of the coolest furniture I’ve ever seen. I have my eye on a minibar/standalone cabinet thing that I will PROBABLY not be able to afford this year, but ONE DAY *fistshake*

The Arcade.

(I know the arcade doesn’t seem like a store but you spend your money to do things that normally don’t do. Ergo, store!)

I know what you’re thinking—There’s still arcades? But there are, even though there aren’t really a lot of them anymore. I usually go to arcades to play DDR (That’s Dance Dance Revolution, for the half-dozen of you who don’t know) because there’s just something about going there and cracking a few records. And even if you don’t crack a record, it’s kind of fun to showboat for the audience. (I do a badass “face the back of the machine when that last note pops” thing. Works better when I actually DON’T MISS the notes.) They also have some of the best racing games. I remember my first time playing Maximum Tune in the arcade, tricking out my vehicle and saving my records and junk on my Tuning card. A lot of those records still stand, even though the arcade that the machine was originally in has gone under.

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79 minutes ago: Tephireth was ranked in the Top 10% of the world for Highest Drug Use.
94 minutes ago: Tephireth was ranked in the Top 10% of the region for Highest Drug Use.




I’ve been working on that award since Tephireth’s birth!

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Big Brother Is Watching You Surf

The Issue

Advisers from Tephireth's security services have created a small piece of spyware that they would like to install on every computer in the nation so they can track activity.

The Debate

"For the good of all," claims Department of Protection head Britney Goethe. "This tiny little program will simply collect data and send it via the internet to one of our databases. Nobody will even notice that it's there. Besides, who's gonna notice a handful of bytes under mountains of stolen MP3s? Just give us the green light and we'll be rounding up terrorists faster than you can say 'lolcat'! And, hey, while we're at it, we could even use it to alert people when there's danger!"

"Are you insane?" shouts privacy advocate Jack Pushkin. "Our Sephiras pay for our computers; they're not the government's property! The last thing we need is the government poking its big, fat nose into our business. Keep the government's hands off my harddrive! What's next? Brain implants? Leave my brainwaves alone, you jack-booted thugs!"

"While 'tis not my place," says Amish farmer Max Chandra, "I just thought I'd mention that we Amish don't have any of this so-called 'cyber-crime'. Aye, 'tis a boring life, and plowin' gets old, but abolishing all of those computer-machines would certainly solve thy problems. Perhaps ye should just abandon phones and fax machines, too. Then ye'll be on your way to livin' in an Amish paradise!"



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Some people say Tephireth's policy on free speech has gone too far.

The Debate

Option A: "These days, anyone says whatever they want with no regard to what kind of dribble is coming out of their mouths!" says angry commuter Prudence Wong. "It's gone too far. We should go back to the good old days, when if someone started talking garbage, we'd smack them one."

Option B: "We need more free speech, not less," argues civil rights campaigner Don Licorish. "Free speech allows ideas to be explored, challenged, and discussed in a productive, open forum. It teaches our kids to be critical thinkers. And dirty words, of course, but that's just the price you pay."

Option C: "The right to free speech is a central tenet of our system of democracy," says religious leader Barack Sparkle. "But surely the right to not have your religious beliefs mocked by others is worth something, too? We mustn't put up with intolerance!"

Anyone notice something WEIRD about that first option?

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Controversial Coup Causes Commotion
The Issue

A coup in a neighbouring country has seen a mercenary force led by retired Tephirethian general Louis Goethe take charge of the peaceful backwater, purging the opposition, and suppressing freedoms. Despite the new leader making a dubious promise to hold elections, the government in exile is demanding that Tephireth takes action.

The Debate

Option A: "THIS IS A DISGRACE," bellows Brigadier General Peter Song, scattering plastic soldiers over the floor. "This traitor must be overthrown! Gather together our forces and sweep the tyrant from power. While we're at it, Tephireth could do with some more tanks - you never know when the next coup might be."

Option B: Naki Brown, a junior official, puts down "Diplomacy for Dummies" and pipes up. "The best method of solving problems is talking. Send the new regime a strongly worded letter of protest and encourage them to negotiate. On a similar note, perhaps you could take your spouse out for a meal tonight. You've been spending far too much time sorting out this nation's issues lately."

Option C: Noted realist and tabloid columnist Al Sephira disagrees. "We should give this new regime a chance. After all, they now control a sizeable economy, and they need weapons - we could offer to recognise the new government if they agreed to buy arms from us. Also, I couldn't help but notice some protesters outside your office. We wouldn't want a coup happening here - everyone would feel safer if they were moved on."

Option D: "I don't see what the problem is," a voice strangely like your own whispers in your ear. Your twin, standing far too close for comfort, continues, "this has given me a great idea - why not just declare yourself supreme leader of Tephireth? After all, the people do love you so very much."

I don't recall High Oracle Binah being married. Maybe that's why she needs to take the sweetie to dinner.

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So I walk off the elevator and there's a fucking cockroach totally spawn-camping my door. It's so huge it can't just squeeze under the little rubber thing. I wave my arms at it and stomp around to try to scare it to my neighbor's door (yes, I know, I'm terrible). Once it's far enough away I open my door the tiniest crack and wedge myself through.

“Success!” I think as I close the door behind me. Except...I get the feeling I NEED to turn around...

And there the dirty little bastard is, about half a foot up my door.

I drop a few of my favorite expletives as I grab the broom. “Fuckflans, fucker. You're not getting in here.”

I stab my broom at it like a lance and knock it down. Opening the door I start doing some puck handling techniques until the thing is a clear shot and—

“You're outta here...”

I do a slapshot that would make TJ Oshie proud, and the thing goes flying off the ground into a wall—and I see something break off the damn thing.

It lands, and it starts actively fleeing the zone—and I chase it with a can of bug spray, soaking it down to the point where it DRIPS—and it's STILL ALIVE.

So now you know why I'm parked outside my door, holding a dagger and eating an açaí pop.

I can sit here all day, bug...

This message brought to you by LjBeetle. ^_^
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I just caught myself fantasizing about breakfast: maple bacon, cream of wheat with a splash of that Natural Bliss cream, super-buttery scrambled eggs, chunk of fresh bread, and a little bit of pomegranate juice to finish it all off with.


Then I remembered that my fast doesn't end until noon tomorrow.


*watches as the trickster Coyote takes a pin and deflates the fantasy*


Oh well. One more day won't kill me.

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But, then TV Tropes happened.  I was on the WMG page for FFV, when I ran into this theory:


The game is Square's attempt at a Henshin Hero work.


Although the Job System is nothing new to Final Fantasy, FFV mixes up the format by having the jobs only activate in battle (as the out-of-battle Freelancer sprites are kept), thus we can conclude that the crystals serve as transformation trinkets. Other elements of the game that make it look sillier than other installments can also be attributed to this.


…Thank you, TV Tropes.  I now have a mental image of Bartz changing into his Dancer class Sailor Moon-style.   Complete with him shouting “WIND CRYSTAL POWER MAKE-UP!” before it starts.


Excuse me while I fix my brain.

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[livejournal.com profile] toffeethesnob did a model-manip.  I ran with it.


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Sometimes I think shit is irrevocably fucked.

And then this.

I'll keep this in mind through the rest of my sabbatical.
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I’m insane.  I decided to go and attempt Script Frenzy.


Script Frenzy, for the uninitiated, is similar to NaNoWriMo.  Except that it happens in April instead of November.  And you write a 100-page script (minimum) in 30 days instead of a novel.  For short, it’s often called “Screnzy.”   Well, to be fair, NaScrWriMo really doesn’t flow.


To widen my experience, I figured I’d give it a shot.  So I linked my NaNo account to the site and—


“Ooh, what’s in here?


A little machine widget sits in the top corner of the page: a caption says plot machine. 


“This could be fun…”


I click GO.

“What?!  This is madness!”


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From a conversation about the flavor notes in wine with [livejournal.com profile] alkonost_storm, wondering how to tackle it when it comes up:

Railenthe:  And that's why I don't like the taste of chardonnay--or bourbon.  Too oaky.

AS:  Well it IS made of wood.

Rai:  Well, yeah...

AS:  Like Exdeath.  ...You probably wouldn't like the taste of Exdeath.


AS:  ...Aaaand I just made it worse.

Rai:  *insane cackle*


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Someone just set off a string of Black Cat brand firecrackers somewhere in the stairwell.


Or maybe they were a different brand.  I dunno.  They all sound the same coming up a flight of stairs.  Either way I’m awake at a time that is decidedly inconvenient.


…at least this is funny:

Image's kind of big, but you have to be able to read it after all… )

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