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Earthbound is full of educational things like this.
Who could forget such bulletins as these?
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I had this dream the other night.
Gabranth as a priest.

....yeah, I have a thing for priests.  So?


(The Sacrament)

Fake cut.


A Cessna Skyhawk made an emergency landing in a local bus stop.  Made me late.  I will post pics later when I am not being ranted at to hurry up and roll a character.
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I got an interesting glitch when I ran Scarlet Monastery today.It's kind of big because of my wide screen laptop monitor. )

I think that maybe, just maybe, the Tauren tank needs to be wearing slightly more than fur boxer-briefs.
The off-tank is the pally in the boxers.
The orc lock, well, she's just showing off.
Tauren healer is rocking the fur bra and battle panties.

For some reason, I was the only one whose gear rendered before the fight ended.
Not particularly helpful, since I range-fight.  Also, and to prove it I will take a screencap—my gear kinda looks like something Kefka would wear.

The tank remained naked for the entire instance, as did the lock.  The pally got a shirt, but no pants, and the healer…well, she had some interesting gear on.

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Day three of a wicked sinus infection.  This one doesn't seem to be the same breed of last year's infection, which was viral and sent me to the clinic, who tried to send me to the ER (which I had to decline because I couldn't afford it).  This one is trying to clear up on its own, for one, and for another thing, I'm not seeing tiny ghost children phasing through walls.

I'll take what I can get.  Bright light is still painful, which means that I will have to clean up when it gets dark later this evening.

I did manage to farm 30 gold on copper bars though.  COPPER.

AND I finally got that elusive Dissidia accessory, the Beckoning Cat!
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Playing Dissidia.  My highest level character is Cecil.
He's from a Final Fantasy that I've barely played.  I've gotten far enough to know that a LOT of people die, that's all.  From the sounds of things I might not even be halfway through the game.  And it's been long enough that I need to restart my file because I CANNOT remember where I am or what I am supposed to be doing.

But he's the highest level character by far.  85.  And still going because I'm farming mats for weapons in the Duel Coliseum.

I wish I could say that my main reason for learning his moveset was that it was easy.  Lack of branching combos makes his moveset a middling to difficult one to deal massive damage with, and most of his HP attacks as the Paladin class are fairly weak at first.  The Dark Knight class is SLOW, but powerful.  And hard to connect with.  So learning his moves takes the ability to multi-task midfight to a whole new level.

No, I have nothing and no one to blame but Square-Enix.


Because they went and gave me the option of selecting a character who is a good guy who happens to have SILVER HAIR.
Read more... )(Before you look at me funny, 1) I haven't played that much of his game, and 2) rarely do blonde/purple-haired sprites translate in official art to silver hair.)

Yeah.  I didn't stand a chance.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to find a community and then go paladin something to death while I wait for the Excedrin!jitters to wear off.
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I"ve been playing some old-school Diablo II for a couple of days now.

I don't know why I didn't manage to discover this game sooner.  It's highly addictive.  And getting into a huge room with everyone with computers playing all over the same local connection is quite satisfying.  Still getting the hang of managing bag space, though.
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Stole my soul.  Where do I start?  Let's see...I'll try to go in as close to order as possible.
Dissidia Profiles in a nutshell anyone? )

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going for 30 hours straight.
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Anyone else found the deadly fall in Undercity?  You have to REALLY not be paying attention to manage it, but it's there.  If you land just right in the sewer, you don't hit water deep enough to swim...


Also, proximity mines SUCK.
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So, the other week I started playing The World Ends With You, and was doing a veritable speed run of the game.  Turns out, however, that this is one of those games when the speed run can come around and kill you flat.  I'd gotten about halfway through when I realized that I hadn't taken time to power up any stats or anything like that.  And, as luck would have it, I had already burned the items that I needed to get that done right on my allies, not saving anything for myself to buff stats with.  As I realized that, I made the split second decision to reset and start over from the beginning of the game, last Friday.

I finished the thing about yesterday morning at around four AM.  I had intended to go into it a little later than that, but I got stuck on that mode where you just have to find out how the game ends, dammit, and so I kept going and didn't stop until I'd finished it.

As I played through the second partner's chapter—Joshua's arc—I kept looking for ways that some of his dialogue could be reinterpreted as to not come off as slasher!bait.  But as it went on and on, all that happened was a lot of me going, "*snrk!*  Joshua, you ar NOT helping!"  I mean, come on, sometimes it was so out there that I couldn't not see it.  His laugh (more of a smug little giggle, actually) didn't help at all.  The Reaper that asks you to put him in head-to-to Natural Puppy threads doesn't help at ALL!  (It's mostly stuff that Shiki'd wear…so basically he winds up in drag.  Skinny jeans, red pumps, a straw hat, and a slim polo…I just about died when I realized that I'd have to put him in drag to clear that challenge.)  I spent most of the time going "You canNOT be serious!"

Something else that didn't hlep much was the cracked-out side story that gets unlocked after you finish the game.  XD
I kept wanting to say "Stop talking and you won't get slashed" to the screens everytime he showed up onscreen…odd, considering for the longest part of the arc in question I couldn't stand him.  After a while I stopped hating him, though.  His snarkiness grew on me.  As did Beat's hollow head, but that's another story; I'm not even going to get started on that little angst-muffin.  xD
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I've been floating around different sites lately and noticed a banner ad. It was for a game of some sort, and for some reason I got interested. I'm going to give it a shot later, when I actually have time for it.

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