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I got hella bored today while doing laundry. Like, super hella bored. So bored, in fact, that I didn’t even feel like starting up a game of Civ at the time--but I wanted to listen to the music. Like, crazy wanting to listen to the music. But I didn’t have the soundtrack to the expansions, and I wanted to listen to the soundtrack to the expansions, and maybe some of the pretty idle, nothing-is-going-on, the empire is at peace right now-music. You know, the stuff that rarely makes it into the final OST.

I had an idea then: Like the time I got around Steam to launch Kerbal Space Program during the time a beta bug, I could get into the local content to see where it was and listen to it from there.

With a few clicks, I was in the file explorer and looking at the Vanilla music, found in .ogg format. Interesting, I thought, looking at it.

Granted, I have the Vanilla OST—it came with the Bundle—but after wandering around I noticed that oh hey, there’s the pretty idle music!

…let’s poke around a little more, shall we?

After about fifteen minutes of poking around, I found what I was looking for.

I am now in the process of deciding which device to put this lovely ear candy on to listen to while I get the writing done.

“Whoa whoa whoa, you nerd! How am I supposed to do that on a Steam game?!”

Hold your horses, I’ll explain it. It’s simple. DISCLAIMER: You damn well better not otherwise manipulate the files other than a cloning. I am not responsible for any bricked installs. It also goes without saying this is personal use only (don’t be piratin’ yo). They all start the same:

  1. Jump into your Steam.
  2. Right-click the game in the sidebar.
  3. Clck properties.
  4. Click “Browse local content.
  5. Find the folder with the music. DO NOT CHANGE OR MOVE ANYTHING.

After this you have a couple options.

Here’s a pair of methods:


Sync the folder with the music with your Google music manager folder. Upload, refresh, boom, done, it’s in the cloud.


Clone the folder to the desktop, if space allows, and move it to a secure place—an SD card, a device, a sufficiently powerful phone. …depending on the device this could take a while. DO NOT MOVE THE ORIGINAL FOLDERS.


DO NOT USE ITUNES. While it sounds like linking the original folders to the library is simpler, iTunes especially likes to tweak things’ metadata and can easily cause problems.

IN FACT, DO NOT USE ANY MEDIA MANAGERS THAT WILL CHUCK SETTINGS AT THINGS. Keep the entire process manual. It’s best you not have to need to turn around and reinstall anything, because—especially if you’ve got the kind of connection that I do—that can take hours.

Boom. =D Enjoy your new game music.

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is a highlight video (I HOPE IT POSTED, if it didn't I'll try to fix it on the commute in the morning!) from Mario Kart 8. My own gameplay!

I'm going to jumpstart my column again. Screw that site from before--I never saw a dime. I'm going to review it later, and at the end of it, there'll be an option to HALP OWT. Kind of like how you could tip people in the Kalos region in the latest Pokémon games. This purchase came out of my own quarterly luxury budget--there probably won't be another one very soon unless there's gamer goodwill going on.

The review will come tomorrow once I've gotten out of work and into some decent sleep. :3

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I've ramble-rant-thingied about how important Final Fantasy has been in my life before. But today is the fourteenth anniversary of one of the best ones. And rather than go on and on about how the series has changed my life (especially since another friend of mine can cover this one better than I can) I'll let the game speak for itself.

Zidane: "Hey, that's Ipsen's line."

Dagger: "Ipsen? Who's that?"

Zidane: "Ipsen is a character from a play, but he's a real-life adventurer. I think the play is based on his adventures. It kind of goes like this... Ipsen and his good friend Colin worked at a tavern in Treno. 

One day Ipsen got a letter. The letter was so wet from rain that most of the writing was illegible. The only part he could read said 'Come back home.' Nowadays, we have airships and stuff, but back then, it was really hard to travel. He didn't know why he had to go back, but he got some time off, gathered his things, and set out on his journey home. He walked a thousand leagues through the Mist. Sometimes he was attacked by vicious monsters, but he made it, because his friend Colin was by his side. And then, after much time on the road... He had to ask Colin something. 'Why did you come with me?'"

Dagger: "And? What was Colin's answer?"

Zidane: "'Only because I wanted to go with you.'"

Happy 14th, Final Fantasy IX!

I'm alive

Jun. 11th, 2014 11:32 pm
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I'm going to bed now because my gut's disagreeing with everything.
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For once, pun not intended.

After spending time popcorning around like a chinchilla, I decide to get right at it—

WHOOPS SPLINTERS. ALL THE DOMINANT HAND. I can't type on a keyboard for a bit.

Meanwhile, have my attempt at making Sel in the Benchmark. He was SUPPOSED to be the sour-dour stick in the mud...and then he starts mugging for the camera.

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This makes a strange sort of sense. I'm going to dive into this using one of my favorite genres as an example, fighting games. All games have the effect to some extent--I remember actually getting weak in the knees when I finally finished off Kefka in Final Fantasy VI, after so many attempts over the years ending with disastrous failures--but it's most immediate in a brawler.


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Wasn't paying attention to a fight and, failing SPECTACUALRLY, got perfect'd in round 1 as Algol.

The guy doesn't wear much to begin with, which I ain't complaining about, seeing as we don't usually get such fanservice designed for the XX-bearers in fighting games--the Soul series being a bit of an exception, since the men are as pretty as the ladies, amirite?

Well, I'm fighting in his alt outfit, and what little there is of armor he's got just SHATTERS AWAY like so much glass, and there's Algol face down at the mercy of a different member of the cast male but not relevant wearing NAUGHT BUT A BLACK THONG okay maybe it is a little bit relevant.

Oh, and before I forget, this title is a step UP in the fanservice department, as while most of the female cast is wearing MORE than they were before, Algol is...pretty much just declaring "seriously dude fuck clothing I'm a god."

Again, not that I'm complaining.
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So first day in the FF XIV Beta test and I get a boot crash error.

On the one hand, I can't play yet because of the error.


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This week's video is kind of short, I realize. I also missed it on Friday because…


OK, I honestly don't remember Friday right now. I remember there was a nice little PTS-freezeup. But when the day ended I was DEAD TO RIGHTS. There could have been an earthquake—well, ANOTHER earthquake—and I'd've slept through it much like the last one.


Hey, maybe if I move to California, I'll get more sleep. xD


Chrysanth WebStory What's your WebStory today?


Feb. 20th, 2013 01:15 am
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I started an LP.



Feb. 16th, 2013 09:11 pm
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Short version? Ow. Leg. No.

Shorter version? *shriek, fall*

Long version? Leg. Bounded to a ten on the scale. Took more of one pill than I am supposed to take at once, apparently, but it was the only thing that did anything.

Since I have no think, here is a thing.

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The Issue

Cheap, foreign-made cars are becoming increasingly popular, causing concern in Tephireth's automobile manufacturing industry.

The Debate


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At one point it was straight-up Inception: it began with a kid sleeping in a bed I knew somehow wanted a gift. Suddenly the guy sleeping on the floor springs up—for some reason he's dressed like Luigi. He jumps up and crawls through this vent; the racket woke the kid up and he followed. The tunnel vent comes out in a room full of electric guitars. Kid makes a beeline for a Les Paul and starts jamming.

That was when I thought I woke up. I was in this house, well-decorated. Suddenly KUJA walks past me. I zombie myself awake and follow him to a dining room table, where I grab a bowl of hot cereal. He is discussing a strategy with someone from a DIFFERENT GAME (Kannuki from Bushido Blade): there is some weird...THING outside that needs must be destroyed. It looks like a harmless pink flower wth one too many pistils. So one of us throws the piece pulled off for observation downfield.

On returning inside we see the result of that on a huge active map: in mere hours the place was overrun with GIANT versions of that flower. We go observe: it's full of matching pink fuzz-colored lizards—and we're watching them evolve.

They ate us, of course.

We wake in the house from before, go back to the dining room, strategize. Second attempt: we get et.

Third: we discover that diamonds are toxic to them. Kuja flies off to find one in where the maps read "ISOCU" (Icelandic-Scandinavian Order of Countries United. No it made no sense), where diamonds are native (ACTUAL WORDS).

Then things happen like in Mass Effect: suddenly, VISIBLE DIALOGUE TREES.

Somehow I wind up in an office wielding a housekeeper cart...and it has a diamond. I steal it and return to base.

By this time the flower thing has spread like a cancer. Its weird lizards are now cool-blooded humans.

We lose the fight.
Things reset. Dialogue trees!

Lose. I make my way back through an apocalyptic East St. Louis—for some reason I am a wolf.

Strategize again. Kuja suggests he do a flyover and drop the giant diamond off from the skies.

THIS WORKS. We camp in the house—where we have now successfully stolen cable—until the news says the pink thing is dying off and the lizards are all gone.

...and I get a second bowl of hot cereal.

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…No one who knows me at all is surprised by this. Prepare for a ramble.


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I’ll admit it right now: I’m not one of those girly girls who shops for the pleasure of shopping or ‘just because.’ I don’t get it. I mean, you’re spending money that could be put to other things that are actually NECESSARY!

I don’t have the stereotypical fascination with shoes or makeups, either. As a kid, I was hard to shop for because—with the exception of the Barbie Corvette—I wasn’t into the ‘girly’ things.

Which makes the fact that some of my favorite stores have some of the GIRLIEST things I’ve ever seen.

Chocolate Chocolate Store.

There’s a store called the “Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory.” It specializes in…chocolate. I realize that sounds a little obvious, but the fact is that this place specializes in the GOOD stuff—we’re talking the $5/pound stuff. I don’t go there often because I can and WILL eat an entire 1-lb brick of chocolate in a single sitting if you let me. The place also serves excellent chocolate-covered bacon—lean, meaty, applewood-smoked bacon coated in the smoothest mid-dark chocolate you’ve ever had. I can’t have it often but when I do, I savor it.


In the local mall, there’s a Teavana store now. It’s located in what used to be a Panera/St. Louis Bread Co. store. At first I was mad because the place had closed down that restaurant, and then I found out that there was a tea store coming. My first experience there was memorable. I was looking or something completely unrelated to tea when suddenly I smell this light, sweet and fruity scent. I literally follow my nose and before I know it I’m standing in front of a ‘free sample’ dispenser tasting things. Their tea isn’t cheap, but it’s one of the higher end places—the highest end brand is Republic of Tea, I believe.

I can’t go into Teavana and come out empty-handed. Even if it’s just a tin of tea cookies, I leave with something.

Huh? How much tea have I got? …I don’t have an hour to do inventory. I’ll guess that in total I have about 3 pounds of various kinds on hand. (Guesstimating up, here.)

World Market/Cost Plus.

Around here it’s World Market but in other places they go by Cost Plus. However you butter that piece of toast, it has a wonderful selection of international fare. This was the first place I ever went that carried Pocky. And if I remember right, this was one of the first places I ever cut classes to shop at (Yeah, I know, but it was a college course I was already doing well in—and then it turned out that class had been canceled anyway).

The place has saved me from several interesting craving situations. I can now have a Vegemite or Marmite sandwich WHENEVER I WANT. …now, granted, I usually just dunk a spoon in the stuff and eat it like a salty lollipop, but still. It’s also got some of the cutest dinnerware I’ve ever seen. As my hand-me-down plates slowly lose their structural integrity (Microwave a potato! Watch the plate explode!) I’ve begun planning on what I’m going to replace them with—all things that can be found here at World Market. In addition to food things, the place also has some of the coolest furniture I’ve ever seen. I have my eye on a minibar/standalone cabinet thing that I will PROBABLY not be able to afford this year, but ONE DAY *fistshake*

The Arcade.

(I know the arcade doesn’t seem like a store but you spend your money to do things that normally don’t do. Ergo, store!)

I know what you’re thinking—There’s still arcades? But there are, even though there aren’t really a lot of them anymore. I usually go to arcades to play DDR (That’s Dance Dance Revolution, for the half-dozen of you who don’t know) because there’s just something about going there and cracking a few records. And even if you don’t crack a record, it’s kind of fun to showboat for the audience. (I do a badass “face the back of the machine when that last note pops” thing. Works better when I actually DON’T MISS the notes.) They also have some of the best racing games. I remember my first time playing Maximum Tune in the arcade, tricking out my vehicle and saving my records and junk on my Tuning card. A lot of those records still stand, even though the arcade that the machine was originally in has gone under.

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Some people say Tephireth's policy on free speech has gone too far.

The Debate

Option A: "These days, anyone says whatever they want with no regard to what kind of dribble is coming out of their mouths!" says angry commuter Prudence Wong. "It's gone too far. We should go back to the good old days, when if someone started talking garbage, we'd smack them one."

Option B: "We need more free speech, not less," argues civil rights campaigner Don Licorish. "Free speech allows ideas to be explored, challenged, and discussed in a productive, open forum. It teaches our kids to be critical thinkers. And dirty words, of course, but that's just the price you pay."

Option C: "The right to free speech is a central tenet of our system of democracy," says religious leader Barack Sparkle. "But surely the right to not have your religious beliefs mocked by others is worth something, too? We mustn't put up with intolerance!"

Anyone notice something WEIRD about that first option?


Apr. 19th, 2012 09:42 pm
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I can’t focus.


And I’m being pulled from one direction to the other.  “You should be working on this, you should be working on that, why are you doing this, why aren’t you doing that.”  It’s enough to make me go insane.


Well, more insane.


Read more... )




I’ve managed to do something kinda crazy with builds.  I’m converting a battle replay now and will be posting it soon enough.

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*chucked into a jar*

Blast! Open this infernal jar!

*jar is opened*

Okay. Here’s the deal.

*flutters out of the jar* )

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