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Appropriate that after my hiatus from writing and reading, I get right back into the spirit of things by doing a post on reading.

When I was a kid, I read before I could read. My mom and dad instilled a love of words into me (perhaps why I was always told I talk too much when I was growing up—I LOVED words). I’d pester them as they read their books and the newspaper (remember those?), constantly asking “What’s this word?” as they read to me. This is probably why, before I was old enough to be sent to school, they taught me how to write. I remember sitting at my little yellow table in the middle of the hallway, in front of Mom’s closet that we never really opened that much—I would later sneak in, find her old glamorous clothing from her model career—and I learned how to write my letters. That came AGONIZINGLY SLOWLY—the problem was, I was a born leftie and my mom was training me right-handed. (The relic persists in sports.)

But reading came fast.

Before I knew it I’d blown through all the stuff in my room and was looking for something more challenging to read, something bigger across than a piece of an inch.

This was why my dad spent a day plucking me off of progressively higher bookshelves in the house: Stephen King is not appropriate reading material for a five-year-old.

Weirder still, my favorite part of books was when you opened that new book for the first time—the faint creak in the spine, and that delicious, delicious new-book smell: like the faintest vanilla and some unknown, long gone spice. Before I began reading a book, I’d crack it open to the middle, where that smell was strongest, inhale deeply, then flip to the actual beginning of the book, that aroma still tickling my nostrils.

When we were allowed to order from the Scholastic Book Club in school, I remember wishing I was coordinated enough to do cartwheels around the house. While I LOVED my video games to death, my first love was reading, and so I picked out what I wanted to read and asked my parents “Can I can I can I please please PLEASE???” until they let me send in the form.

(I honestly don’t think they thought about it all that hard: I grew up in an area where it was a rare sight to find someone reading at their grade level, let alone above it as I did.)

Two weeks passed. I started to think that the books would never show up. Then, one day, I come home and there’s this…MOUNTAIN of books sitting on my bed. I squeal, run in to give my parents rib-crushing hugs—and then shut myself in my room to read.

Really, it’s a habit I haven’t broken. If I’ve bought a bunch of books—whether old-fashioned paper or new-fangled e-books—I basically hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on all of my social outlets and dive into the book. If I’ve mentioned getting a new book, it’s almost useless trying to get my attention, because it’s going to be basically impossible to get my attention until I’m done reading. I’m a bookworm at heart, after all.

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(This is an obvious one, isn’t it?)

I love music. Almost every kind. I mean, there’s a reason I have two iPods and use so much data on my phone streaming from Google Play.

It’s taken a new meaning since my PTSD started presenting. Keeping one or more of these devices handy, along with a good set of cans, has become almost necessary to make sure that I don’t lose my head when things get screwed around all wrong. In addition to cutting off a whole bunch of the outside input, it gets me into a small space that lets me not get affected by all that noise.

Besides the health benefits, having music handy helps me focus. Without something for at least two parts of my brain to do, it’s one of the worst cases of monkey brain that you’ve ever seen.

So I keep the music going. …sometimes, without the music handy, I make do with a generic white noise of some sort—from a TV droning on to an actual white noise machine.

I got the biggest thrill earlier this year, in March, when I got to see the Distant Worlds concert live at Powell Symphony Hall. Even with the panics kicking in and out, I worked through it with one of my best friends and a moogle plushie.

As a matter of fact, it was the thoughts of going to that very concert that helped speed my exit from the loony bin. I was not about to miss that conert.

Whuf. Favorites, huh? I’d have to say that pretty much anything done by Nobuo Uematsu ranks high in my book. Anything sweeping or orchestral is an instant win. I’m also big on the ambient genre, metal, and rock.

…strange combination, isn’t it?

I’m a member of Last.fm. Depending on where you’ve caught me, you might see a little grey box (or most of a little grey box) in the corner somewhere. That little box live updates with the listening trends in my iPods and phone. If you get bored, give it a look. I’m sure that something’ll turn out interesting.

I don’t just listen to music: I also play the ocarina. Right now, though, that’s on slight hiatus—seeing as a nice little weather accident caused my instrument to just POP open on me, two clean halves of a beautiful blue whole, silenced. I survived it, and am now putting money in a jar to save up for my second oc. While I DO have a six-hole to tide my need to tweetle over, it’s one of the first domestically produced clay ocarinas, and it’s just the tiniest bit out of tune with itself—but that’s a big deal when you have perfect pitch. “OH HEY, DON’T MIND ME, I’MMA IMITATE F-SHARP FOR YOU EVEN THOUGH I’M REGULAR OLD F, OK?” Yeowch. Makes my teeth itch. Also the high-note ocarina squeak makes playing certain pieces impossible.

I’ve rambled on for a while, haven’t I? I’ll take a break now. Time to get to work on another of my favorite things.

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The Issue

Cheap, foreign-made cars are becoming increasingly popular, causing concern in Tephireth's automobile manufacturing industry.

The Debate


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I don’t get a chance to hang out with my friends as much as I would like to, thanks in part to the combination of me needing to avoid a certain stressor and the whole *points to head* PTSD thing.

But there have been a good number of occasions where my friends are nice enough to make sure that I can get out of the house and feel safe at the same time when I do it.

The hangout isn’t much to look at…

…yeah, I live in the projects, so I’m going to go ahead and remove my judgements here.

Somehow, we manage to hang out in our friend Roy’s* house’s loft/attic space, which considering the fact that most of the group is closer to normal size than I am, is a neat trick. We’re an incredibly weird bunch, prone to getting excited over the silliest and often nerdiest things. (Me a couple weeks ago: HOLY CRAP, THIS FONT KERNS BEAUTIFULLY.)

We’ve got a good number of in-jokes, among them the namesake of this entry. See, Roy’s grams goes through a LOT of milk and bread. Often, we’re just all settling in for some sort of stupid nerdy debate of some sort or watching some weird movie when suddenly you hear, rising up the steps:


After the third time this happened in the middle of a campaign, someone asked, “What, is she eating milk sandwiches or something?”

…and Milk Sandwiches stuck.

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Gonna need to do more research when I get home but I do know Cecil and Rufus are going to have their Hero armor designed by Kefka, who has a habit of talking really quiet—and demonstrating the many many ways that one can destroy a superhero's suit. And this is WITHOUT worrying about the vigilante Kain Highwind...

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Just a bit of nerdiness on my part.  I caved to the hype and downloaded Instagram onto my phone.  I wish it didn't take up so much space but unlike competitors, no harassing ads.

(I like the old-camera filter.)


The box underneath the pretty chest is fountain/dip pen supplies: a lot of ink and nibs and holders.


The pretty chest on top is ALSO supplies: high-grade paper, cleaning solutions, poor-man's blotting paper (i.e., Kleenex), high-grade lined notebooks.

It's kinda hard to see, but phone.  This is Speedball brand acrylic-based ink.


I tried using this kind of ink on a low-grade, school- quality paper and the results were not pretty.  The surface of the paper was very coarse—every few words I had to tweeze bits of paper fibers out of the nib; there was ink bleed, rendering the letters all smooshy; and the paper itself made the high-grade acrylic ink look more like magic marker.


OK, I'm done being nerdy for now.

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I’m beginning to understand what paid editors feel like.


I’m STILL working on that thing I said I’d beta—


Again with the migraines, which is why I’m spending a quiet night doing writing and editing, not RP or date night as was the original plan (Hells, I just woke up).




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I know that this doesn’t seem like the most exciting thing to be on about, but the fact is, this is a cause that’s kind of close to me—and has been for all of my life.
I’m speaking from the point of view of a preemie myself.
I was almost not here to talk about this.
Two and a half pounds.  A bag of egg noodles weighed more than I did  …also, blue.  Spent loads of those first days on machines: incubators, breathing machine, monitors—it was bad.  And it took forever for me to get up to close to standard.  I didn’t weigh fifty lbs until I was 11.  …moderately underweight, understatement of the day.  
So the cause is kinda close to me.  Being one who never really caught up to the normal where it comes to size and such—I’m still a runt, and I’ve still got the squishiness issues that I had when I was little. (Go ahead, feel free to laugh, I walked into it.) 
The point is, we’ve come a long way since I was born. 
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The blergh:  the persistent migraines.  I’m taking my meds like I should but the headaches keep flaring up.  I’m thinking it’s a combination of blood sugar and blood pressure.  So I’m going to make sure that I don’t skip meals, and make sure that I don’t let people SHOVE ME AROUND! like I have been lately.  Do not need.  Do not want.


This day will be spent trying to recover from being up too damned late last night.  I blame a ridiculous amount of iced coffee and a ludicrous running gag involving *clears throat* *uses a bizarre accent* saltwater taffy.




I’m currently looking for shiny things to get the BF.  I kinda had a crisis when his birthday rolled around (Thank you, housing department.  YOU SUCK) and my money was eaten by emergency cleaning supplies.  I’ve got two things in definite mind, but I won’t mention them here.  He might be reading.  There will be a number of them, and thanks to my extensive knowledge of eBay-Fu, it shouldn’t break the bank even though it’s the slow season.


And I’m not f-locking just because I want him to go “HUH?  WHAT IS IT!?!?ONEeleventy.”  Hey, I can be awesome with the grabbing of shiny things for other people.  As far as things go I’ve basically finished buying shiny things for myself for the year.  The next big purchase I’m making for myself is going to be tickets to the Distant Worlds concert.  …I don’t know if I’m going to both shows.  If I were to do that I would have to pull wicked hours, do wicked cheap fooding, stop buying so much soda—




Here comes the win.

WAIT FOR IT… *also holy crap, is this an actual review?!* )
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Dull day... sort of.  For a rundown, proceed to the commentary below.  It gets interesting in the end.

Ah, yes, commentary. )

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Calling your attacks!


Everyone does it.  It's useful sometimes: the only way you know that something is about to hit you upside your head.  But this can also backfire. 


Take, for instance, Zidane.

Nerd Alert. )

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While I am still working on a certain Kink Meme request—and did you know that our humble Dissidia/Duodecim meme has been featured on the Kink Meme page on TV Tropes?—I did finally finish a custom quest!


Now I just gotta figure out how to upload it.  What the fuckflans was my Mediafire access code again…?

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Countdown to Judgement Day: 15 days.


I think.


There has been a break in the weather.  An incredible break, in fact.  Setting my AC thermostat down to 71°F it’ll turn off occastionally.


I’m stuck. I can’t figure out anything that I’ve missed. I know that there’s something, but I just cannot see it.


Luckily after work the cavalry’s in tomorrow.


And now, for straightening up, a supper of rice balls, and trying to NOT pick Patapon back up.  (MOST ADORABLE MINIONS EVER BTW).  They bring me my foe’s head as a gift!  I’ll gladly chow down on that dragon’s head, bastard cost me my strongest little soldier, swallowed him whole *mumble mutter* and so I can’t even bring him back like I would have otherwise *mumble mumble mutter*


Sep. 3rd, 2011 06:48 pm
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I’ve blown myself breathless (HAHAHA) practicing my ocarina today (two hours straight whut) and the internet signal is still not reliable for more than three hours at a time, and so I’m going to use the time constructively.  I’m spending an hour betaing a fic for a fellow Deviant, and then I’ll spend an hour cleaning my apartment.


Well, it’s largely done, save for the counter area—and that’s just bad because I just cooked.  This is now more in the way of maintenance.  That should take maybe 45 minutes.  Then it’s a whole lot of NOTHING.  That’s right: I’m taking Saturday Night off.

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First, a letter to the internet.


Dear Internet:


Signed, Railenthe Y. Zeal.


*Previously, on FFIX DISC 1:


Oh look.  It’s Beatrix, come to kick our asses.


…!!!  Oh, hello there, he of the heavily emphasized crotch!  Why, you could almost rival David Bowie Himself with that highlit heaven-rod!


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Detail the Bathroom: 1/1
Unclutter the Bed, Sofa, and Chair: 0/1
Clean the Stove/Oven:  0/1
Clean the Kitchenette Area:  0/1
Clean the Home Altar Area:  0/1


Now that the unimportant shit is detailed, on to something important:




EDIT:  9:11 PM CDT.


I ought to explain my offline-ness here:


I’ve managed to catch a bug of some sort.  I got one ear whistling, one ear just not registering at all, laryngitis, and my sinuses are exploding on me.


I’d assume head-cold if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t get ear issues with a head-cold—and I’ve been hearing things wrong/not hearing them at all for the last day and a half.


If neither one has popped by tomorrow afternoon I’m seeing a doctor.


Now, where’s the Sudafed…?

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lj-music: Dancing Mad (stuck in my head)

In a gem of an impulse buy, I splurged at the closing-down Borders (each time I saw one of those “EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!” signs I got a little more depressed).  I managed a Phoenix Wright comic, as well as a copy of Milk Eggs Vodka, a book of found shopping lists and food-related trivia.  Did you know the most commonly misspelled word on shopping lists tends to be ‘banana?’

Did you know that there have been times when I had to sing that song to remember it?


I also bought a tarot deck I’ve had my eye on since this time last year.

Then we hit Wal-Mart.


I bought a $20 PSN card.

I  bought FFIX.


Now here’s where the trolling comes in:

Read more... )

EDIT 12:57 AM:  It got to the 75% point, when the server timed out according to the message.  By now the PSP battery’s so hot I’m going to go to bed and try it again in the morning, when I wake up.  I’m too tired to continue to poke the device.

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The ending of 013 is lovely. Everyone goes home, with their crystals still shining with the light of the goddess Cosmos—with the exception of the Warrior of Light, who begins walking to from what I can guess is the south, moving toward the city of Cornelia, castle spires shining in the distance. He holds his crystal in one hand.


I’ll break the argument here to mention something that suddenly makes sense. The crystal that the Warrior of Light carries is blue, representing the Water Crystal in his world. The Water Crystal is located in the Sunken Shrine, near the town of…Onrac.


Consider the things that you learn in the reports, and keep them in mind, as I continue.


It’s a lovely image, isn’t it? Too bad that for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t happen.

…wait, what? )


…yes, I’ve overthought this.

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For me, this is something of a retcon.  When I first played the game:


  • I hadn’t played FFI yet.
  • I hadn’t played FFII yet either.
  • I hadn’t finished FFIII.  Still haven’t actually.  I WILL get the ultimate magics first, damn it.
  • I hadn’t finished FFIV.  Still haven’t.  I can’t sit through the first translation.
  • I was a boss-fight off from clearing FFV.  *Yeah, stalling*
  • I hadn’t played much of FFVIII.
  • I hadn’t played FFIX.  Still haven’t.  Any day now…dammit broken phone!
  • I’ve only backseat!gamed FFXI, but I know enough about it to pas.
  • Hadn’t played much into FFXII.
  • Know nothing about FFXIII.

…I’m not a slacker.  I’m just broke.


So…yeah. )


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