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The building that I live in can be described as bootleg. But I bet you didn't know that some of my neighbors can be as well.

One of them has been a thorn in my side—or nose—for weeks now.

This guy, well he smells.

Like... Hereally smells. He stomach-flippingly stinks.

Every morning, at the 0702 bus, he'd be there waiting, and the rest of us would wonder what the actual hell that unholy reek was. Slowly, one by one we would figure it out and adjust our idle positions, trying to figure out how to avoid it. But the stink is so very overpowering that often it didn't help.

I used to have a coworker who lived near me who caught the same bus. One day—my day off—she apparently rather bluntly let him know by handing him a six pack of Zest brand soap. It worked for a time, as he was no longer a menace to the olfactory sense for several months.

But in recent months, the man's stench has been worse than ever. People waiting for the bus now keep a wide berth around him, clearing out when the wind adjusts, and sometimes waiting a block up or down to escape. There is a race to and out of seats on the bus so that one doesn't have to walk through the stink cloud. Hell, drivers have had to open windows to mitigate the problem. Myself, I blow one big cloud to test the wind and stand out of his fallout zone.

Sometimes, though, you can't dodge it. And that's when you SCRUB ALL YOUR SKIN OFF IN THE BATH.

If he flips my stomach over again, I'm taking a page from my old coworker's handbook and getting him a family pack of Irish Spring soap. Because, dude, you are a grown-ass man. You should not be walking around (AT YOUR WORK! He's got a job!) smelling like an actual donkey's ass.


Jul. 19th, 2012 03:39 pm
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Time: 3:26
Temp: FUCKING 102.

Running errands today smacks of “yo dawg I heard you like heatstroke.” So yeah. No errands.

Sleep deprivation's finally starting to show. Co-worker had to shake me awake, and I was still in “WRITE DOWN THE COFFEE TABLE” mode two hours into the shift. Think I'mma take a rest.

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Gonna need to do more research when I get home but I do know Cecil and Rufus are going to have their Hero armor designed by Kefka, who has a habit of talking really quiet—and demonstrating the many many ways that one can destroy a superhero's suit. And this is WITHOUT worrying about the vigilante Kain Highwind...

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Work yesterday went awesome.  Got home though and realized that I'd left my keys there.  I turned around and picked them up.


And things go progressively more pearshaped after that )

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Dull day... sort of.  For a rundown, proceed to the commentary below.  It gets interesting in the end.

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A long day at work, and a wicked case of weather—these two things conspire together to keep me from getting where I'm going.


Luckily I am not so easily thwarted.  Though easily half my money be already spent, I do have something to show for it.


Well, aside from the mental image of Kuja having a Marilyn moment in the wind, dandy skirt a-fly.

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Why yes, it's another running commentary.


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On the way to work I set up my phone for easy uploads of interesting crap.


Like these crabapples.  They'd be pretty enough to eat except I have no idea if they are even edible.


Pretty stuff.


But the search for stuff reminded me of something I usually avoid:  webs.  And nests.


Specifically, bagworm nests.

Whut? )

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11:08 AM.  The office is full of people talking in soft voices, a counterpoint to the healthcare channel stock loop. 


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No router.
As I look at the empty bar I know what needs to be done. Typing on a phone on a screen is a bit tricky.

Time to see a lady about a router.

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Saturdays aren’t supposed to be this exciting!


So, I just got home.


My bus was in the middle of a shooting. It’s full of near-holes and actual holes, one of them dangerously close to the fuel tank. The bus has been taken to the garage, after a second was called in to finish the route.


All of the riders are fine. Tornado drill—duck and cover—also applies to “Hail of Bullets.” The driver’s fairly traumatized, however—not that I can blame her.


I’m gonna get a snack and a nap before I do anything else.

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For once it is for something fun~!

I'm getting ready to catch the bus right now.  I'm going over to the nearest Gamestop store for an event.

It's a Pokémon event.  I'm going to be jumping in line to get a Jirachi!  It's a special event Pokémon that—well, to be truthful, unless you do it just right, most of the event Pokémon aren't too powerful in battle.  Good thing I've been playing this game for over ten years; I'm good at doing good raising on this kind of Pokémon.

Now, I must go.  Gotta sync my iPod, pack refreshments, and get ready to head out.  I had a good sized meal, but I need to pack as many drinks as I can reasonably carry.  Nothing says "You Lose" like an inopportune dry throat. 
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Absolutely incredible.


Sitting in wait for a train about three minutes ago, a callous young man wearing entirely too much cologne had the audacity to tell me that he was tired and if I would allow him to lay against me.


I was tempted to give him my best right hook right then and there.


I mean, seriously--does that line EVER work?  I have a loaded Gardenburger riding on "No."

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