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TL;DR version:

Ebay got hacked. The actual hack happened somewhere around March. The news broke on Wednesday. The company sore that there were no financial compromises in action. Twelve hours after the news broke, I was hacked. The last of my money was lifted from my account--woosh! So instead of eating dinner as planned I was on the phone with the fraud department explaining that no, I was not in Glasgow purchasing diet aids at five in the morning.

The charge is being reversed, but I have ZERO ACCESS to my account while the reset is happening, I don't have a bank card because it was ALSO compromised and--before I forget:


If you linked your account to your Ebay account, it may ALSO be compromised.


Apr. 19th, 2014 08:22 pm
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The power is back on.

The fridge is purged of the now-inedible stuff.


The problem has been fixed.

I had to spend my Thursday and Friday jumping through hoops on one leg and a pair of crutches to do it, but I defeated the attempt to evict that I got WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH THE POWER COMPANY.

...I had to send them a screencap of a fax that wouldn't otherwise send. By sliding my phone through the office. But it worked.
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And no, taxes are still AWOL.

If it wasn't for you guys right about now this would get uglier.

The transfer is still in the aether. But it covered these shenanigans.

This isn't the first time either.

…I'man boot up and kill random mobs. Angry thaumaturge is angry
And lunch, because my stomach is empty.
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IF YOU’VE GOT A WEAK STOMACH, skip the cut. It’s a fairly graphic workday description. The TL;DR: Hours got cut because of a fairly shenanigans work situation/health situation in which orders were given to “call me off whenever the opportunity arises.”

FACT: my hours have been cut. I haven’t worked since last Sunday, right before my gigantic dick of a migraine started. (It was a doozy. Convulsions and nausea and vomiting and everything. I did nothing productive until today.)

FACT: this upcoming paycheck is going to be kind of sad.

FACT: this upcoming sad paycheck WILL do me a favor, since the aid office looks at the average of your paycheck stubs across a time frame, and a couple of them were better before this incoming one.

FACT: My tax refund is LATE and I have bills coming in to the tune of…hang on…

*stops to math*

*stops to math*

…dyscalculia (dyslexia, but with everything involving math) really sucks.



If I don’t do anything leisure-related at all payday will cover it. I don’t know what the status of any of my medications are, either, so I’m not adding that into the total either—since those are numbers that I Do Not Know.

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In case you couldn’t tell, my table-making skills have gotten a bit rusty—that thing up there is UGLY. But that’s not the point.

In case you couldn’t tell from the last entry in that list, the bill from the time I got shot came in. In case you ALSO couldn’t tell, there is no way in fucking hell. It’s been knocked down a bit—my insurance pays a little bit of it each month, which is apparently why my prescriptions are variable in cost now—but THAT BILL just got sent to me and there is just No Freaking Way™ that is happening, barring some kind of miracle occurring and me getting this job after all.

So I’m ignoring it. What are they going to do, confiscate my damaged nerves? DO me that favor, you whoresons—maybe I’ll be able to work well enough to pay you back one day…HAHAHAHAHAH…aaah.

The phone’s through already. It seems to go through on different days each month.

The lights…the 20th or my taxes come in, whichever comes first, I start making payments on it.

The good news is, I did manage to strongarm my internet bill down. But I may or may not have that new job.


Oh, hilarious true story.

I got a notification today that I got into the Google Glass thing—as long as I was on that list I’m like WOO A CHANCE TO TEST DRIVE THIS THING YEAH BETA

Nope. I would’ve needed a MINIMUM of $1500 USD to get started.

So nerdy dream totally deferred, there.

I’ve avoided looking at the options there because I don’t want to give myself a bad case of gear envy. I’ve been lusting after this thing for months, too, thinking how AWESOME it’d be to have my own set of HUD-glasses and crap, testing it out and stuff and dealing with the beta but still, LOOK HOW AWESOME, and then LOOK AT THE COST.

Oh well. Guess I’ll wait until I have another shot at a second job.

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So today marks the…I think the ninth day that I’ve been on a new medication for the pain that I’ve been having in my back and sides, for the nerve pain that happens for fibromyalgia.


In case you missed the details, we double-confirmed the diagnosis at the recent doctor’s visit, wherein I got the phone call from the doctor that went “Uhhhhhhh, how soon can can you get in here again?” and moved the appointment up from a month from now to last Monday. After I managed to drag myself to that appointment and described the pain that I’d been having (“It’s like having this big guy who’s wearing giant stiletto heels wrapped in thumbtacks dancing on THESE pressure points on the back side of my body. Oh, and they’re all on fire.”) I asked him if there was anything that we could do to see if that was actually fibro--like some kind of test or something--or if we could do anything else to see what it could be.

“Well,” he said after giving me one hell of a People’s Eyebrow (Google Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson if you’ve never seen this phenomenon before) “there aren’t any tests for fibromyalgia out there, so we can’t exactly test for that.”

“Faugh,” I said, right before a nice little stab of pain sent me into a pretzel twist. “Urrf. What’s the good news?”

“The good news is fibro pain? Basically what you’ve just told me, plus now we have an explanation for that ridiculous fatigue you’ve been having.”

“I don’t know if I LIKE this kind of good news, doc,” I said seriously.

“The good news is that there’s a medication that helps for this and that it’s available for cheap as a generic, unlike that new thing that’s on the market now--I don’t trust that one, for the record. It hasn’t been around enough and they’ve changed the marketing about four times already.”

“Well, good to know we know something,” I said, trying to move my arms further than they had been for the last couple of days. What else do I need to know?”

“It’s in the literature. Just trust me.”

It’s been around nine days that I’ve been on this medication. That’s not a long time to evaluate the effects of a drug on anything, but I have noticed a difference since starting it. Mostly, the main difference that I’ve noticed is that I’m not as dead tired as I used to be. The vague overspent feeling that I’ve had in my muscles for as long as I can recall is gone, fading slowly as my rest actually starts to do some damn good for once in my life. The stabbing-burning-scraping pain that I have been getting in my back has started to back off throughout the day, though there is some soreness that is still coming on throughout the day when I work and run errands--that is to be expected, according to my doctor, since I only just started this medication and it took this long to figure out what the hell we were dealing with in the first place. I’m also actually able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour again--this stuff kicks in FAST and before I’m aware what’s happened I’m kind of just “blaaaaaaghaldaldfjldfj.”

But I feel better than I have in a long time, and that is a huge victory.


The start of a new month means a stack of new financial things to worry about. Of course, that means it’s time to do some strategizing. While running around on an electronic cigarette forum I got a job lead about tech support. I take a test that features actual questions, and then a bunch of weirdly placed jokes (”If all trout are fish, and all fish live in the sea, then what can you say about mackerel?”), and out of nowhere, I GET AN OPPORTUNITY for a new job. The interview was yesterday, and I found out that the training--the training itself pays more than my current line of work does, and I’d be working from home. I’d be the dude you get when you call the internet people about your router, wondering why your router isn’t working to get the “Have you tried turning it off and then on again?” and then the “Okay, since we’ve tried that, let’s give it a little goose with this setting here, and here and here and there we go all fixed!” Yep, things are looking up. $10/hour for full time after training is done, and $9 during training. I ONLY MAKE $8.25 (minimum wage) RIGHT NOW. So you can imagine the incredibly bad happy victory dancing I do when I get this info.

I’m on the bus running errands when I get the blip-boop of an email. It’s the hiring department of the place. They need my upgraded specs (?) and the connection speed. Since I don’t HAVE upgraded specs, I do my CURRENT specs and explain that I have no idea what they are talking about, and then do my speed test.

Then I find out the minimum speed is 5mbps.

My speed is 3.94 maxed.

The fastest in the area? That would be Charter, and the only other option in this old-ass building.





The worst thing here is if I clear this out, they’ll know exactly what happened. Two of them are using this ill-gotten connection to get their college classes done--that will be held against me if I have it shut down and dragged over here where it belongs. I only JUST fixed that bridge, and now I’d have to burn it?

Fuck. Me.

Back to the rat race. So much for full time work.

*trudges off*

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If you’ve ever worked in a service industry—foodservice, hospitality, hosting (not as in a host club, more in the sense of the part of the restaurant gig where you show people where they sit and do any gimmicky things, as opposed to the cooking) then you run into many, many people. Often, many of these many, many people have unseen pathogens, bugs, and other assorted foreign icky things on them. And even when they don’t…

The money does.

Money is easily the filthiest thing that you come into contact with on a daily basis. It changes hands over and over, and never does it see the kiss of saponins and dihydrogen monoxide…

Henh? What? Oh. That’s soap and water.

Though washing coins is a dicey proposal—fail to dry pennies properly and they take on a verdigris shell—bills are much easier to handle. Since paper money is actually not made of paper, but rather a combination of cotton and linen, your standard “paper money” can actually be cleaned and sanitized. (Ever wash a pocket full of money and it came back crispy and dry and hard to use? This is why.)

Note: Keep in mind the general condition of your paper bills. If the bills look like they’ve seen better days, I’d recommend NOT using the first half of this trick—you could still do the second part, the actual sanitization part.

The Process

  1. Run a sink of water—or use a bucket. You don’t need much. Add a bit of detergent—nothing top-shelf, considering that this is going to be (ideally) change
  2. Take the “paper money” and check it for damage. Bills that seem a little thin or have a LOT of creasing are a “try this at your own risk” affair.
  3. Take the bills in decent condition and pop them in the water. To wash them, simply agitate the water a bit with one hand until either the bills look cleaner or the water doesn’t change as much in color. (Don’t be surprised if nothing seems to come off; a lot of the schmutz that paper money appears to have is actually just an artifact of the ink used in manufacture.)
  4. Take the money out and lay it flat on something that absorbs water, like a hand towel. Pat it until it doesn’t drip.
  5. If your money’s in lousy shape, the above steps can be skipped. Now you just take an iron and the towel and iron the money until it is dry. OR, if you have a flat-iron that doesn’t have the chops to be used on your hair anymore, you can use that. This method can also be used to iron a little flip into the end of a bill to make it easier to feed into a vending machine. Watch out for steam.

That’s it.

I know this sounds weird, and maybe a bit OCD, but—working in hospitality, I am acutely aware of the things that money comes into contact with, and so I like to keep it clean and neat. An extra bonus of this money-laundering (haha!) is that neat and flat bills take up far less space in one’s wallet. :)
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What you are currently looking at is the lifeline for people living in the projects—specifically, those poor bastards stuck in minimum wage jobs.


I’m one of those unlucky bastards. (And, hey, as long as we’re on the term, it’s actually true in my case—If I was a part of Westeros’s social classes, I’d have a bastard surname. And since the Starks are the family I’m behind in my admittedly way-behind reading list, just call me Snow.) So when I got into the building today and saw a table loaded down with canned goods and sundries, I partook in that most holy of generous food-kitchen rules:

If you need it, then take it. That’s why it’s there.

As a result, there is much more food in the “oh crap things are getting bad here” stash in the pantry. If this comes up each week as it usually does, I can probably stock up to the point where I’ll be safe even when I run out of month at the end of the money.

But there are projects that need to be started, work that has to be done, and savings that have to be done to get a certain plan off of the ground and into the proper phase of development.

At some point I will be figuring out how to use Paypal for things like donations and contributions. For one, I find myself needing the use of a good nutritional analysis program so that I can provide the nutritional data—even if it is only the base data—for the recipes that I have developed. The cheapest alternative is still more than I’m willing to spend in the winter months, and all that is left at the end of the month goes into a place where I’m not allowed to get at it until I actually have made enough to get everything done. I’m still working on the projects and experiments, but it is mightily inefficient to have to go onto the internet every time I need to analyze a recipe for the project. …also there is the very real threat of someone finding one of my creations, ganking it, and plagarizing it—and worse, possibly  making MONEY off of something that isn’t their creation.

Normally I’m kind of lax where it comes to the enforcement of copyright enforcement—it’s hard to do and expensive to boot, so it is often impractical for the guy who has less money to do anything about it.

And in this case, I’m the guy with less money.

I wonder how many people would enjoy a little taste of Quinn’s work in the kitchen. Even if the only buyers are from LJ, I’d put out a collection or two if it was in demand enough by the time I got enough recipes to fill a tradebook.

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So.  Here's the deal.


I've done some math and there is a problem.  Long story short, there is not enough money in the coffers to pay the phone bill, internet, AND the rent.


As it is the least essential for my survival, the internet is going to have to go explode for a while. Which means that starting today, I'm gonna be a bit scarce—the bill was due yesterday and I don't have the money.


I'll be back! Eventually!

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It seems that every time I think that I know what’s going on, something changes.

*enters EX Mode* )

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I’m officially pressing my luck.


Sitting on my floor are two grocery bags. …well, technically three, but the other two things are medicine and a water filter, so they don’t really count. Seventy dollars or so of groceries (which, even buying store brands from discount chains, ain’t much), plus things that I can use to make emergency snacks for work. I think I can survive until next payday if I STRICTLY adhere to the following guidelines:


  • One bag of beer-battered fish filets: if I have ONE with a meal four times a week, I’ll have a protein until payday.  That would leave me with two for payday.
  • Three days of this time will see a supper of fruit, cheese, and summer sausage with crackers and peanut butter.
  • Snacks will be cheese, almond butter, and marmite on crackers drizzled with honey.  Limited to one small plate a day.
  • Breakfast will be a bowl of cereal with almond milk and a boiled egg.  Regular skim milk when the almond milk runs out—and guess who just found out she’s mildly lactose intolerant now?  Luckily, I bought some Lactaid, so that won’t be an issue…at least until it runs out.
  • Lunch: sandwiches with lunchmeat on homemade bread.  When I run out of lunchmeat…well, I’m not going to think about that until it happens.  I still have…two days worth, so I have lunch for Wednesday and tomorrow.
  • Padding all of this is rice, beans and bread.

I should mention that this is cheap cheese: it’s more additive than cheese.  But there’s a pound of it, at least.  I have to make $70 of food last a while.


If I’m lucky, I’ll get a hand from my dad.  Whether that happens or not, I’m going to have to get myself a little help here.  I’ve still got three bills left to pay—light, rent, and gym.  (Before you give me grief on my gym membership, guys: it’s the only place with equipment I can use to work this knee.  And that knee, despite my work is STILL showing wasting, so stopping altogether is—what’s the word…BAD.)


…well, I’ve lived through worse.  I got a cushion of frozen fruit that I can cook into different things.

*fifteen minutes later*

I just noticed something amiss: I am missing a two-pound bag of sugar and a pound of flour.  THAT’S the reason behind the hole in my bag.  And I don’t know when it went missing.  I wouldn’t have ever noticed, either, if I hadn’t just now stopped to make the thing.


*deep breath*


Looks like I’m cashing in my change jar soon.  I needed those to make the tart I was going to make and freeze as an emergency source of fast (semi) healthy snacking.


*Glare, directed upwards*


Let’s see what you got, Fate!   You think you’re so big?!  Well, FUCK your capricious nature, Fate!  I’ll make my own!  Now BUZZ OFF and let me figure out how I’m going to make what is now $65 worth of food last for two weeks.  </rage>


…I suppose I can make that tart later in the week, if I get enough money in tips.  If.

EDIT:  6:21




I just did inventory of what I came home with, and not only are the flour and sugar missing, but so’s the apples and peanut butter.


…First person who crosses me gets a sgian dubh to the eye.  I mean it.

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I received the paycheck this week with some enthusiasm.  Things were starting to look dicey.  Even so, I wasn’t quite prepared for what I was going to see when I opened the thing.


This paycheck was not enough to cover the bills.


I looked at the check, then broke out my phone and its portable checkbook calculator.  I had luckily enough foresight to put away a bit of cash just in case the money got funny—and boy, did it.  That little $100 cushion is what’s got me able to pay my bills, all but the light bill (which, inexplicably, is late in getting to me); but, as it is, after everything that I CAN pay is paid off, I’ll be left with exactly $26.19 until the fifteenth.


…yeah, it’s gotten rough. )


Aug. 25th, 2011 07:57 pm
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Countdown to Judgement Day:  24 Days






*tosses stuff onto the newly cleared chair*


Espresso…or a latte…either way…



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DAWN OF THE THIRD DAY Countdown to Judgement Day:  27


As it turns out the ‘I’ll let them see that I can handle this day’ option wasn’t really available to me: at about 6:52 this morning I received a call that I was being called off.

Well, ain’t that somethin’. )


That’s all the bad news.


The good news is that there’s apparently a glitch in the NOOK™ Store:  I downloaded a free sample of a yaoi novel (YES, such a thing does exist!  Oh glorious day!), but…SOMEHOW I GOT THE ENTIRE NOVEL, DELICIOUS ILLUSTRATIONS AND ALL.)
It’s softcore and adorably cute.


I’ll be starting today’s work at ten.  It gives me time for my leg to quit having muscle spasms.  (I won’t take a Flexeril for it because…well, I kinda need to be conscious.)

EDIT:  7:12.  Whoops.  It appears that I’ve overdone it.

How so? )

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It sounds awful.  It probably brings back memories of bad cream sauces, gritty cereal, and bland puddings.  We're talking about that uncelebrated member of the kitchen pantry, powdered milk.

Since we didn't have all that much money when I was growing up—we were scraping even when we did get food stamps—we grew a garden for the produce we most often consumed.  There was a prolific apple tree in the backyard, as well as a slightly less-robust peach tree.  If we were lucky we managed to get some of the broccoli and cabbage before the rabbits got to it.  As far as the green (and orange and red and on occasion purple) parts of the diet went, we were good.  There were two things we couldn't grow, though.  Meat was one of them, but we knew a guy.  He couldn't help us at the second thing, though.

That second thing was milk.

Its price had skyrocketed, so our only viable option happened at the best possible time:  the local thrift store had a surplus that they couldn't unload to save their lives.  With a casual glance, we convinced them to let us have it for three bucks.

It's a great way to save money.  You only make what you need for any given period of time, after all, so if you're like me and have a hard time going though a half-gallon of skim in six days, this is very helpful.

Most of my family wasn't sold.  But I was.  I immediately set out to learn some of the tricks.  I'll share some of them with you guys.

Powdered Milk Tips )
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I don't know how long I got though.  I am going to do the best that I can to ninja in more hours, and to save money.  Thinking about cooking tiny little pizzas--for a fee of course--for people on my floor to raise a little bit of money.  If I charge three bucks for one little pizza--they cost about a buck twenty to make all together--I could make some serious dough.

…Actually, I probably could pull that off.  Next time I make one I'll post a picture.  Gotta know if it looks as good to everyone else as it does to me.
Anchovies optional.
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After checking out what my checkbook says after paying off my rent, transportation, and anti-headache (for the record, what it says is "OWWWWwww"), it turns out that I will not have enough cash left over to pay the note on my computer.

This, unfortunately, means that I will be unable to get online for at least two weeks.  I have to wait at least until my hours go up to something higher than fifteen over a stretch of two weeks.

I remember in December when I complained about getting fifteen a week.  Now, staring down the barrel of only fifteen in TWO weeks, I feel as though I've had a bit of perspective drilled in.

This will be a long, slow two weeks.

Then again, maybe I could use the reset.

Until two weeks from now.
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I looked at my stats today and noticed that I have over 200 entries in this thing.  I didn't think that I'd been THAT active, considering how much of the recent year that I either didn't have access to a machine, or just didn't think I was up to anything interesting enough to blab about.

Then again I have to think of things like this:  this is a blog.  I could talk about my new shoes if I wanted to, and it really doesn't matter just how interesting I am at any given moment.  If I'm read, I'm read.

On that note, I've started paying closer attention to what I save and spend.  Since I'm saving up for a computer (again!), I have to be careful on what money goes in and out.  A few of my favorite splurges have gone out of the window; I haven't bought a book or a CD in a long while.  For my music fix I pretty much stay on Last.fm and Pandora.com.  As far as books are concerned I practically live in the library already, so that's covered, too.

Classes?  It depends on just how slow the slow season.  I'm going to keep an eye out on a few apps that I've got floating around at the moment, but I'm not sure which of these will pan out.  Whenever one does finally manage to work out for me, I'm going straight to my manager and offering a bit of a deal: if he wants me on reserve as a housekeeper, that's the plan.  If he doesn't like the sound of that idea, then I will simply hand over my two weeks' notice.  I can't keep working at that job if I can't get decent hours.

(Furthermore, the satisfaction level is dropping steadily right now.  I have never seen morale at the hotel as low as it is right now.  If things keep up the way that they are right now, then there won't be anyone left by New Year.  Hiring is hard enough right now; there aren't that many people who actually want to do housekeeping work, and the number who stay around after completing training is lower still.  There are four of us that are assured of our positions right now, and of those, three are definitely out at New Year.  That leaves—well, me.  If my offer pans out, though, I'm outta there, too.

What a life,eh?  Good thing that I've got other things to look forward to on those blissful days where I don't work.
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Aside from the fact that I just had a steak with some vegetable lasagna, I've not done anything interesting.  Unless you count the fact that I am about thirty bucks over budget thsi month.  Haven't been paying attention to where I'm eating lately, and it turns out that that is where it's been going, after all.  I should pay more attention to what I eat when the weekend hits.

Actually I should pay  more attention to what I eat, anyway.  I'd like to keep in decent shape.

The other day, we went to a different arcade, and *shock amazement* the DDR machine works well.  Not only does it work well, but check this out: it's got memory card slots.

That's right--it's a real machine, and not a third party retool.  o.o!

I also got about three steps from a double A ranking on "A Stupid Barber," but I wasn't carrying a camera with me, so...didn't happen, right?  ROFL.

What else is there?  Oh, yeah.  Ever seen a soda explode without warning?  Like, it's just sitting there, waiting for someone to grab it off of the edge of the table and then BANG!
Yeah, the aftermath of those aren't fun to clean up.   Yay work. 

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