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I got hella bored today while doing laundry. Like, super hella bored. So bored, in fact, that I didn’t even feel like starting up a game of Civ at the time--but I wanted to listen to the music. Like, crazy wanting to listen to the music. But I didn’t have the soundtrack to the expansions, and I wanted to listen to the soundtrack to the expansions, and maybe some of the pretty idle, nothing-is-going-on, the empire is at peace right now-music. You know, the stuff that rarely makes it into the final OST.

I had an idea then: Like the time I got around Steam to launch Kerbal Space Program during the time a beta bug, I could get into the local content to see where it was and listen to it from there.

With a few clicks, I was in the file explorer and looking at the Vanilla music, found in .ogg format. Interesting, I thought, looking at it.

Granted, I have the Vanilla OST—it came with the Bundle—but after wandering around I noticed that oh hey, there’s the pretty idle music!

…let’s poke around a little more, shall we?

After about fifteen minutes of poking around, I found what I was looking for.

I am now in the process of deciding which device to put this lovely ear candy on to listen to while I get the writing done.

“Whoa whoa whoa, you nerd! How am I supposed to do that on a Steam game?!”

Hold your horses, I’ll explain it. It’s simple. DISCLAIMER: You damn well better not otherwise manipulate the files other than a cloning. I am not responsible for any bricked installs. It also goes without saying this is personal use only (don’t be piratin’ yo). They all start the same:

  1. Jump into your Steam.
  2. Right-click the game in the sidebar.
  3. Clck properties.
  4. Click “Browse local content.
  5. Find the folder with the music. DO NOT CHANGE OR MOVE ANYTHING.

After this you have a couple options.

Here’s a pair of methods:


Sync the folder with the music with your Google music manager folder. Upload, refresh, boom, done, it’s in the cloud.


Clone the folder to the desktop, if space allows, and move it to a secure place—an SD card, a device, a sufficiently powerful phone. …depending on the device this could take a while. DO NOT MOVE THE ORIGINAL FOLDERS.


DO NOT USE ITUNES. While it sounds like linking the original folders to the library is simpler, iTunes especially likes to tweak things’ metadata and can easily cause problems.

IN FACT, DO NOT USE ANY MEDIA MANAGERS THAT WILL CHUCK SETTINGS AT THINGS. Keep the entire process manual. It’s best you not have to need to turn around and reinstall anything, because—especially if you’ve got the kind of connection that I do—that can take hours.

Boom. =D Enjoy your new game music.

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(This is an obvious one, isn’t it?)

I love music. Almost every kind. I mean, there’s a reason I have two iPods and use so much data on my phone streaming from Google Play.

It’s taken a new meaning since my PTSD started presenting. Keeping one or more of these devices handy, along with a good set of cans, has become almost necessary to make sure that I don’t lose my head when things get screwed around all wrong. In addition to cutting off a whole bunch of the outside input, it gets me into a small space that lets me not get affected by all that noise.

Besides the health benefits, having music handy helps me focus. Without something for at least two parts of my brain to do, it’s one of the worst cases of monkey brain that you’ve ever seen.

So I keep the music going. …sometimes, without the music handy, I make do with a generic white noise of some sort—from a TV droning on to an actual white noise machine.

I got the biggest thrill earlier this year, in March, when I got to see the Distant Worlds concert live at Powell Symphony Hall. Even with the panics kicking in and out, I worked through it with one of my best friends and a moogle plushie.

As a matter of fact, it was the thoughts of going to that very concert that helped speed my exit from the loony bin. I was not about to miss that conert.

Whuf. Favorites, huh? I’d have to say that pretty much anything done by Nobuo Uematsu ranks high in my book. Anything sweeping or orchestral is an instant win. I’m also big on the ambient genre, metal, and rock.

…strange combination, isn’t it?

I’m a member of Last.fm. Depending on where you’ve caught me, you might see a little grey box (or most of a little grey box) in the corner somewhere. That little box live updates with the listening trends in my iPods and phone. If you get bored, give it a look. I’m sure that something’ll turn out interesting.

I don’t just listen to music: I also play the ocarina. Right now, though, that’s on slight hiatus—seeing as a nice little weather accident caused my instrument to just POP open on me, two clean halves of a beautiful blue whole, silenced. I survived it, and am now putting money in a jar to save up for my second oc. While I DO have a six-hole to tide my need to tweetle over, it’s one of the first domestically produced clay ocarinas, and it’s just the tiniest bit out of tune with itself—but that’s a big deal when you have perfect pitch. “OH HEY, DON’T MIND ME, I’MMA IMITATE F-SHARP FOR YOU EVEN THOUGH I’M REGULAR OLD F, OK?” Yeowch. Makes my teeth itch. Also the high-note ocarina squeak makes playing certain pieces impossible.

I’ve rambled on for a while, haven’t I? I’ll take a break now. Time to get to work on another of my favorite things.

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…No one who knows me at all is surprised by this. Prepare for a ramble.


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A Note: 100 Things will return on the first of the month. I’ve been trying to post the same entry for several days with no successes to be had, but I think I’ve found the problem and once I’ve booted it the hell out of my system, the uploads should WORK PROPERLY and I’ll be able to get things going again.


Got an ear infection? Suspect it?


DON’T wear closed environment headphones. Even at a nice volume the heat’ll make you hurt so damned bad you’ll wonder if being deaf is better.

Of course, this coming from someone who uses nothing BUT closed-environment, hi-definition, audiophile-approved cans.


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I'd love to embed the flash player, but LJ seems to have disabled this, so here's a link.

  We’ve all got that one thing. You know, that one thing that you just absolutely loooobster love to perhaps slight extremes. You know a lot about it. You have followed it for perhaps years—or maybe you’re a recent convert and you caught up in the span of, like, a day and a half—but the point is, you’re just about an expert on the subject and nothing is going to deter you from learning everything about it.

[Cutaway!] )

Audio from Grooveshark's service. I do not own that piece of lovely aural gold.
</legal stuff>

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Chrysanth WebStory This is WebStory!
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Money’s about to get funny again.  Rent and bills ate a large chunk of the cushion.  I’ll have to see if I can find more people to freelance for if the hours get stupider than they are now.  Or maybe I’ll be able to convince them to let me take care of the nitpicky details that no one else can—I’m the only one who can get behind some of the chests of drawers, being thin as I am.


…I feel a little silly using the term ‘thin’ when I weigh 148.6 lbs.  I gotta get out of that mindset.  It’s like my grandmother’s haunting me, calling me fat and hiding the food again.  I should eat a peanut butter and sugar sandwich to spite her efforts to get me back down to a svelte 80 lbs.


Wait, what?  No.  Screw that.  No.  You don’t own me, judgmental memory of a madwoman.  Go away.  I might not be light but I’m still thin.  Begone.




I’m getting ready to turn in, and plotting a trip to the vintage music stores in the area when some speed in the business comes up again at the same time.  My tastes are getting even further underground than they were before, and so I’m going to have to actually go digging for things.  I need something edgy, something dark.  Preferably with borderline shoegazing in its guitar riffs and some metal.  (…combining both of those in the same artist/group would be EPIC.)  I’ve got a couple of leads, but—alas and alack—no money to spare yet.


I’m also actively saving money for the Distant Worlds concerts.  I have enough technically now, but I’m more worried about making sure hell doesn’t break loose with the apartment than getting a jump on.  I’ll worry when the concert’s Facebook feed says “Hey, we’re running low on tickets, so call Powell Symphony Hall Like NAO.”


I’d best slide under my blankets and go to sleep right now.  Getting ridiculously sleepy, and falling asleep with a laptop on one’s stomach is not the brightest of ideas.  Especially when the floor is made of, like, hospital linoleum.

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Sitting down to sprint. Having just recovered from a SURPRISE POWER NAP (hadn’t intended on falling asleep. It was a good thing I set an alarm) my brain’s being incredibly random. How random we talking here?

  • Just before spending the last half-hour unconscious:  Ow my leg storms.
  • Alarm goes off the first time:  Dizzy snooze button now.
  • Second time: *didn’t wake up.  Out like a light.  Dreaming of a big temple full of vaulted ceilings, bunting-draped statues, and incredibly pretty priests.  One of them was giving me a tour of the place.  The music they’re playing in this temple is pretty.*
  • Third time:  Woke up, hit snooze, fell asleep immediately afterward.  Had the exact same dream again.  This time I notice that the temple is the Grand Temple from my novel.  It doesn’t occur to me to check to see of these people are Illuminati, though.
  • Fourth time:  Finally woke COMPLETELY up.  Hit “Dismiss" after listening to what the phone had set my alarm to.  Couldn’t help but smile.  Apparently having this on a loop fixed the GR ARG RAGE I had going today.  What was the alarm tone? 


  • Wondering if it’s too late to get stuff from the corner store.  Wind slinging HORIZONTAL RAIN and puddles deep enough to cover my non-waterproof canvas shoes suggest yes.
  • Consider making soda.  Decide I’m feeling too lazy and mix the two half-liters I have left for something that tastes like a cross between a Red Bull and a Piña Colada

The moral?

If I want to make the stress of the day go die in a violent fire and disappear into sparkles, I’ll put Song of Memory on loop when I sleep.  That was a thirty-minute nap and I’m more rested than I was after a full night of sleep.

Secondary Moral:  Apparently this song makes me dream of temples.

EDIT:  For some reason, El Jay seems to hate Flash objects today.  Replaced the widget with a direct link.

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Dull day... sort of.  For a rundown, proceed to the commentary below.  It gets interesting in the end.

Ah, yes, commentary. )

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A fine morning, indeed.


A Personal favorite of mine by The Historian Himself. It kinda applies to the awesome mood I’m in.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have soup and tea to get to.  I’ll be back soon.


Sep. 3rd, 2011 06:48 pm
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I’ve blown myself breathless (HAHAHA) practicing my ocarina today (two hours straight whut) and the internet signal is still not reliable for more than three hours at a time, and so I’m going to use the time constructively.  I’m spending an hour betaing a fic for a fellow Deviant, and then I’ll spend an hour cleaning my apartment.


Well, it’s largely done, save for the counter area—and that’s just bad because I just cooked.  This is now more in the way of maintenance.  That should take maybe 45 minutes.  Then it’s a whole lot of NOTHING.  That’s right: I’m taking Saturday Night off.

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In my efforts to restore my music library to its former glory (read: get everything again so that I can actually use my Last.fm page again) I’ve had to give my Zen Microphoto life support. I’m afraid that this just might be the last time I can actually do that. Regularly, now, I have to use Goblin Tech Support to get it to run—that just means you bang on it in the right place until it operates.

In light of this, I decided I’d pull everything off of it and put it onto an external hard drive.

(Actually, it’s an internal connected with a power supply connected to the machine with a USB bridge.)

To make sure I don’t lose the better half of my library though, I’m going to have to make sure I set it onto this drive. It’ll take a while—going from one USB devise to another after all—but the majority of the stuff on it is rares, and since the storage is disk based, it’s all transferable.

Call me sentimental though—I don’t want to get rid of it. This little white thing was the first big purchase I made. First high-tech device. First exposure to the awesomeness of having hours upon hours of music in the back pocket of a denim skirt.

And, I will admit, first session of random, iPod-commercial-style dancing with headphones attached.

If I can salvage the hardware, I will be quite happy. If not...well, I think what I might do, is I might put it up in one of those little clear cases with a plaque with something clever written on it: The Groovy Results of A Hard Day’s Work, or something like that.


I’m a nerd, so what?

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 Somebody suggest a pairing (hopefully DFF or at least one I know) that works with the new version of Sting's "I Burn For You."

I will write crack if you do.

Also.  Fabulous Fantasy may get a sequel soon~
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 I've been listening to it on Grooveshark.  Jumping ahead of the game I ordered it.  It will arrive in a month or so.

OMG the polished version of "Crescent."  Chills all over again.

I'm going to go flail some more, then I'll sleep.
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I noticed quite a while back that when I'm at the end of the day (or at that point at the start of it where I'm almost but not quite sleepwalking to work) I prefer to have spacey music on.

That could be dangerous. Seeing as I like to have the same kind of music going when I go to sleep or chill out, I might wind up falling asleep and missing my stop at the bus.

The main morning track lately has been the album Heaven or Las Vegas. It happened to be the one that was most recommended by the guy who got me into this site, and after a couple listens through the whole thing, I can see (hear?) why. I'm particularly partial to Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires.

The equinox is rolling around. Not sure what I'm going to do besides planting my herbs. Call me odd, but though the weather was better for it several days ago, I'd rather plant them then. I'm growing dill, cilantro, and basil.

The thought hit me earlier that some people sing to their plants, or talk to them.
Would serenading them with an ocarina be weird?

Also I just realized the track I mentioned and my userpic here go together.  ....is he a Frou Fox?


Jan. 6th, 2009 01:59 pm
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I've been trying to get my mitts on a new machine for all this time, as well as trying to get a new job, and the way that things are going it seems like none of these things want to happen any time really soon.

I've been eating really cheaply lately, making as much out of as few cheap ingredients that I can.  Spaghetti witha white miso and tomato sauce isn't half bad, actually, especially when you saute the garlic for the sauce…holy crap, did I ever get sidetracked.

I finally passed that godsdamned algebra class.  Now I can take classes relevant to my degree.  Yayzors.

I went to the Ludo concert on the 28th.  Man, it was sold out, the entire bottom level was a (slightly faily, 'cause the security don't stand for it) mosh pit.  It was kind of fun to watch people get dropped by security with a bubbly "Thank you for crowdsurfing, please come again!"
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As I was trying to figure out what to write, floating around on the Reign of Bohemians website, I started listening to music.  I'd been trying to think of something for days, and nothing was working.  So I browsed around on my profile on Last.fm and saw some songs that I hadn't heard in a while.

I hadn't heard them in a while because I am not a subscriber, and therefore have a limit imposed on how many times I can on-demand a track.  To get around my craving for this song, I went to Rhapsody's site and burned a few free-trial listens on the song that I had to listen to.

This is really trippy. )
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I took a third attempt at Saria's Song, but botched part of it.  lol

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This time around I tried the World Map tune from Final Fantasy VII (only part though—my mp3 player records in .wav format).

This is a little better

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You might not know this but I have an ocarina.  I haven't had a chance to play for a long time, though, so I am as rusty as if I had just started playing yesterday.

I made an attempt to get a song done this morning, but it wasn't working well; having to play by ear and remember the fingering at the same time?  Yikes.

Clearly this time it was a botch.  LOL
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I know, I'm practically self-spamming here, but I have to just give a shoutout to something that I think is just plain cool, and that would be Last.fm.

I just joined a few days ago, and have been working to add as many of my favorite artists that I can think of to my library, and so I haven't had much time to listen to some of the stuff that I've got up yet—that and I'm still tripping off of "Trail of Stars"—but I just looked at what I've got so far…

Actually, I had been trying to go into my recommendations, and wound up clicking the wrong thing entirely, but man, it was worth it.  I hadn't realized that other people could waltz in and listen to your library.  It's pretty cool, that right there.  I guess I'm not nuts.

See, if you've ever read me you know my music taste is—ahem—rather eclectic, and almost impossible to define consistently.  What with there being a place where I could go and listen to whatever catches my fancy, even if it's relatively obscure.

Of course I dont' log on without something to take notes with.  There's so much that I want to get my hands on in hard copy that I can't remember it all!

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