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So.  Here's the deal.


I've done some math and there is a problem.  Long story short, there is not enough money in the coffers to pay the phone bill, internet, AND the rent.


As it is the least essential for my survival, the internet is going to have to go explode for a while. Which means that starting today, I'm gonna be a bit scarce—the bill was due yesterday and I don't have the money.


I'll be back! Eventually!

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The second day of the convention was a bit more productive.



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I just got back from ACen 2011. And it was madness.

Three days of shopping, running around catching cosplayers, and playing "Spot the Reference," among other activities…I spent so much time out there that the brace!leg has started getting a case of tan lines.

And I'm black, so that's a neat trick!

My lovely boyfriend—who was willing to wait for me by the yaoi table, bless him—helped me up the building again, 'cause my leg has had it after three days straight of this madness, along with my fifty pounds of epic swag.

Both of my sets of rechargeable batteries have run dry—one of them seems to have started to age out on me—after about three hundred total pictures of convention chaos. I'll be working on a good report-style post later this week for you guys—and the pictures I'm proudest of will be going on my deviantArt account to boot.

But for now? I need to sleep for a couple of days.


May. 20th, 2011 08:15 am
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Right now, I have sushi rice soaking in lukewarm water.  In about half an hour, it will be placed into a rice steamer so that I can have fresh rice balls as a snack during the preparation phase of…




I woke up at about a quarter to six, beginning to pack my things together for the trip.  Day one will be a Pokémon theme—several of us will be various trainers.  Since I have a kimono and a fancy purse, I’ll be a Kimono trainer with a Purse!Turtwig.  Now the question is, do I coordinate my Poké Ball to go with my Turtwig, or with my bright pink kimono?


Anyway, I must to stove!  Tamagoyaki and bacon beckon!

(What I’m filling today’s rice balls with:  BREAKFAST RICE BALLS!)


I’ll be taking beaucoup pictures.  Expect the madness to begin either shortly on my return, or during the trip depending if the buddies we’re rooming with have the interwebs.

OMG bread

Jan. 17th, 2011 10:57 pm
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 Bread.  Bread.

OMG, bread.

Bread everywhere.

So much bread.

It makes me less broke, but so much baking.


Three more bread.
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Tomorrow is the first day of the new year: January 1, 2011.


A new year, and a new set of resolutions that probably won’t be happening. It’s not that I don’t have the will-power—things keep happening. I resolved to go back to class this year, and then the season that would have gotten me the money to do so got shot because my knee blew out at work.


I resolved to work out enough so that I had defined abs, and that didn’t happen—partly because of the knee, mostly because of the crap state of mind that came with it.


I resolved to write that damn novel and—wait a second, I DID that one. Never mind. XD




Next up! )


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And therefore I am going to be devoting a lot of time to it.

According to mathing with the Calc.exe, I need to do 1667.66666666666667 words a day for 30 days.

That translates to 1667 and 2/3 words, roughly.

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I didn't realize how cluttered my LJ's inbox had gotten.  As a result I just had to run a mass wipe of it.  There was too much in there to do much with.

Problem with that was, I didn't check every folder before I did the mas delete. I just wanted to get things clear before I started doing a wicked amount of stuff.

I finally decided on how I'm going to post these things, too:  Just bit by bit, here and there, tagged appropriately.  Matter of fact in the next couple of days I will be doing a lot of it.  I'll save the Swag Report for later.

Mainly because I have to take pictures of it in good lighting.  Which means that I have to wait for a sunny day.  40-watt bulbs?  Not so great for what I've got.

Also, I need photo-editing software that is free.  I don't have money for premium stuff.  So that's part of the delay, too.
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Today, I have to play catch-up with myself.  I was supposed to get more done than I have by now, but yesterday?  It was rotten.  Between being sick and having a mild case of "zomfg overloaded~" I wasn't able to get much done.

I've got class today, and I've got enough paper to get a lot of notes done, just as long as I don't wind up running out of pencil lead.

As for writing:  I've managed to get sucked into a project.  Then again I was asking for it.  I mean I literally asked for it.  As such I'm doing my best to get it done, though it's involving a little more work than I expected.  I have to learn the nuances of writing in script formatting.  While it's kind of weird, I just have to get used to it.  It's a little clunky, though.

My portfolio's on hold for a while.  I have to come up with an idea that won't infringe upon my NaNoWriMo idea, and that story line idea is possessing my mind like nothing else.  If I don't find a way to get it out of my head until November the first, I won't have a concept.

Uh…whoops.  The thing that I described on the writing-point is also the current side-project.  So I don't have anything to go here right now.  Whoops!
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Weeks on weeks without a regular update, and now that I have a library card and a class at the local college, I'm going to be doubling down on both my studies and my posting.

And, Yes, I can explain myself.  …eventually.
It's a lot of angst and a lot of random rambling, really, so it might take a while to catch up completely.  (It's also all currently longhand; I couldn't wait until I got to a computer to vent.)
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The All New, Improved, To-Do List, ver 3.1.337×XIII
…Not so bored anymore, I just can't think of anything more clever than that right now

High Priority

Save up two three five hundred bucks.  Mad money
Figure out a class to stave off summer boredom
Buy a wireless card for meh laptop  Get laptop fixed/replaced, depending on severity of problem
Find someone who can offer a chart offering height-weight guidelines for physical parameters of characters;  need: normal—light build—medium build—power build—light/muscular build charts
Fix pix in recent entries (for some reason they're being red 'x' at me)

Middle level priority

Break in new shoes for DDR  (Perry Ellis shoes.  Serve dual purpose of DDR and nonslip work shoe)
Break in second pair of new shoes
Post Therapy!drabbles #3—6 from spiral notebook.  Yeah, I still haven't done that!
Start my Tae-Bo workout routine

Low Priority

Buy an authentic bento box
Make a halfway decent bento
Learn how to make more authentic yakisoba
Buy more lemon oil for cooking
Buy and try "the Spice"
Buy more tea!  I'm out
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The internets is out at my dad's place, so that is right out where it comes to getting updates.  Since I can't get the thing going right now—I have no idea where I put my flash drive, I did find it but where it is now is kind of a problem—I can't seem to get the gumption to get an update going.  I don't feel like looking for it just yet.

So, meh.  I managed to get my 'economic stimulus check' and so therefore I am technically no longer broke; however, I kind of think that I should do some more saving before I get it spent.  I think that I want to hurry up and get my order of the Spice in, but before I do that I want to come up with a plan of some sort.

I kind of want to wait until I have a certain piece of hardware before I get my hands on that stuff.  See, I had an idea of something that I could do while I work on a bowl of Spice—it sounds like a smooth vaping blend that might just work out well while working on a Midsummer thingy.  …Of course there's a lot of stuff that I would have to get before I work on that one.  Plans, and decisions.

Oh yeah.  I finally got some new shoes to work out in.  I still have to work on breaking them in.  Of course the silly thing is that I actually put 'break in new shoes' on my to-do list when all that it really consists of is walking around in the damn things.  And if that's the case, then why the HELLS did I make a note of it?  How hard is it to remember to put on one's shoes in the morning?  Geez.

My brain's totally off now, so I'm going to just take a break and look around and find interesting crap on the internet.
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I didn’t really have that much to do.  Mostly I floated around on the internets, played DDR, and lazed about the house.

There was something ELSE brewing, but there’s the small problem that now that I have to be *angry yell* SOCIAL, *calms down* I have to forego my fun.

You can guess, if you care to.  Hint—keep the mind in the gutter but not too far in the gutter and you’ve got it.

Anywho, I was thinking that one of these days that I have to get my belly dance outfit rebuilt.  I was browsing about at random when I found this site where they actually carry the stuff that I’m looking for.  All I have to do after that is to make sure that I get the choeography down while doing the steps in the proper attire.  I will have to turn around and get the veils first.  The steps aren’t the problem, it’s the veils.  I can’t figure out how to get it done right half the time.

Oh yeah, that reminds me.  Eventually I am going to get that thing down and post it somewhere on my blog.  I will have to browse around my desktop and make sure that I find it.  It’s stored somewhere on my machine, but there’s a slight problem with that plan:  for some reason there is a file missing from my “Find” function.  I can’t search my computer.


That means that I will have to search one by one.  That or load up Google Desktop—even though it eats resources.   But it will be worth it when I find someone who might want to pop up and join me in this thing.  It’s more of a two-person or more choreography so I’d like to find someone to rock it with.


Apr. 11th, 2008 10:45 pm
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(BTW the above is "omgwtfbbq" backward.  LONG day.) 

The updates finished.

The computer runs a little bit slower than before, but now, the computer also runs a little bit better--there's probably no harm in seeing if I do in fact have a spare ram slot floating around waiting to be filled, and if there is then I have some work to do soon~

Oh, yeah--the drivers for my MP3 player are on the machine now, and since I can actually screw around with the files on my Zen again, I plan on making a few decent lists to keep going for more situations.

Of course, I still have to finish working on the choreography for that track, Vivere, but that's actually in progress right now.  (Well, not RIGHT now, cos right now I'm updating this thing.)  Bu I'm about half the way through the track and am a little stuck on how to fix up this second half, since the timing goes a little weird.  But when it's done, I think that I might be posting it.  o.o It's wild.
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So the other day I was told that I was officially on only rooms again-that means, no more murder!shift, apparently. As I prepared to do the requisite self-training to get used to doing the job again-clutter up a room and see how fast I can fix it-I was of the thought that things will seem a little more difficult at first, followed by an almost silly easiness that I actually would welcome, even if it meant that I wouldn’t have any more thirty hour weeks-hells, I wouldn’t mind just having more consistent twenty-hour weeks.

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The internet was down for that entire week, and so I didn't get a damn thing done.  Floating around awol, I decided to get something to do something about that.

No, it wasn't a laptop.  It was a bona-fide notebook.

…you know, the kind with the spiraled spine and lined sheets of paper?  Come on, people~!

While I waited for the net to get back up and running, I wrote a crack!fic that I'm soon planning on posting.  Why am I not doing it now, you ask?

Simple.  The notebook is currently locked in the car.  Which is across town.  Which means that I can't get to it.   You'll all just have to give me a while before I can get this online.  And pray that I can get it typed from my chickenscratch fast enough that someone in the house doesn't realize just what it IS that I'm posting.

Seriously, though.  I can hardly wait until I've got enough cash to get my own machine and a connection.  It might take me a while, but I consider it a necessity.  For more reasons than one.  Porn Great literature can't be written with an audience, after all :P
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The annoying thing about having so many things to write, is this right now:  Since there's only one machine to work at, and I don't have my flash drive on me, I can't work on everything at once.  To that end I've been considering buying a notebook.

Not a laptop.
An actual notebook.
With paper and wires and lines that you cover in real handwriting with a stick that dispenses ink in a steady line.


That should tell you what I mean right now.  Fifteen minutes a day to work on seven pieecs of writing just don't cut it, man!

Ya know,

Nov. 13th, 2007 04:29 pm
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If I were any more sporadic in my appearances lately I'd be the latest presidential candidate to skip out on a minority-centric rally.

But seriously, I hate having double and triple shifts, It makes it so that I don't have time to do much else.  I'm lucky if I can get out long enough to kick it at an arcade.

But on that note I DID clear a ten footer song.  I don't know how I did it the first, second or third time.  I know the fourth time around I was showing off for a crowd that had gathered around the sticks (that means the controller, if you haven't heard that term before) and I almost got an A on it.  Yikes.

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