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migraine rebounded on me. Fleeing light sources. (SIEG WOULD BE DISAPPOINT.) Computer staying off. If no improvement tomorrow I will HAVE TO go to the ER because one can only take the maximum of dose of Imitrex for four days. If it isn't gone this time tomorrow I need the shot.

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At one point it was straight-up Inception: it began with a kid sleeping in a bed I knew somehow wanted a gift. Suddenly the guy sleeping on the floor springs up—for some reason he's dressed like Luigi. He jumps up and crawls through this vent; the racket woke the kid up and he followed. The tunnel vent comes out in a room full of electric guitars. Kid makes a beeline for a Les Paul and starts jamming.

That was when I thought I woke up. I was in this house, well-decorated. Suddenly KUJA walks past me. I zombie myself awake and follow him to a dining room table, where I grab a bowl of hot cereal. He is discussing a strategy with someone from a DIFFERENT GAME (Kannuki from Bushido Blade): there is some weird...THING outside that needs must be destroyed. It looks like a harmless pink flower wth one too many pistils. So one of us throws the piece pulled off for observation downfield.

On returning inside we see the result of that on a huge active map: in mere hours the place was overrun with GIANT versions of that flower. We go observe: it's full of matching pink fuzz-colored lizards—and we're watching them evolve.

They ate us, of course.

We wake in the house from before, go back to the dining room, strategize. Second attempt: we get et.

Third: we discover that diamonds are toxic to them. Kuja flies off to find one in where the maps read "ISOCU" (Icelandic-Scandinavian Order of Countries United. No it made no sense), where diamonds are native (ACTUAL WORDS).

Then things happen like in Mass Effect: suddenly, VISIBLE DIALOGUE TREES.

Somehow I wind up in an office wielding a housekeeper cart...and it has a diamond. I steal it and return to base.

By this time the flower thing has spread like a cancer. Its weird lizards are now cool-blooded humans.

We lose the fight.
Things reset. Dialogue trees!

Lose. I make my way back through an apocalyptic East St. Louis—for some reason I am a wolf.

Strategize again. Kuja suggests he do a flyover and drop the giant diamond off from the skies.

THIS WORKS. We camp in the house—where we have now successfully stolen cable—until the news says the pink thing is dying off and the lizards are all gone.

...and I get a second bowl of hot cereal.

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So you know the hole in my wall? The one that's been there several weeks now and still hasn't been repaired?

Well, I was brushing my teeth and A FUCKING MOUSE came up through it.


I have a mouse in my apartment because Maintenance department won't do its fucking job and fix the hole it knocked in my wall.

…It's not even a healthy mouse. I outran it and managed to chase it back down THE OTHER HOLE IN MY APARTMENT (the gas line in the floor) and back out. (Seriously, it was a sickly little bastard.)

Tomorrow after work I'm moving furniture, bleaching the floor, putting down borax, and rearranging my shit. Then I'm putting down more glue traps.

So much for getting to sleep! I can't sleep after that! THERE'S A FUCKING MOUSE!


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I had a dream that began as a nightmare. I saw a man get out of a car and run to the Metro tracks. As he passed me by, I saw that it was my ex. As my body and mind began to flip out, he got onto one of the tracks, inches away from the live third rail.

I called a friend on my phone, explaining what I was seeing. He says that something may not be right, and to keep an eye. As I watch, a guy that I don't know but seems familiar runs up, and dumps a bucket of water over his head. Sparks jump from the third rail; a nearby store goes up in flames. Nothing happens to him.

The train comes as he stunts, running up and down the rail. It suddenly comes to a screeching halt, mere centimeters from a collision. Arms flailing, he falls from the tracks—and breaks his neck. He doesn't move. No one goes to check him.

I then make another call while I examine his car. A cutesy-fied Cthulhu plush sits on the front passenger seat—I open the door and take it. I can't tell who I've called. I explain what has happened.

My friend is more concerned about the store, the fact that it took out the internet tower. We explore the ruins. No one notices or cares about the corpse, which has begun to smoke.

This message brought to you by LjBeetle. ^_^
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Grocery shopping day comes just at the right time, as I find myself needing a few staples. Having discovered that the local gourmet grocer carried the things I needed that usually cost a crap ton for far less in bulk. The first trip, therefore, was to the gourmet grocer, where nothing went wrong at all. I even had extra reusable bags for this trip after the big stuff was done.


Next trip is to a different store, where there isn’t quite such exacting detail paid to the more exotic things—but that’s OK, because all I’m there for is a prescription and a few packs of meat and bread.

Simple, right? *pthbbbbbbbbt* )

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It took all of my self control to not squee when I opened my email today at work after my shift ended. I always check my mail after the shift ends, just in case someone posted a comment and I need to keep track of it. I got ready to hit the refresh button on my main mail page when suddenly I get a jingle first—my other account just got a mail.

Ok, fine. Switch over…

… … …

… …



Susan Calloway.

Voice of Distant Worlds.

Winner of twelve awards in Detroit.

Susan Calloway.




…You can probably guess that there was a lot of flailing and dancing and squeeing when I got home.

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I spent the last half of my shift running around doing the Kermit happy flail dancen because




Now I need to eat and collapse for an hour while I cool my body down from this LUDICROUS heat.

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by ~sHuRaLeVa on deviantART

Kotetsu and Godot. They could practically use each other as shaving mirrors--well, less the visor (But Godot's Blind Without It, so we'll allow it). Similar fashion style. Similar in the face. Similar epic beards. They even both mention having returned from the depths of hell at pivotal moments.


#MindBlown, guys.


Apr. 3rd, 2012 03:53 pm
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I’m working on getting my nerves back right now.  I’m speaking to a friend over messenger whom I haven’t seen in a long time, and waiting for my medicines to kick in.  Since I’m not supposed to take them on an empty stomach, I’ve just had four pieces of butter toast—it’s all I’ve got right now, at least until I get to the grocer’s.

A pound of venison thaws in my fridge; it’s been frozen rock solid for the last day and a half and I don’t know if it’ll be thawed when I get back.  Nerves be damned, I’m going to have to make that grocery run before tomorrow.

Work continues to pull shenanigans on me.  I haven’t heard back from them and I found out thirdhand that the bastards are currently in MOTHERFUCKING LAS VEGAS, and thus it may be a while before I hear back from them.  I know one thing: if they try to terminate me after this, I’m calling them on these shenanigans.  That’s discrimination.  And I hope that they realize this.  Hells, they’re treading ground dangerously enough with this thing they’re doing now, with the refusal to give me prompt notification as promised a week ago.

*inchoate rage*


Mar. 15th, 2012 04:37 pm
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Maybe-maybemaybemaybe things are looking up?!

I just got an unclaimed property notice.

According to Paypal, I had $16 just sitting around waiting to be claimed.


Maybe things are looking up?!
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Work yesterday went awesome.  Got home though and realized that I'd left my keys there.  I turned around and picked them up.


And things go progressively more pearshaped after that )

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Crippling migraine.  Food disagrees with me and I swear I smell burnt pepper steak (at least it isn't burnt toast.  That equals stroke).  I'm out of my migraine medicine; and worse yet, after the unpleasant surprise of a 50% (?!) rent increase, I'm out of money again. 
Oh, listen!  It's Tosca in the background again.


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In fact, it’s also a damn good story.


It’s one of those stories that’s just—you know that expression, “You just can’t make this shit up?”  It’s one of those.


Let me rewind things a tad.

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The power is out. I just got home. Eight flights of stairs.


Can't cook because the power is out. Gotta keep the fridge shut to keep things fresh.


I'd say "BRING IT FATE" except it already kinda has been brought.


EDIT:  the water is also out.  Oh boy.



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I’m feeling like crap today.  Seeing things.  Strange hallucinations from pain.  Gotta do something to ignore it that doesn’t involve a lot of THINKING.

I’m going to focus on getting some editing done today and tomorrow. Well...tonight and tomorrow.

I can ignore the pounding headache I’ve got right now.

My goal: To have a draft polished enough to start shopping for test readers by mid-April.

(Seems a bit hurried, but I’m wanting to use this Createspace code I won during NaNo to get a proof copy or two made. I’m wanting to feel the finished work in my hands, you know?)

If I can put a content- and copy-edit both on each part of Genesis,I figure I’ll be done by my birthday on the First Revision.

What am I getting for my birthday?


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Bad night.

Got to sleep later than I intended.  Wound up staying up using various stalls.  (Yes, I know, bad Rai.)  But eventually I dropped off.

And then suddenly nightmares.  None of them seemed to be related to a damn thing.  Only one common theme: being forced into something that I didn’t want to do (get on a roller coaster, enter a room, put on this garish yellow towel) and then being brutally attacked when I complied too slowly.  Also there was the time I saw this guy (don’t know who the hell he was) fed to this lion made out of chocolate candy.

As I said, none of it is related to a damned thing, as far as I can tell.  But I’m seriously not feeling like dealing with people today.  If I get a knock at my door, I’m not answering it unless there’s a dire emergency—someone’s on fire or something.

I might be on later, but right now the options that I’ve got are either a) write the rest of the day, or b) Borderlands all day.


Good thing I’m hunting a shrink.

EDIT: I forgot to mention.  Pastry update.
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In hindsight, this is kind of funny, but when it happened I was so ticked.  It’s just the kind of thing that can only happen to me.


I should turn this shit into a screenplay.  The gods know I’ve got enough material to create at least a miniseries.


*fires up the phone!tether and prays the data doesn’t crap out* )


Feb. 14th, 2012 04:28 pm
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Yesterday was hell when it was supposed to be easy. I spent a good chunk of it in the hospital.


Verdict: sinus/inner ear issue, nausea, head contusions, neck strain, low back sprain, dizziness.


Also, the leg is goofier.


I'm writing this from my phone. Sitting up is hell. I feel exhausted. So I'm going to spend the next couple days taking it easy. I'd much rather not wind up in the hospital again.


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1—Estrogen still bites.


2—Need to sleep of delicious rum chata (yam pasta?).


3—...I actually forgot what the third thing was. I might still be slightly drunk. (Bad day yesterday. I gotta find a better way to shut my brain up.)


I'll do something to get into condition to be on later.


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