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So…I got something done.


And then.

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It’s a heck of a lot easier on me if I set smaller goals outside of wrimos. Even if I only do 400 words on one original a day, it’s work that got done.

I’ve been feeling like I’m in a major slump recently because I took on TWO additional Wrimos this year that I wasn’t able to finish. The first one was due to being in the hospital so many times; the other was because I had a bit of a depressive episode—and I’m not sure I can even call it that, since my attitude was less “WOE IS ME I HAVE NOTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO” and more “Seriously, I just do not give one little fuck.”

Do I know what might’ve brought that one on? Not a damn clue. But it’s annoying and I don’t like it.

I figure that I can get things done in fandom if I dedicate 15% of my output to it after I’ve done my original things.

Not only will it provide for much needed motivation, it’ll also help me unwind. Largely it is without the pressure of other kinds of writing, and sometimes the reward—those reactions—keeps me flying high for days on end.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I have to see a large nice gang guy about a plate of omelets and toast. (Yes, this actually happened in one of my stories. Gideon only looks scary.)

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Intended to be a flash fiction challenge prompted by the BG of Ommwriter, wound up being a little longer than I intended. Entirely off the top of my head, written in the span of about a half hour or so. I didn't know where it was going until the punch bowl--which became a running gag of sorts. I'd intended on warming up for Camp NaNoWriMo with this and suddenly...WEIRD.

I don't have a topic for said event but am considering expanding this somehow. I'd better come up with something!

Intro Flag(weird fiction below!) )

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Sometimes at work I get little phrases in my head. They are often unorthodox enough that I have to stop and write them down. It's like in Ocarina of Time, where Navi will go "HEY!"

(interesting fact: the phrase "HEY! LISTEN!" is actually a memetic mutation. It was never a unified phrase—but if you were fast enough on that Up C button—and you had to be if you didn't want to hear another "HEY!" in three minutes—it sure sounded like it.)

Either way, I do stop and "LISTEN!" to the phrase that pops up in my head when it happens.

The final product, when I get home, usually takes the form of verse.

(Below cut: Ancient love poem gathering dust ) )

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I’m feeling like crap today.  Seeing things.  Strange hallucinations from pain.  Gotta do something to ignore it that doesn’t involve a lot of THINKING.

I’m going to focus on getting some editing done today and tomorrow. Well...tonight and tomorrow.

I can ignore the pounding headache I’ve got right now.

My goal: To have a draft polished enough to start shopping for test readers by mid-April.

(Seems a bit hurried, but I’m wanting to use this Createspace code I won during NaNo to get a proof copy or two made. I’m wanting to feel the finished work in my hands, you know?)

If I can put a content- and copy-edit both on each part of Genesis,I figure I’ll be done by my birthday on the First Revision.

What am I getting for my birthday?


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Besides the edit of Da’ath Genesis?


The second disc of the Sailor Moon DVDs, for one thing.




And now I rant about writing, having fun with writing, and then actually HAVE FUN with writing. )

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THAT IS THE PROJECT TARGETS FILE FOR DA’ATH EXODUS. Note the green bar, the improper fraction produced by the total word count, and the BIG GLOWING GREEN SUCCESS italicized underneath the Session Target ‘bar.’
(And yes, I know the word “Success” is off-center.  Outdated software and I don’t know the first thing about this, OK?)


NaNoWriMo requires a 50K word count for win.  But this story wasn’t done in 50K.  In fact, one of the most important events hadn’t happened yet.  And so, off and on, through sickness and a vile breakup, I’ve kept writing.  And at last, the story’s as told as it’s going to be.


…at least, until the first round of EDITING *claw claw teeth-gnash CHOMP* happens.  I at last have provided an ENORMOUS uncut BRICK of stone.


Now I’m gonna catch my breath before I break out the chisel, sanding paper, and blasters.


During this project:


  • A relationship went to hell.
  • I got sick.
  • Full recollection of That Thing I Really Don’t Want To Name set in.
  • I got sick again.
  • A relative died.
  • I found out I’d need surgery on my leg, and soon.
  • I broke up with my now-ex, who was never very supportive of the writing thing to begin with.
  • I GOT SICK AGAIN.  (Seriously, am I rolling ALL ONES here on my Fortitude saves?)

But, most importantly:


I finished the shit that I started.


Now, I am going to celebrate by cooking the rice I’ve had soaking for an hour, make a couple of onigiri for work and my errands tomorrow, and prepare the groundwork for Da’ath Revelations.


Aah.  I feel good.  Now I need much eat.  Much, much eat.

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Flash Fiction Challenge:  Present Tense.
Challenge found on  Chuck Wendig's Terribleminds blog.  *Check it out.  It's pretty cool.*

Rules:  Write a flash fiction of 1000 words or less, in the present tense.  This is the only hard and fast rule.


Genre:  Not sure what to call this.  Horror?  Snuff?  It's effed up.  Pretty bare, but this is a flash fiction challenge.
Warnings for:  Violent imagery, creep factor, stuff blowing up.  Not particularly graphic per se, but it's definitely not sweetness and light.
Word Count: 578.
It's the first idea that popped into my head.  Apparently sometimes my head can be a screwed-up place.



Written entirely in OmmWriter to remove distractions.  Wholly unedited.

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[Poll #1797142]

So here’s a question:  who wants to see the product of me smashing my head against the keyboard this November?  I’m guessing it won’t be done directly at the end of November (though I fully intend to win), but I’m putting in the biggest effort to actually COME FROM FRICKEN BEHIND AND WIN THIS.


…you know something?  That sounded one hell of a lot less wrong in my head.


Anyone crazy enough to want to read this?
(I get enough ‘yes’ votes and I can try to make a coherent summary…and I do mean try because most of what’s going on is HOT PRIESTS HERESY EXPLODING CRAP OH HAI WALKING SHIRTLESS SCENE HEY LET’S GO KILL THAT GUY.)

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You know, this year’s NaNoWriMo has had its ups and downs.  There was the week I spent a week behind.

There was the surprise that came from the redshirt hunter growing a sense of morality and PURE AWESOME.

There was the lecherous young silver-haired healer who had the nerve to hit on what basically boils down to this world’s pope.

There was the fight scene where a priest delivers both the mercy kill and a benediction over the dying man.

And now there’s this.  I almost feel guilty about what I did to this poor man.



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Sitting down to sprint. Having just recovered from a SURPRISE POWER NAP (hadn’t intended on falling asleep. It was a good thing I set an alarm) my brain’s being incredibly random. How random we talking here?

  • Just before spending the last half-hour unconscious:  Ow my leg storms.
  • Alarm goes off the first time:  Dizzy snooze button now.
  • Second time: *didn’t wake up.  Out like a light.  Dreaming of a big temple full of vaulted ceilings, bunting-draped statues, and incredibly pretty priests.  One of them was giving me a tour of the place.  The music they’re playing in this temple is pretty.*
  • Third time:  Woke up, hit snooze, fell asleep immediately afterward.  Had the exact same dream again.  This time I notice that the temple is the Grand Temple from my novel.  It doesn’t occur to me to check to see of these people are Illuminati, though.
  • Fourth time:  Finally woke COMPLETELY up.  Hit “Dismiss" after listening to what the phone had set my alarm to.  Couldn’t help but smile.  Apparently having this on a loop fixed the GR ARG RAGE I had going today.  What was the alarm tone? 


  • Wondering if it’s too late to get stuff from the corner store.  Wind slinging HORIZONTAL RAIN and puddles deep enough to cover my non-waterproof canvas shoes suggest yes.
  • Consider making soda.  Decide I’m feeling too lazy and mix the two half-liters I have left for something that tastes like a cross between a Red Bull and a Piña Colada

The moral?

If I want to make the stress of the day go die in a violent fire and disappear into sparkles, I’ll put Song of Memory on loop when I sleep.  That was a thirty-minute nap and I’m more rested than I was after a full night of sleep.

Secondary Moral:  Apparently this song makes me dream of temples.

EDIT:  For some reason, El Jay seems to hate Flash objects today.  Replaced the widget with a direct link.

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Progress as of this writing:  18,846/50000


I’ve fallen a bit behind.  After an EPIC WORD SPRINT at about one this morning, I’ve had to stop for sleep, food, and cleaning my glasses.  I think I’ve come down with a minor case of eye-strain.  Beiges blend together into whites and I can’t differentiate between the two.  In a demonstration of how bad it really is, I’m having less of a headache when I turn around and take my glasses OFF.


…but the contrast without them is godsawful, so back on they go…


I’m going to make more sprints.  Every half hour I aim for 500 words, take a fifteen-minute caffeine/protein breather, and then go for it again.


Which leans into:

Read more... )
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I am…maybe a bit too proud of this chunk of dialogue.

“Don’t do that.” Selenos grabbed his own robes and pulled them out of the other man’s grasp. “I might be tempted to dispose of you.”

“You won’t. I’m useful to you still.”

“…have you lost your mind?” Selenos gave Reiluz a look.

“I don’t know. I haven’t checked. It could be anywhere.”

Selenos stared.

“You look like an owl. Blink once in a while, would you?”

Who, me?  Have crazy characters?  Nah.  Now I best be sleeping. Work, don'tcha know

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I’ve got today off.

Unfortunately, that’s about it.

The Saturday that was spent in various fitting rooms kind of threw a wrench into the established schedule, and that usually means that the person who requested the day off is going to have a series of weeks that go by with only one off day in strings of seven until it corrects itself.

And because I requested a Saturday off, that means it’s me! Yay! Not.

If nothing else, I’ve got a strategy. Just a tad ambitious, but hey. )

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Because it will be much easier, I’ve decided to have a master journal for my fics.  I’ll still post here, but…well, I took a good hard look at the tags I’ve accumulated over the last six years and it would appear that some housekeeping is in order.


That’s bad news for me.  I HATE doing maintenance like this.  Guess that means I should have been on top of that from jump, ne?  I’ve got work to do.


The good news:  Even with my writer’s block, I’ll be making sure that things never get so disorganized again.  Meet what will become the master list of my writing, Conchordia.


Now, to stare at a blank word processor screen as it mocks me.

EDIT:  9:34 PM:

Or, you know, to just watch my right arm spaz out on its own, listen to a whistling noise in my right ear, and feel my jaw start to slowly, totally lock up.

…at least it isn't as bad as my mom's was.  Of course, that ain't saying much because you could hear her teeth-grinding and jawbone-pops from a room over.
I'm taking meds now and crashing, kk? 

BSE's suck

Jan. 4th, 2011 10:25 pm
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 From now on I think I travel everywhere with a substantially sized hunk of bread.  Or at least hard candy.

Four days behind on JanNo.  I'm going to have to seriously buckle down.

As it goes, I have only the Scrivener document started.  Nothing in it yet.  It sits there, teasing me, doing Stewie's "ya gonna write that novel, hmm?" joke.

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 Therefore, I instead sit awake right now, blogging about nothing much in particular.

It's kind of hot now that the boiler's been fixed.  Which is a good thing, really: it's easier to correct an over hot room in the winter than one that is overly cold.

I'm getting ready to draft something for the column, but I'm going to need sleep.  I'll submit it on Tuesday, methinks:  It gives me enough time to find information relevant to the area.  I'm thinking this week of going to the local gaming destinations and getting thoughts on some of the new stuff that's out.  Catching my attention recently are some of the download-ables like Limbo and Super Meat Boy, which I hear is REALLY HARD.  Like Nintendo Mega Man hard.  Which is HARD.

I'm also getting ready for JanNoWriMo.  It's like NaNoWriMo, but in January and without prizes.  (Speaking of prizes, I better check to see when they're talking Scrivener's release date.

Then there's mundane things like the apartment.  My dust mop's trying to break, and I'm going to have to tape it back together before I can do very much with it.
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 I’ve let a few pieces of my draft sit for a while, and it’s getting to the point where it’s getting moderately frustrating.

So what happened? )


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So one of the perks of winning at NaNoWriMo is getting a free proof copy of the novel.  Most often, a proof copy is a copy of the book, done up in a proper book format, used for—well, proofreading.

I'm just trying to decide if I am going to wait until I've gotten at least one round editing in before I grab it (I have until June) or if I'll just jump on it right now, grab it ASAP and spend a couple of months running circles around my skeptical family saying "HEY, SEE I WROTE IT" before I do that.

The latter does sound like fun.  I kow I just won't be able to put up with it until I edit it, though, which is what is stopping me.  I'll confess that without the panicky deadline over my head I'm a little demotivated right now.

Meh, I'll FIND a way to motivate myself again.  I really want to feel this book in my hands…
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