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The news came at an unexpected time—the date of my rent re-examination last notice.

Last notice? When the miso-glazed fuck were the first ones? I thought, taking the notice out of my door and calling my boss about the unexpected day I'd need off. The date came and went, with a lot of hangups on organization—theirs, not mine. It took an hour of work to do what should have taken maybe twenty minutes.

The verdict: starting in March, I will have a lower rent than I paid all of last year.

But this month I still pay that teeth-itchingly high $200 for this tiny thing, meaning I still have to stretch and scrape and and unashamedly shake the bucket to get by in this economy.


Yes that was out of nowhere but it had to be said. It'll probably be said a lot. I'm doing a lot of self-care between my activism to make sure I don't go starkers in this new world of lies, propaganda, and gaslighting. I have an idle game on my phone where I feed and pet adorable hamsters that get into shenanigans. Two of them are lesbians. (Lesbihams?) Two of them seem to be starting a polyamorous thing. (Polyhamorous?)

Some are dignified. Some are...not.

Leslie is usually kinda mellow....and then I put the strawberry daifuku out. #HamsterCollection

A photo posted by Railenthe Zeal (@cyggiestardust) on

(Follow me on Instagram for more hamham shenanigans and my dumb face, btw)

I'm playing a browser game where you raise dragons and humanity is APPARENTLY NO MORE #misandry

When I get meager little tips I splurge on customizations for them and make them pretty. You can have as big or as small a collection of dragons as you want. At the same time this one is inspiring my writing. (there are dragons, but humans also exist but the dragons don't trust the humans, and a dragon falls for a human man because OF COURSE HE DOES and it's totally fluffy romance.)

(this isn't the dragon in the story, it's one of my game dragons, isn't she pretty?)

These tiny little things keep me from ripping my own head off these days. That, and tea. I need more tea. Good tea.
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The morning is tinged with unreality.

It is too hot in this building. Sleep has done little to help me. The alarm clock, which I have hit the traitorous snooze button on an inordinate number of times on, has done the strange feat of both seeming to move backwards and stand still. A post on two different feeds has declared two different days of the week. My phone says a third, and I am inclined to believe Andromeda here. (Yes I named my phone, deal with it. ...after the droid, not the galaxy.)

A phone conversation I thought I lost turned out to be several disjointed dreams. The ONLY reason I've not freaked out is because it wasn't one of... Those dreams. These were people I know would never leave, never betray me. (Hell, I could turn into a literal potato and they'd be okay with me.)

 But the problem is I'm having a very real problem connecting solids with reality. Seeing the clock move right now is reassuring. My suspicion is placed squarely upon the capricious device in the faux artsy photo (fauxto?) above. It is barely cooling at all, and it is too hot. As in "people don't sweat" hot. I'm desperately trying to cool down, to get a solid grasp of solid reality. I'm dizzy and nauseous and hot. I can't even get my eyes to focus. And I can hear the window unit starting to spit water again—the compressor will have to be shut off after only half an hour on. It's supposed to hit 89° today. It's only 72° now. And it's not even July yet.

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• Nine minutes has never been a quality nap
• I'm groggier than the first wake up 
• Who the hell thought nine minutes was a good idea
• It's been proven scientifically that this disrupts the sleep cycle 
Seriously, who the hell looked at nine minutes and then thought "AH YES, THE PERFECT NAP IN THE MORNING"
...Good morning, I'm mildly sleep deprived, how are you? 
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Dipping into my stockpiles during this dire stretch, when I notice something's …off.


Blink and you miss it!

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The building is my job. The shot was taken partially up a tree with my new phone's camera. I like using my surroundings as a frame.

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There was some...err, exciting weather this week.


It's why this...

...Was a thing that happened.


To be fair, this light is in better shape than one closer to the house is. At least this light is actually facing in the right direction.

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But I CAN show off the neat new toy!


That is the Vea next to my hand. It's a little bigger than I thought.


I can also show you the coolest science discovery in months: THIS ADORABLE BAT.
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…so here is a picture of a moogle plushie taken with a paper camera.


Love mekupo?


Feb. 16th, 2013 09:11 pm
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Short version? Ow. Leg. No.

Shorter version? *shriek, fall*

Long version? Leg. Bounded to a ten on the scale. Took more of one pill than I am supposed to take at once, apparently, but it was the only thing that did anything.

Since I have no think, here is a thing.

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I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a noob where it comes to photography. One of my first memories of Christmas is of one where I got both things I wanted: a pink Barbie Corvette and a Polaroid camera. I was five…

Yeah, my perfect holiday was a camera and a pink Barbie car. I didn’t even OWN any Barbie dolls. I just liked (still like’em, too) Corvettes and I liked pink. (I’d eventually sour on pink, as it was all anyone wanted to buy for me to wear, but it’s slowly getting back in my good graces.)

I’d take pics of almost anything, and demand that someone ‘grade’ me on it. (Have I ever mentioned I’m a geek?) As I got older, I started using a regular film camera, but as it turned out, no one was willing to drive me to anywhere that’d develop the pictures.

On Digital

However, the rapidly changing technology meant that I was able to pick up the hobby again a few years ago. My first digital camera was this little pink VGA Hello Kitty thing that took surprisingly good pictures and came with software that let you transform photos into iron-on transfers, jigsaw puzzles, and positively adorable drag-and-drop things that let you add some more flair to the photos. The rise of digital photography did me quite a few favors—it made it cheaper for me to learn the ins and outs of good photo composition, and it let me learn the basics of good photography for FAR less than what my high school (and indeed, local college) was demanding. I’m not a pro by any stretch, but I can catch nice things.

And she isn’t much bigger now that she’s grown up, either.

Phones on cameras often infuriate purists, but even my dinky cameraphone can net some nice shots.

ALSO Tesla, from above. She belongs to friends of mine. And while she often acts like she hates it (“NO! NO CUDDLES!”) she can be quite affectionate. When I stay over and crash on the couch, her favorite method of rousing me is a cold nose beep. You know—when she beeps you in the nose with HER nose? It’d be irritating if she weren’t so cute and soft.

Also, for some incredibly strange reason, she always smells like baby powder.

You may have noticed the nifty photo effects in the second shot. I like to take my camera’s pics, upload them to Dropbox, and futz around with effects, frames, and lighting. Instagram and Path are my go-to’s for standard work, but when I REALLY want to trigger “Pretty Overload,” I begin in the app Pixl-r-matic, add the pretty stuff, and then begin to poke around in the other apps until I am satisfied with the result.

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It's going slowly—even WITHOUT accounting for this hand injury (NEVER let your tonberry chef's knife meet gravity. I'm typing with increasingly fatigued thumbs here.

As I went through the bookshelf, I stumbled upon these:

A “ten of cups” tarot card and a Love Pokéball.

Had I found these earlier in the year I might be in bad shape right now. I got the ball as a gift from...yeah. The card, I found rogue—cleaning a suite at work. This card's meaning is “joy, abundance, fortune.” It's one of the few cards whose meaning when reversed in a reading (upside down to the tarot reader) can be unchanged. I found them together, almost just like this—I merely had to turn the card face-up.

I realized something as I looked at these things: I deserve what they signify. I deserve their joy, their abundance. And to hell with people who would have me believe otherwise, or belittle me when they think that I cannot hear. To hell with people who think that I'm just lying when I admit I'm hurt. To hell with people who think I fake that pain.

I'll keep going—spite them and heal, even thrive.

Who knows, maybe I'll exchange another Love Pokéball with someone who's actually worthy of it this time.

The Wheel turns. Even if we land in the same place again, there's no excuse to not move.

And thus, I shall move.

This message brought to you by LjBeetle. ^_^
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I might have a small problem to deal with. Things stress me out, I buy stuff. Usually something frivolous that, upon returning home, I wonder why the hell I bought it in the first place, as I look at my receipt and my now-smaller bank account.

Today was not one of those situations.

It is ALSO true that, when I have advance warning that things are going to get really tight, I hoard supplies. Soaps (eight bars in a bag under my chair, ready to grab one when the current bar is reduced to a sliver); dry goods and canned goods (you can’t have too much rice or flour handy); ghee (because a little goes a long way and I can eat a LOT of butter); and frozen fruit (because I like smoothies and baking things with it). Currently I have an absurd amount of frozen fruit and dry cereals: two boxes and one bag of cold; Cream of Wheat, FIVE POUNDS of oatmeal.

Which is why I now am going to have to pull a clever fiat where it comes to my money now: I don’t have QUITE enough to pay off every one of the bills that came up, but I can do a fiat on that—it’s due a week before payday. I can pay for THAT ONE WEEK and still have enough money left over that when I need to replace my medications again, I can pull it off without much difficulty.

Today wasn’t all about getting things done. It was also for this.



For proof I made sure to center this on my bed. Bacon chocolate bars are a thing. And delicious.

There’s also beef jerky chocolate. And pepper chocolate with Pop Rocks.

Lavender chocolate.

Rose chocolate.

Basically, if it is chocolate, there’s a strong chance that someone will attempt something unorthodox.

Next payday? Lavender.

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