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So incensed am I, so replete with rage, that even tea cannot slake my thirst.  I thirst for BLOOD now.

This won’t stop me from making tea, though.  I need something warm to hold.



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Look out for black ice.
With no warning, you go and
slide into a bush.
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emergency-landed cessna skyhawk

This is the bus stop.

That was NOT my bus.

I remember thinking:  I better take a picture of this.  Saying that there was a PLANE stopped at my bus stop wouldn't go over well if I didn't have proof.
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I probably do just that too much.

As the weather starts to wind down, oddly enough my metabolism gets a bit faster. I also start craving salt. The colder it gets the more likely I am to need a good dose of salt. So I usually get said salt fix with a jaunt to the local White Castle. There's actually one close enough for me to eat at on a daily basis, if I so desire.

Of course, that isn't all that healthy, so I try to avoid that route as much as possible. Eating there daily, that is, not the White Castle route itself. Avoiding White Castle, for me, would be insane.

I'm seriously considering going there tomorrow, even though I was there just last Thursday. There's just something vaguely awesome about their burgers. And they have the best cheese EVAR. It's got the perfect smooth-to-bite ratio, flavor-wise. And the hot fries, smothered with that cheese sauce…ohhh, don't get me started.

I should stop talking about food, though. I'm starting to get ridiculously hungry. The next time that a gaming session happens, I think that I will suggest that we pool for a Crave Case instead of a bunch of pizza. It shouldn't take much convincing. We've had pizza every time for a while now.
Then again, pizza is good stuff.

Hmm, decisions.
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Not expecting to do much today, I walked into algebra class, found out that I got a ninety percent on the latest quiz, and took the opportunity to wait for the rest of the class to query about questions that they missed. (The one I missed happened to be a purely miscopy error, and I facepalmed appropriately.) As I waited for this I did some writing.

I’m so far about three more pages into the script that I’ve been working on in the last three hours. (In my defense of the sluggish pace, I’m doing algebra work at the same time, using lulls between solves where I was ahead to do some of it.) While I work on it the scenes that have been bothering me have started to slowly fall into place the way that they need to.

I purchased my new deck of tarot cards the other day. I will be using these during a project that I do during NaNoWriMo. I’ve already selected one to use as a theme, but a card from a deck different from the one that the project in question will be using. I’m going to aim for at least one card prompt finished a week. I’ve done this kind of project before, I know, and not had the chance to do as much as I would like with it. This time, however, the gloves are off. If I’m ever going to do this seriously, then I need to seriously buckle down. And that means that there are other things that I am simply going to have to sacrifice to do this. Mark my words…

I’ve made a bet with myself not to slash anything (that means ANY pairing fiction!) for a week.
I realize that I’m probably fucked on that regard…but I figure if I avoid actually developing any of it I might—and I mean might—have a chance.

…hah, who am I kidding? I’m borked on that front, too.

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The weekend was lousy.  But this week is looking better for a number of reasons.

For one, I got to eat solid food for the first time in five days.

I been sick. x_x )

Well damn!

Sep. 22nd, 2008 05:20 pm
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I joined a forum just last week, and the link that I followed to find it the other day has been removed from the community in which i found it.  I can't remember the URL and I'm not sure what the site itself is called, either.  I remember something about "Bohemian reign" or something to that effect; however, the site and other things, which I followed my mail to see if i could find, aren't turning up.  Nothing has been sent to any of my addresses, it seems, and the computer that I used that day?  Well, someone else is at it right now, and even if they weren't I bet that I couldn't find the information on it.  I don't know if the history has been cleared on it yet or anything, so even if I did get the chance to get to that machine I bet it would be a no-go.

I'm actually hoping that someone here knows what it is, 'cause I've actually got ideas to work with.

Right now I'm working on Google and other search engines and trying to find something using them.  But again, the place is rather new, and I'm having little luck as of yet.  Remembering the time that I searched for music by Vas and wound up finding my own profile I tried to remember a chunk of my first post, and googled it.  But, it doesn't seem to be working.  I'll be trying to remember anything of the name of the site that I can, but—I'm not liking the progress (or rather the lack thereof) that I have made thus far.
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Yesterday I actually made a dent in that case of writers' cramp by forcing myself to write anyway, trying to mechanically work on the idea until the usual flow began and it stopped feeling like work.  As usual I got my Last.FM going to help with that; my Zen was charging at the time.

Nothing got done until my radio managed to start buffering a track, got about a 1/32 note into it before pausing to get the rest of the data, but that was all I needed to hear, because I knew, with the sound of that amorphous electric guitar, that the track that was being queued was the Cocteau Twins' "Serpentskirt."  After that kicked in I kind of kicked back and relaxed, enjoying the sound of the track as I do, and listened.  By the time the track ended I'd gotten into the writing again.

Today, there isn't enough time to see if it works again; I have to go to algebra class in about fifteen minutes.  Tomorrow though, if work is slow, then I'll be writing like a madwoman.

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It's driving me insane.  Each day I think that I'll be getting something or another done, but something invariably comes up—for instance the theft of my phone, the death (again) of the family car, having to figure out a way to either recover the data on a twice-wiped hard disk, an injured back—on and on the list goes, and sometimes I don't feel like I'll ever get anything productive done.  In the last three days, outside of yesterday's substantial rant, I haven't really written anything; even my forum activity has been sluggish as of late, and, well?  To put it bluntly I feel like I'm going insane.

Call it writers' cramp, or block, or whatever, I need an infusion into my head so that I can get something done, or else.  I should be thirty pages ahead of where I am right now.

On that note, I think that I will stop bitching about not getting any writing done and grind the gears until I manage to find the one that makes the damn thing go 'forward.'
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Decided to get a look at my comms and see if there was anything that I wanted to get a look at before I got to class; the only thing that I got done was a serious artist search for my Last.fm list, and other than testing my new USB cable—it does charge the device, thank the gods for that—I haven't done all that much.  I even forgot to bring my journal, so I couldn't catch up with any of the writing that I have to get down for later.  But, since I don't have a class tomorrow, or work for that matter, I'll be catching up then.

Then there's the question of getting something done on the job search scene.  No, I didn't lose my job.  It's just not going as smoothly as things have in the past, and so I'm looking for something that actually offers a liveable number of hours in any given paycheck period.  Working on fifty dollars a week, putting the rest into saving areas so that I can do other things with it—like bills—that ain't no way to be trying to live a life.

I'll have to figure out things as I get to them, and until then, it looks like a lot of cheap food and little leisure time.
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So the other day we attempted to get a diagnostic done on my machine.

The hard drive didn't survive long enough to finish it.  Or even start it.

It kind of went explode, and by 'went explode' I mean with completely gnarly smoke effects, too.

It's a good thing that I'd ordered the new drive a day before it went explode.  I'd be up the proverbial creek if I hadn't.
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So, while I'm working on getting my computer up and running again I made a decision:  I will be getting that machine up and running again, but when push comes to shove, the main thing that I will be worrying about is to make sure that I have money stashed away to get a newer, more powerful machine.  I'll probably upgrade the hard disk on the older machine anyway, and make use of it as a workstation; the newer machine will be the workhorse, with the internets and junk.

Of course that's assuming that I'm totally borked.  If I'm not *totally* borked, then I will come up with a different plan…that's really not what brought me here today, though.

Since I'm mostly offline lately, I've been writing again a lot in an old spiral notebook, kind of sort of enjoying the look of my longhand again.  I'd almost forgotten how to write things by hand and keep them legible.  I DID forget that when I write longhand, if the sheet of paper isn't nearly upside down, I can't write a straight line.  I don't know why that is, it just is.

All of my low-tech solutions got me to thinking that I should probably be checking out something else: a new way to keep track of my budget.  While the scans are still going (because they are still going as I write!) I'll have to make sure that I can keep track of my cash to do things with.  In addition to getting myself wired again I have to keep track of how much dinero I'm carrying at any given time.  I don't mean actually *carrying,* since I've been keeping things in the bank and using a card when I actually need to do something—no, I'm just thinking of what I've got at any given time or another.  I'll get a balance today and make sure that I can actually do what *needs* to be done before anything else gets taken care off.  Which reminds me, I've got to make sure that I have room enough and time enough to cook enough lunch to keep me fed for at least six hours at work lately.  I've been having the problem that, when I bring food to work, that it's never enough, and I wind up having to order out again, eating some more of my money out of my slowly shrinking monthly leisure budget.

I didn't even treat myself to new music last month.  Now THAT is weird.

I did do research on herbs.  I guess you could argue that it was my research that got me into trouble.  I closed a client of my AV software that I thought wasn't being used that day, and it back-doored me.  Never mind that I never even USE MS Outlook online, but that's how the worst of the bugs got in.  Yeep.

I've had a number of original ideas, and a number of ficcage ideas.  I've been thinking about using my days off to find a local library, get a new library card (remember, I did move out again…) and spending the day off writing and working on things like that.  I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, but it's something that I should remember the next time that I can't get at a machine with software more advanced that Wordpad.

Not that there's anything wrong with the program…proper formatting of quotes and junk tends to be a pain though.  I can only "Alt+blah blah blah" so often in one post before I get annoyed.
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I decided to bring my computer to work today.  I figured I'd use one of the wireless cards to update the computer.  Little did I know that I've been running XP Pro Service Pack 1 and that most of the things that I needed weren't even compatible with said configuration.

Sor for the laste two hours and fifteen minutes I've been updating things like mad, sitting here and waiting for this ebb-and-flow strength connection to pick up a little bit of speed so that it will go a little faster...that's a laugh.

At this minute I'm still updating.  I need drivers for my mp3 player and without an installation disk it's going so much slower than it ought that it's almost funny.  Not quite but almost.

*downloads more updates*

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Sitting around, nothing to do but figure out how it is I'm supposed to get some of this crap that I plan on posting to a level where I'll be satisfied.  Something that I really want to hurry up and get uploaded is taking longer than it should on account of that I keep going back to do more editing.  For some reason I just seem to keep deciding that "No, that's not graphic enough" or "I really could convey that shock a little better than that," or even "Actually, let's add a little more mindfuck to that scene, why don't we?"

The sick thing is, with the piece in question that that last part applies to, if I add any more mindfuck, it'll require insanity!scene, which I don't usually do.  I might be able to tweak around it a little, but if I were to do that, it would require more graphic smut than there already is…and I've already hit about ten thousand words in this thing, this little thing that I'd intended to be a little quick one shot thingy. =/

Of course I'm gonna post it.  But not until I am completely satisfied with how it's going.  Of course, it means that I'm going to have to break this thing up into a different setup.  I'd intended it to be a little short thing, but it now looks like it's going to be rather longish...I'll actually have to break it into chapters or something, zomgwtfbbq.
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I’m writing, and since I just ate, I decided to have a cup of tea. Of course, that is no real reason to have a cup of tea. Tea needs no real excuse to be had, you know. Just the two:

The presence of hot water in something, and something that can be brewed. There you have it, the only real reasons that you need to have tea.

On average I tend to drink about three to four cups a day, way down from six to seven; I haven’t been drinking as much of it as I used to because I had to start cutting back on the sugar. No real dietary reason for it, it’s just that if I have too much sugar, there’s no real way to know if I’ve gotten anything substantial into my system. So until I got some more stevia extract, I cut it back a bit. Now that I’ve got it, I’ve been able to drink tea as I should-often and sweet without as many calories. I’m up to a teaspoon today, since the extract is as strong as it is.

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I mentioned a while back that I was buying a notebook so that I could keep writing on random stuff.  I wasn't planning on what happened once I actually started writing in it.  It got the better of me, it did.

For a while I had to make sure that I kept myself to a strict writing schedule.  It was a discipline thing; if I didn' t write at least a little bit a day it was too hard to do much else with anything.  So I gave myself this schedule.  At least an hour a day at the machine or notebook, no other interruptions to bother me, a timer at my right and a steaming cup of (delicious! <3) tea at the left.  Clickie the pen, date the page, and write!

An hour later, I have the second installment of the Organization XIII Therapy sessions in glorious chickenscratch. o.O

The following day, the third one shows up.  And it's even scarier, somehow.

I'm going for a fourth.  It's like crack, really.  (Or is it heroin?  Oh well.  It's not important.

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