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From the first time I ever gave it a shot, every year that I’ve done NaNoWriMo, there has been something to come up and make things complicated. Every time, something bad happens that threatens to derail the entire plan. I thought that it was just bad luck the first time, but I soon discovered that I could almost set my clocks and calendars by it.

The first time, it was being basically booted out of where I was staying—a situation that I’m choosing to call a “constructive eviction” as I really was afraid for my safety. Exactly a year later, things got a little different and I wound up with a computer to work on!

…except it blew up. The hard drive went up in smoke and the smoke damage delicate stuff inside the refurbished machine, and I had to try something else. I didn’t get a darn thing done for Nano that year.

The following year, things seemed to be going well. I had a plan, I had an outline, I had the skeletal first zero-draft from the first place I’d been living, and I had my own apartment.

…I also had a catastrophic injury to my left knee—remember that series of rants and lawsuit? That one—and my computer was somehow lost by my now-ex (not why things ended, but I don’t feel like getting into it. Some of you know the deets already, and some of you don’t, but the burden of an ongoing investigation means that until further notice, my lips are sealed). He arranged for me to borrow a friend’s tiny netbook until he could pay off my PC (I hadn’t even finished paying it off when it happened) and then replace it outright. That year, I finished.

I thought the luck had improved by then, that it wouldn’t happen again, but then—this was last year—my battery crapped out. I had to replace my warranty and then replace the battery. I managed to pull it off—and I managed to win, though the draft wouldn’t be finished for another couple of months.

My third shot in a row comes up in a few weeks. The plan was to back everything up, find my notes, make sure that the batteries and things were working properly, and then get ready to get started by creating the Scrivener project .scrivx files. Nothing going wrong here—

A strange error message popped up and I asked a friend what tests I could do. I wasn’t seeing problems in any of the scans I did, so we went to these tests on a CD-ROM.

The first test didn’t detect my hard drive.

“What is that?” I ask with a face resembling this. –> (O_o)

“I don’t know! I’ve never seen that error code.” Delivered with a “the hell is this” awesomeface sort of look.

“How the HELL does this keep happening to me?” I laugh. The pattern was coming back.

“Okay, we’re gonna try something else then,” Seamus*of course the names have been changed to protect the guilty innocent suggested, and we rebooted to the disc and tried something else.

This time we didn’t get an error message initially. We instead got system beeps. Like…loud, painful, I-actually-shouted-“HELL IS THAT NOISE?!”-beeps.

“I don’t know!”

My computer issues are kind of like patients in a teaching hospital: never a dull moment.

BEEP. Lag. Successful reboot. FREEZE.

“THAT could be the hard drive.”

Flash forward to now: I’m backing up my important data to Skydrive and an external enclosure. It’ll likely take days. A jar near my printer contains the money that I am saving for a new hard disk drive. The documents are currently safe, but backing up obsessively is the way to go. I’m not losing my work…again.

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That's something that someone who is trying to make a living at this whole ink-slinging thing doesn't need to hear/see. After having yet anouther instance of a total crash on my machine, I caved and got Memtest. ...then I spent a day and a half waiting for a chance to figure out how to use it. After calling WTF at a friend of mine, we got the damn thing running. The scan was still going on when I left the hangout, but as I got meds ready and did some minor straightening up in the pantry, the scan finished.

The RAM is clean.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that means the problem is unequivocally the hard drive.

I'm too hopped up on my medicine, mild sleep deprivation, and a Bob Marley soda to really have a stronger reaction than "Well, shit." Luckily, there shouldn't be TOO much of a problem--there's a solution across town and all I have to do is to remember to get out there and get it done. Whoot.

...now to pray that nothing goes wrong before Nanowrimo begins.

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So I think I’ve figured out how I’ve pulled that muscle in my arse. Mainly because I just did it AGAIN.

I finished futzing around with the space bags and let me tell you the space get was A-MAZ-ING. But the compression of size doesn’t do anything for the weight of the stuff. I finished hauling my tiny heavy linens and lay down for a second and a half to get my breath--



Springing right the hell back up? BAD MOVE. Flat again in a beat.


This is the part where I vote in favor of coconut milk and cookies.

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I write this in bed.
Seven hour shift. Third one this week.


I've taken most of my meds.


Plus two aspirin laced with hella caffeine.


I must nap.  My everything is sore.

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Loony Bin, Exeunt II…


Things did not improve after the tea and stabbing session on the 30th.  The voices came back, and in alarm I tried to contact someone—anyone—on my “if shit goes pearshaped” list.  Not getting any response out of anyone, I called the crisis hotline.  They directed me to a different line—the number I’d been given was for people one state over.  …seriously, why they couldn’t have given me the right number was beyond me.  It was right there.  And I could WALK across to the other state, for shit’s sake.


After I’d mentioned chest pain—probably spasms and nothing worse—I had two choices: call an ambulance or they’d call one for me.  I resisted.  An ambulance was called for me.  The paramedics arrived eventually, and their initial knock sent me to the ceiling.  After I recovered, I opened the door—


A male paramedic veritably speeds toward me.


I bolt.  Apparently dispatch did not tell the paramedics about my condition.  I’m perched on the back of my couch before I know how I got there.  I managed coherence long enough to ask for the lady medic before explaining.  After a bit more difficulty—this time I wound up behind the couch, which is a neat trick since it’s nearly flush against the wall—I get out and am strapped to the stretcher, answering questions, explaining the problem and generally getting ready for the inevitable destination.


I was going back to the loony bin.

Here we go again… )
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Crippling migraine.  Food disagrees with me and I swear I smell burnt pepper steak (at least it isn't burnt toast.  That equals stroke).  I'm out of my migraine medicine; and worse yet, after the unpleasant surprise of a 50% (?!) rent increase, I'm out of money again. 
Oh, listen!  It's Tosca in the background again.


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Note:  You might see me twice today.  I got writing-related ranting to do later and I’d like to keep the srs (-ish XD) separate from this lolz.


Running errands in the deadQUICKLY! TO THE RANTMOBILE )


Jan. 17th, 2012 05:57 pm
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In the nearly two years now since I hurt my leg originally, there have been a lot of doctor visits and a lot of speculation, and a lot of treatment of symptoms, with a certain degree of inability to find causes for the problem.


Almost a month ago exactly now, I hurt my knee again.  Knowing that there would be more trouble if I didn’t go to the doctor than if I did, I went in and had the knee looked at.  Anyone who’s been here often since then remembers the janky diagram I made using slashes and the ‘absolute value bar’ symbol to illustrate what my knees were doing.  The painkiller I got in response to that injury, to be taken until I got to the referral appointment, caused agonizing side effects that required me to stop taking it and turn to alternative remedies.

*zoom in on the trip!* )
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The water is all up.


I found spots I missed in an interesting way.  See, the water here is actually overtreated.  There's so much chlorine in it that the spots that I missed are blindingly white—at least for now.  Won't last long.  The water also contains sediment.


The towels are all done now as well.  Being on the majority ancient hand-me-downs, only a few came out blinding white.  But they are clean.


I steam-sanitized the entire floor.  It now smells like needles and vanilla in here.  Nice change of pace from gross rancid drain.  ... I'll probably give the floor a second hit before bed.  Just to make sure.


I still don't trust my outlets yet.  I want to give those another few hours, just to be safe— which is why the phone update.


... now to wash the beige blanket/comforter/duvet/spread/other-synonym-for-fluffy-warm-linen.



Beige is bleach-safe, right?


EDIT, FIVE MINUTES LATER:  It occurs to me that I have yet to eat anything.  And I only got about 2 hours of sleep.  ...I should fix both of those things, I reckon...

EDIT:  5:33 CST:  I'd intended on making an early return to my writing and other stuffs, but…it's 48 degrees out, the windows are all open, the air's on, and I am blisteringly hot.

The apartment is NOT blisteringly hot according to company that was over earlier.

Aside from feeling dizzy and hot and having the chills, I feel fine!

…yeah, maybe Ms. Ague needs to lie down.

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Dec. 13th, 2011 11:01 am
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Yesterday was my doctor’s appointment.  I looked my doctor right in the eye and told him I was FREAKIN’ FED UP with the pain in my leg and something more effective needed to be done.  A look at the MRI showed that right now nothing can be done surgically, which I was actually counting on—I’m willing to go under the knife if it will shut this thing up.  But at the same time, he looked at the MRI results again, gave both those and me a “Wait, WTF?” look—


You know, I get the “Wait, WTF?” look from doctors a lot now when I bring in test results now… )

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So I got a surprise at work today:  before getting clearance from my doctor (who I won’t see before Monday) I got placed on rooms today instead of the usual “Injured Person Busywork” duty.  I survived it and was only slightly late (which might have had something to do with the fact that the morning was INCREDIBLY PAINFUL and I got out of the apartment late).


The only problem?   Now my leg is basically screaming obscenities at me.  Right now, I’m alternating ice and heat on it, but I’m going to need to take a strong muscle relaxant, as the spasms have started up abruptly again.  I tell you, that doctor appointment can’t come fast enough.  The last time the leg behaved THIS badly, the muscle had severe degradation.  And that would be bad.  I’m seriously considering hitting the leg weights BEFORE receiving clearance, but…well, I can’t get up from a kneel without grabbing a bar or a cane, let alone a weight-assisted lunge.

THAT’S the bad news.


The good news is that I’ve got writing ideas again.  Enough that it is incredibly difficult to keep from writing during what is supposed to be my ‘vacation’ from writing.

I’d best get started BEFORE my painkillers kick in and I’m USELESS.

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First off, I wanna offer a much appreciated thanks to everyone who was worried about me the last three days.  My extended absence is less of my leg and more of me being a derp: I left my computer at a friend’s place, where I was doing freelance housekeeping.  I didn’t think that was so bad—after all, there would be time to go back and snag it after a while—


Except that it also turned out that I had also left my phone there.

Forgetting the crap I carried in and out. This time it is a LITERAL Sherpa!derp. )
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Yes, I have home internet.  So why the bus stop update?  Because I'll probably be here a while.


Insert Expletives HERE )

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... this segment needs a better title...


Ever notice that you never have first aid crap when you need it?


As in BEFORE you get hurt? )

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Story of my life! )

ADDENDUM: We didn't finish until six. Six. SIX. ...no cooking for me. I think I'll just zombie out. *thud*

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 My phone's died.

No response from hardware, software, synch cable, charger—nothing.


Now if you'll excuse me, this warrants the only rage-cure I know works for certain: A Gabranth speed-run.
Screw sleep.  I got rage.

EDIT:  9-July, 6:08 AM CDT:
I woke up stupidly early to catch a deal on a replacement phone.  My savings are now toast, as are the cosplay ambitions for Natsucon next month.  But I will have a telephone again in two weeks.

Yes, two weeks.

Now, how the hell am I supposed to get ahold of my family to let them know that I haven't disappeared, or been struck by lightning or some other crap?  They're part of the 0.01%* that aren't on Facebook or Myspace.

…can't worry about that now.  Gotta go to work.

*Why yes, this is a totally bullshit statistic!  Thanks for noticing!
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Uh, yeah.

So, apparently, as I ordered from the Toshiba site, by selecting the Bill Me Later option—the next best thing to getting guaranteed merchandise—I was categorically denied.  Not knowing what the hell was going on I went to that one site, FreeCreditReport.com, to see what the hell was up with that.

Nice thing to find out that your identity has been stolen four times in the past two years, you know?  >.<

I guess there is an upside to this though.  Now that I know about it I can see if I can get those three things fixed.  Oh, forgot to mention.  Apparently the last thief had a guilty conscience and saw fit to pay it off and close the false account.


*huff*  I guess I'd best get to work on fixing this.  I call Shenanigans on the whole schtick.

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