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Well, it's going well for me. Lowell, on the other hand, is NOT amused: Under the cut )

Keep in mind that this is a zero draft! ...but also if you want to tell me what you think so far, feel free to. Sometimes, us inkslinging types need a little scritch behind the ears, just like our kittens do.

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Here it goes again! *narrowly resists linking to the OK Go song* Five Things today means the following:


  1. FFVI
  2. Dissidia
  3. Introduction to FF
  4. Pastry Arc: How the hell did that even come up?
  5. Seme or Uke?



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I just caught myself fantasizing about breakfast: maple bacon, cream of wheat with a splash of that Natural Bliss cream, super-buttery scrambled eggs, chunk of fresh bread, and a little bit of pomegranate juice to finish it all off with.


Then I remembered that my fast doesn't end until noon tomorrow.


*watches as the trickster Coyote takes a pin and deflates the fantasy*


Oh well. One more day won't kill me.

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I have a strange habit when things start to go pear-shaped in life. I can trace it to about the age of 15, when the older members of the family started getting into ill health.

I hoard cleaning supplies.

Wait, what? )

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It's a little fuzzy, but phone.


That is a 9—5 shift. Odds are I'll be done sooner.


Odds are also good that tomorrow and Saturday will be dittos though.


I'm going to not celebrate though.  So I don't jinx the sports teams.


3:17  PM.  I jinxed it.  The cute little clutch purse I got from Mama got stolen straight out of my locker.


Excuse me while I bang my head against this wall.

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I know, I know.


I swear it.


I do.


But, before I do, a bulletin.


I’ve begun a Wordpress.  You’ll find it here.


It differs from what you’ll see here in that it’ll be quite a bit more *resists the urge to loudly PFFFFFT* professional than what you see here.  I’m not leaving LJ—not by a long stretch—but as a final, polished draft inches closer, I realize that it’s time that I posted a little sign over on saner properties—you know, BEFORE someone attempts to ape my name or something.


That’s right: the madness is safe.


Things won’t be super-stiff over there—I’m not going to turn into Mr. Stiffhorns himself.  But I’m going to be making a concerted effort to be more coherent.


Follow if you like.  I’d really appreciate it if you did.  :3

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The apartment has largely recovered from the flood a few days ago, but there were a few issues that came up last night.  One caused the other.


First, someone apparently thought it’d be funny to throw something down the trash chute that just happened to be on fire.  The chute caught fire and it got up to the fourth floor—sending billowing smoke all the way up to six.  Luckily, that was as far as it got, and the damage was relegated to the chute and the place that it empties out.


At this time I would like to say that I am thankful for the fact that this building is made of LOTS OF STONE.  The only reason I knew about it was because I went out and asked.  I was surprised that, for once, the fire alarm going off wasn’t a false alarm.


More surprising—and disquieting—is the fact that the entire building’s alarm didn’t go off.  Had things gotten bad, or had I gone to bed when I originally planned, I would never known about it.  …I’m not going to worry about it.  There’s enough going on right now that I really don’t need to be frying my nerves on this sort of thing.

(Speaking of nerves, I need to pick up a few packs of my favorite natural sleep aid.  As much as chopping a Flexeril will put me out, waking up on it is a bitch.)


Today, was more than decent.  My dad came through for me with the meat order that we’d arranged at the start of the slow season—way back when I didn’t know if I’d get enough hours to go without borrowing money from someone.  I now have a freezer full of MEAT and vegetables.  He even brought a whole turkey!  And not one of those gigantinormous turkeys that’s stuffed full of hormones so that it’s huge and flavorless: a turkey-sized turkey, the kind that actually has some flavor and richness to it, one that I am looking forward to roasting in the oven to have for Yule.  I’m most definitely going to have to check out my copy of How To Eat to find a good recipe for this turkey.  I was going to just roast it, but…if I can do something, then I will do it right.


This’ll be the second slow season he’s helped me pull through.   Even if we don’t run into each other as much as I like, I feel good knowing that the rift in my family has finally been largely mended.  It was four long years of work, but it worked out in the end.

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*Pops an Imitrex*

*eats a second bowl of ice cream doused in chocolate, toffee bits and almonds*


So I got this migraine, right, and it’s threatening to put a damper on my day off.  Of course the day off is in name only because I will be spending it doing cleaning and trying to write 8k words before the fifteenth to catch up to AVERAGE.  I’m online, but slow, and my brain’s working slowly where anything without an outline is concerned.


Now, to turn the baseline white display of Scrivener to a more head-friendly baby blue and resume the writing…

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Dull day... sort of.  For a rundown, proceed to the commentary below.  It gets interesting in the end.

Ah, yes, commentary. )

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Sep. 16th, 2011 10:41 pm
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I’m exhausted.

I’m exhausted.



EDIT:  10:39 PM.  Well, I wrote something for the Kink Meme.  And just to prove it, I'm de-anoning PRE-EMPTIVELY.  What?
Links or it didn't happen? …Okay.


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First things first:

I'm working on getting things done.  Right now I'm beta-ing for a fellow Deviant, BUT!  If errands run as they should today, I may be updating at least one fic.

Today, second edit of several pieces of Pastry!Arc/Pastry Shop will begin.  These will be cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] conchordia.  Once I'm happy with its status, I'll also make sure that it hits [livejournal.com profile] ffchaoticcosmos as well.  It only dawned on me the other day that none of it has hit there.  Whoopsie.

Not as important, but lulzy… )
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*trudge trudge*

*kicks off shoes.  The socks stay in*

…that works.

*preheats the oven*

*sets on water*

Food. Tea. Food. Tea. FOOD. )  EDIT: 8:20 PM:  I'm not going to be back on for long.  I can't write right now.  This edit is pulling it out of me.  I dozed off and woke up with ringing lights behind my left eye.

MURPHY'S FUCKING LAW.  I've got a migraine.  I'm going to find my last Imitrex and take it…whee~.Food. Tea. Food. Tea. FOOD. )
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Hoo, boy.

I could go on for days about this one.  Although the majority of my demands were met in the release of Duodecim (LAGUNA! LAGUNA!), there were a few others that I would have liked to see make it into the roster.  Though they might not have gotten the attention that they would have merited—as several others have said before me, Square-Enix did themselves a bit of a disservice by limiting this title to a single UMD.   Considering the members of the fanbase that would spring upon this title like a starving wolf who has just found its first meal in days, I think that a two—or even three—disc release would have more than allowable.  I have managed a list of five of my top choices, however.  I go into some detail, though, complete with hypotheticals and the like, so here’s a heads-up so you know what you’re looking at when you click that cut.


Format: In pretty much every case, I’ll introduce my top draft picks and stick them in a hypothetical cutscene.  I will try to limit myself to one draft pick per title, but there might be cases where I can’t do that, either for sheer volume of the cast or for seriously awesome rating.

Game Title

Draft Pick.  Here follows my description of who, what, and why.  Expect some theorizing and guessing, as well as at least some logic behind things.

Railenthe:  [adjusts her glasses and clears her throat]  At any time when the font face changes to predominantly italics, I’ve created a hypothetical cutscene in which I’ve placed the draft picks, to illustrate the potential interaction between them and their counteparts.  There will be times when I reference/lift things wholesale from the script, but because this is mostly out of thin air, those will be minimal.  Gestures, movements, and the like will be in brackets, kind of like stage directions in a play/screenplay.  [clears her throat again]


Let’s begin with the wild mass ranting!

Long post is fucking long!!!!one )


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This took a while to get up today because I’m kinda…Well, I got bit by a spider.

I’m allergic to spiders.

So I’m not feeling so great but I’LL BE THRICE-DAMNED IF I MISS A DAY OF THIS!

Loads and loads of extra thought, this answer did not require.

Order’s Sanctuary: the stronghold for the Warriors of Cosmos. This place is a beacon of light in a fractured world, showering the warriors with its blessed aura. The reasoning had to do with the arena’s distinct D&D!physics, and its aesthetics.

Though shown on the World Map to be a large spire surmounted with what I can only describe as a luminous, glowing chapel, Order’s Sanctuary is a large flat expanse on the inside, its floor perpetually covered with a gentle flow of water; the flat planes are broken up occasionally with slender poles, odd wave-shaped bits of terrain, and glowing rails of light. I suspect that the Sanctuary’s interior, given the positively huge expanse it covers despite having a clearly delineated border from outside, is a sort of pocket dimension.

The reason I’m so fond of this arena is acutally because of its simple beauty. It is a sculpture of wind, water, and light, simple and lovely.

There’s also a simpler reason: the fact that this is where it all begins. The start of 013…the journey’s beginning after receiving Cosmos’s benediction in 012…all simple, beautiful things that just pull you into the story from the beginning.


Order’s Sanctuary is also a great arena for balanced fights. There are no glaring benefits or detractions for anyone here (though it does make Mateus a little bit harder to play, since there are only a few trappy corners), and even the
ΩOrder’s Sanctuary is quite balanced, simply doubling your bravery on a Break.

…of course, your luck can still screw you over, as usual…

Tell me more, tell me more! Like, is it a train? )

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 Well, this one was tricky.  I seriously <3 this game so much that I felt guilty about concrete decisions...
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In fact, I am so incredibly bored that the only thing that I could think of doing today that was remotely interesting was to come to the library right after work and see if I could bore anyone else.

No, seriously, I am really rather bored.  I kind of wanted to browse some online catalogues, but the problem with that is, I need to be saving my cash right now in case something happens before ACen.  I have to make sure that NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, happens to the money.  (Never shoulda volunteered.  I got us a cheaper rate, but lo, the pressure!)

My Zen's battery is really going downhill fast lately.  I have been thinking about replacing the battery but the firmware for the device is no longer supported, and the device itself is starting to act up.  While I decide on what to do I will carry several chargers with me and make sure that it doesn't get too close to anything magnetic.

Still trying to get some money squirreled away to reclaim my computer.  It's not easy to be sans machine when muses wake up.  Silly me, I neglected to back up the file on a portable device so that I could at least work elsewhere.   Next time, I am more careful.

I'm probably going to leave the library soon.  I've been posting on forums and finding awesome music today but.
I'm hungry.

I need food before I do much else.  Maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't.  But whether or not I am back, I will probably remain bored.

I'll browse anyway.  At least I can find cheap prices beforehand and spam stores later.

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I've had a truly lousy day today.  I won't say that I didn't play into it with some of my behavior ('cause I did), but that also does not mean that I plan on taking all of the responsibility for the fracas that was this workday.



This is the long and short of it; mostly the long. )


Apr. 6th, 2009 09:11 pm
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So, right now I'm sitting at my BF's place.  He's not down here at the moment.
He cooked dinner, then went upstairs for some sort of thing with his folks.

…Not that I have anything against that.  But, it has been happening enough times lately that I'm starting to feel shoved to one side again.
I think the next time that I finish a little early at work I may stick to my original plan of spending the remainder of the day asleep.
/vent )

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I’m not feeling myself lately.  I’ve been a jumble of confusion tailor-made to rival my high school days.  And remember, I’ve mentioned that I didn’t much care for those days.  I was crazy and suicidal in those days.  At least right now I have the rather dubious upside of not being suicidal.  But my mind still feels rather fucked up at the current moment.



More of me venting below. )

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So the last time that I was asked this was by my now-ex, and apparently I didn’t answer particularly clearly for his taste…then again the fact that he was as ardent an atheist that I have eve seen might have had something to do with it.

But it’s a different day, and that means that it’s time to answer the question again and hope that this time I make sense.  And, to make sure that I do make sense, I will distill the question down into its fundamentals and answer them one by one.

Final warning, this is an esoteric rant, and sometimes when I get on about this subject I can get rather flaily and fangirlish,.  That said, LJ Cut!  Because it is after all a text WALL.



So here's the question and answer segment, right here. I take questions by the way. )

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