Jan. 12th, 2013 07:37 pm
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I can’t figure out why but it’s only half past seven and I am…TIRED.

Like knock down, drag me INTO bed tired.

It’s not like I’ve done anything today.

…well I don’t count the marathon session of Borderlands 2, even though I did get the achievement for getting a lot of sniper rifle kills without bothering to use the scope. (What? Guy was point blank close, and that gun sets things on fire.)

The stove…is clean. Not going to see much use for a while, not until I start trying to be super fancy…

Speaking of super fancy, tomorrow I intend on making something very specific. Fancy-ish but not. Do something nice for myself for—well, because I just haven’t in a while. Expect some test-kitcheny fun. =)

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I’ll be honest—I’ve missed a few doses of a few of my meds because I couldn’t keep the bottles straight and/or remember if I’d taken this or that or the other thing already and really you don’t want to double up on the meds like that because it could cause trouble.

I’m frazzled, I’m physically sick, I’m having nightmares unrelated to a damn thing (like the one where I’m playing Minecraft, then I’m IN Minecraft, then Minecraft is a retelling of the Twilight series, and then the world warps, glitches out, and then the sky falls down after the rest of the world sinks several kilometers below sea level and sics ANOTHER actual level down but by this point I’m afraid of the world sinking and reconstructing again around me again) and more importantly, I’ve lost my energy.

In fact I can’t remember the last time  had the med in question.

I need time to get my chemical levels back in whack. Ergo:


I’m not being social today unless it includes shooting things in the face-like apparatus.


*drops off the radar*


Aug. 30th, 2012 07:56 pm
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I'm tired. Very tired. In fact I'm so tired the sparkling animation on my new touch keyboard on my phone is absolutely fascinating.

I dozed off somewhere around four, intending only to elevate my aching feet. I just woke back up. And I figured listening to my body for once might be a good idea. So I'm gonna do that. Since most of my recent napping has been unintentional, logic suggests I do what it tells me for once.

Considering the fact that I feel dozey again, I should eat before I --*zzzzzzz*

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I write this in bed.
Seven hour shift. Third one this week.


I've taken most of my meds.


Plus two aspirin laced with hella caffeine.


I must nap.  My everything is sore.

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Three days of 7+ hour shifts.  I'm tired.  My shoulder's sore, I'm not sure what I did to my wrist, and I'm so tired I can barely see straight.  I'm going to have to take it easy until my next day off—I got no idea when it is, either.


Imported soda and warm duvet, take me away!

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See that time? 8:10 PM?


Yeah.  I just got in.  Full shift.  I am so tired that even though I'm hungry I almost wanna say “Screw it” and just sleep now.


I don't even wanna THINK.


My phone shuts off beginning tomorrow until Thursday.  I had two choices: phone service, or medicine.  I chose medicine.  I think this time, we may have found the right combination.  I'm no longer hearing hostile voices, and I feel better overall.  Four days without a phone won't be so bad.  I can use wi-fi to continue streaming music at work and home; and if people need to get ahold of me it's a simple matter to IM or e-mail me.  Thanks to the latest trip to the loony bin, money was short.  But in a few days that'll be fixed.  Loads of bills in this paycheck but the hours lately have been good.


I'm gonna make a batch of poor man's nachos and crash.  I'm so tired I could sleepcook.

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Money’s about to get funny again.  Rent and bills ate a large chunk of the cushion.  I’ll have to see if I can find more people to freelance for if the hours get stupider than they are now.  Or maybe I’ll be able to convince them to let me take care of the nitpicky details that no one else can—I’m the only one who can get behind some of the chests of drawers, being thin as I am.


…I feel a little silly using the term ‘thin’ when I weigh 148.6 lbs.  I gotta get out of that mindset.  It’s like my grandmother’s haunting me, calling me fat and hiding the food again.  I should eat a peanut butter and sugar sandwich to spite her efforts to get me back down to a svelte 80 lbs.


Wait, what?  No.  Screw that.  No.  You don’t own me, judgmental memory of a madwoman.  Go away.  I might not be light but I’m still thin.  Begone.




I’m getting ready to turn in, and plotting a trip to the vintage music stores in the area when some speed in the business comes up again at the same time.  My tastes are getting even further underground than they were before, and so I’m going to have to actually go digging for things.  I need something edgy, something dark.  Preferably with borderline shoegazing in its guitar riffs and some metal.  (…combining both of those in the same artist/group would be EPIC.)  I’ve got a couple of leads, but—alas and alack—no money to spare yet.


I’m also actively saving money for the Distant Worlds concerts.  I have enough technically now, but I’m more worried about making sure hell doesn’t break loose with the apartment than getting a jump on.  I’ll worry when the concert’s Facebook feed says “Hey, we’re running low on tickets, so call Powell Symphony Hall Like NAO.”


I’d best slide under my blankets and go to sleep right now.  Getting ridiculously sleepy, and falling asleep with a laptop on one’s stomach is not the brightest of ideas.  Especially when the floor is made of, like, hospital linoleum.

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Three and a quarter in the morning, and still I lie awake.

Not because of pain oddly enough.

Some joker started a fight in the hallway (I could hear them outside my door even with my 'phones on) and it progressed to the point where one or more of the parties involved decides to leave the building.

However they leave through one of the emergency exits.  This, in turn, sets up the emergency alarm system to go off.  The alarm system in the building was just revamped, with an annoying digital-sounding klaxon noise, clicks, and lights.

The new system, though not as bad as the faulty old one, has its own problems: namely that the security staff doesn't have a key.  They didn't have the key to the old system either, but at least they had the delay code.  This new one, not so much.

To add insult to insomnia, the local fire department, who usually handled the old system's false alarms, doesn't yet have the keys for the new system.

Therefore, I have been sitting up awake for the last hour or so, listening to a combination of people freaking out and cursing through their walls (and in one unit's case, the ceiling) and the alarm system itself.

A pair of noise-canceling headphones would be nice right now, but what I've got is almost as good: a thick pillow, a headscarf long enough to tie around the pillow and 'phones, and an iPod full of good ambient.  Brian Eno to be specific.  Specifically designed to pull the ear away from shit like BLARING FALSE ALARMS.
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I couldn't help but laugh when I logged into my LJ today, as the Writer's Block Question that looked at me was the very thing that has been bothering me for about three weeks now.

I've been a bit out of shape.  By which, I mean that I'm starting to run low on jeans that fit.  So low in fact that I had to get MORE.  I know I need to exercise—I think I only know a couple of people who are both as lazy as I am and as skinny at the same time.  But I've been tired.  Real tired.  Tired enough that I'm going to gripe at my doctor about my prescription for migraines at the physical this year.  I don't mind not having the damn headaches as often—one three-day as opposed to a minimum of four of them? Hell yeah—but they make me lightheaded and dizzy.  And it's been getting worse.

How much worse?  I don't wanna do a damn thing.
Except keep up with learning how to cook new junk.  But I always want to learn how to cook new junk.

It's been causing problems.  My lack of energy makes me prefer staying in, and I'm getting some flak for that, but I'm too tired to want to do anything besides rest.

I'm changing up my diet to see if it helps between now and March, but this will make the third change-up since the problem started.  Wanted junk food but tonight is a gaming night, so there will be plenty of that later.  So I'm going to try a recipe I got for a quinoa porridge.

If I'm not feeling energized after that meal, I'm in serious trouble.


Jul. 24th, 2009 02:00 am
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Serves me right.  It is almost two in the morning and I have been playing WoW for the last three hours.  I leveled my shaman up to forty-six, and trained away my profits on the ding.  I'm going to be selling a lot of stuff to make up for that, and grinding up to forty-seven after that.

After that I will get ready to crash.  I actually have to be up.

Last few days have been insane.  Went to Delmar and did lots of crap.  Bought a skirt, some music, a plushie ( I <3 the Moofia!) and a top.  Today I added more music to that.  Spent way more money than I planned on, but I still have enough money to make the rent, which means for now I am cool.  Also have enough drinks on hand so that I don't get bored with the selection.

It is time to get out of dodge.  Peace out.


Apr. 6th, 2009 09:11 pm
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So, right now I'm sitting at my BF's place.  He's not down here at the moment.
He cooked dinner, then went upstairs for some sort of thing with his folks.

…Not that I have anything against that.  But, it has been happening enough times lately that I'm starting to feel shoved to one side again.
I think the next time that I finish a little early at work I may stick to my original plan of spending the remainder of the day asleep.
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