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Dipping into my stockpiles during this dire stretch, when I notice something's …off.


Blink and you miss it!

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…so here is a picture of a moogle plushie taken with a paper camera.


Love mekupo?

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I had a dream that began as a nightmare. I saw a man get out of a car and run to the Metro tracks. As he passed me by, I saw that it was my ex. As my body and mind began to flip out, he got onto one of the tracks, inches away from the live third rail.

I called a friend on my phone, explaining what I was seeing. He says that something may not be right, and to keep an eye. As I watch, a guy that I don't know but seems familiar runs up, and dumps a bucket of water over his head. Sparks jump from the third rail; a nearby store goes up in flames. Nothing happens to him.

The train comes as he stunts, running up and down the rail. It suddenly comes to a screeching halt, mere centimeters from a collision. Arms flailing, he falls from the tracks—and breaks his neck. He doesn't move. No one goes to check him.

I then make another call while I examine his car. A cutesy-fied Cthulhu plush sits on the front passenger seat—I open the door and take it. I can't tell who I've called. I explain what has happened.

My friend is more concerned about the store, the fact that it took out the internet tower. We explore the ruins. No one notices or cares about the corpse, which has begun to smoke.

This message brought to you by LjBeetle. ^_^
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Woke up sickish. Survived work, bought a Father's Day gift.


Then I had a problem with my digestion. I won't go into detail here—suffice it to say, there's a possibility that something might've ripped or something.


Then I got home, got tired and confused. Laid down because I was suddenly very cold and tired.


Woke up again just now. Not feeling well. Going right back to sleep after some goji juice.


Could one of you order the apartment to quit spinnin' around like that? Threaten to pull the internet over if you must.

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So, the heat of summer has decided to arrive early. It also decided it would start things off by kicking my ass.


Today, in Things I Don't Generally Recommend… )

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You know what?  I'm probably NOT gonna be online today.  Not on MSN, AOL, YIM, none of those alphabet soups.


Why? BECAUSE FUCK THAT Because fuck neglecting my health.  I just woke up with a severe vertigo attack and a nosebleed, it's 92° out WITHOUT considering the heat index, and after finding out about an upcoming full shift of laundry tomorrow (in which I spend several hours in a small room that gets FAR hotter than 92°), I probably need all the rest I can get before tomorrow.


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to pack my nose with tissue, boil water for saline, and get a full day's worth of food ready for tomorrow's shift.


*adjusts tissue-pack*


I'm gonna need stronger saline.

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Three days of 7+ hour shifts.  I'm tired.  My shoulder's sore, I'm not sure what I did to my wrist, and I'm so tired I can barely see straight.  I'm going to have to take it easy until my next day off—I got no idea when it is, either.


Imported soda and warm duvet, take me away!


May. 15th, 2012 08:54 pm
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Long day. Got migraine.  Offline today.


I wanted to Skype today but every noise hurts my brain.  So I'm gonna take an Imitrex and tie a pillow to my head.

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See that time? 8:10 PM?


Yeah.  I just got in.  Full shift.  I am so tired that even though I'm hungry I almost wanna say “Screw it” and just sleep now.


I don't even wanna THINK.


My phone shuts off beginning tomorrow until Thursday.  I had two choices: phone service, or medicine.  I chose medicine.  I think this time, we may have found the right combination.  I'm no longer hearing hostile voices, and I feel better overall.  Four days without a phone won't be so bad.  I can use wi-fi to continue streaming music at work and home; and if people need to get ahold of me it's a simple matter to IM or e-mail me.  Thanks to the latest trip to the loony bin, money was short.  But in a few days that'll be fixed.  Loads of bills in this paycheck but the hours lately have been good.


I'm gonna make a batch of poor man's nachos and crash.  I'm so tired I could sleepcook.

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I have had an unexpected situation and have decided to check myself into the hospital. This is an alert just in case I do not answer my phone or messages promptly. Things got to be a bit much and between chest pains and sudden non-Euclidean geometry, the crisis line and I decided it was a better idea to not chance it.

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So.  Here's the deal.


I've done some math and there is a problem.  Long story short, there is not enough money in the coffers to pay the phone bill, internet, AND the rent.


As it is the least essential for my survival, the internet is going to have to go explode for a while. Which means that starting today, I'm gonna be a bit scarce—the bill was due yesterday and I don't have the money.


I'll be back! Eventually!

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Apr. 16th, 2012 07:33 pm
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Jeannie is boot scanning.  Looking for whatever ate Media Player.  It's gonna take a while.


They doubled most of my meds.  Hopefully it helps.


I'd like to work on my script but totally forgot to sync to the cloud.


Might be on later.


I'll eat a tomato and wait for Jeannie.

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Just a bit of nerdiness on my part.  I caved to the hype and downloaded Instagram onto my phone.  I wish it didn't take up so much space but unlike competitors, no harassing ads.

(I like the old-camera filter.)


The box underneath the pretty chest is fountain/dip pen supplies: a lot of ink and nibs and holders.


The pretty chest on top is ALSO supplies: high-grade paper, cleaning solutions, poor-man's blotting paper (i.e., Kleenex), high-grade lined notebooks.

It's kinda hard to see, but phone.  This is Speedball brand acrylic-based ink.


I tried using this kind of ink on a low-grade, school- quality paper and the results were not pretty.  The surface of the paper was very coarse—every few words I had to tweeze bits of paper fibers out of the nib; there was ink bleed, rendering the letters all smooshy; and the paper itself made the high-grade acrylic ink look more like magic marker.


OK, I'm done being nerdy for now.

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There's law, an inept public school system, and one hell of a lot of angst.  Even my  brainzaps are off my mind (still happening though.  Getting that looked at tomorrow).  Little girl I think of like a sister is in real danger of having her life and chances at a future taken because of a whole bunch of idiocy—we're working on fixing it still and will for a while.


So much for a relaxing day out.

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It's a little fuzzy, but phone.


That is a 9—5 shift. Odds are I'll be done sooner.


Odds are also good that tomorrow and Saturday will be dittos though.


I'm going to not celebrate though.  So I don't jinx the sports teams.


3:17  PM.  I jinxed it.  The cute little clutch purse I got from Mama got stolen straight out of my locker.


Excuse me while I bang my head against this wall.

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Work yesterday went awesome.  Got home though and realized that I'd left my keys there.  I turned around and picked them up.


And things go progressively more pearshaped after that )

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I'm beginning to see a pattern: Crap happens when I actually plan to observe a Sabbat.  I get sick, or weird apartment maintenance issues come up.  In this case it is both.  I've got the mess largely under control.


But I still had a dream with Disney ducks and angels from the Book of Enoch.  It was like the most bizarre anime ever.  And it's theme seemed to be Suteki Da Ne...
... well, technically, Suteki Da Duck.  As in key phrases replaced by the word "duck."  As in:


Moon on the glass as a trembling heart
Duck duck duck, duck duck duck




Suteki da ne?  Being together duck duck duck, walking duck duck duck...


Clearly, I might have been slightly delirious last night.  But I stand by my assertion that Scrooge MacDuck was miscast as Enoch.


I'm gonna go have some hot soup and ice my head again.

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The water is all up.


I found spots I missed in an interesting way.  See, the water here is actually overtreated.  There's so much chlorine in it that the spots that I missed are blindingly white—at least for now.  Won't last long.  The water also contains sediment.


The towels are all done now as well.  Being on the majority ancient hand-me-downs, only a few came out blinding white.  But they are clean.


I steam-sanitized the entire floor.  It now smells like needles and vanilla in here.  Nice change of pace from gross rancid drain.  ... I'll probably give the floor a second hit before bed.  Just to make sure.


I still don't trust my outlets yet.  I want to give those another few hours, just to be safe— which is why the phone update.


... now to wash the beige blanket/comforter/duvet/spread/other-synonym-for-fluffy-warm-linen.



Beige is bleach-safe, right?


EDIT, FIVE MINUTES LATER:  It occurs to me that I have yet to eat anything.  And I only got about 2 hours of sleep.  ...I should fix both of those things, I reckon...

EDIT:  5:33 CST:  I'd intended on making an early return to my writing and other stuffs, but…it's 48 degrees out, the windows are all open, the air's on, and I am blisteringly hot.

The apartment is NOT blisteringly hot according to company that was over earlier.

Aside from feeling dizzy and hot and having the chills, I feel fine!

…yeah, maybe Ms. Ague needs to lie down.

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I'm spending the next few days cleaning that up.


EDIT 3:26  AM TECHNICALLY the next day:  I think that the worst of the water is up now.  I sacked sleep and pain relief to soak up the worst of the flooding, put down disinfectant, and scrubbed affected areas of the floor after throwing a window open.


... then, I had to fold a basket of...STUFF... in order to make room for the bags of now-sopping towels.


Of course, these will require HEAVY bleach.  It's a good thing most of my linen is boring white.


The folding basket had a bath mat and a single bath towel.  So at least I can now look forward to a nice hot bath once a reasonable hour comes up.  By morning, it'll be time to do baseboards with this concentrated cleaner that smells rather like needles and ether— it will kill ANYTHING.  Even gross drain germs like this probably left behind.


... if you're wondering what the hell needles smell like it's hard to explain unless you have that weird thing where you can taste metal after getting stuck with the sterile needs.  ...it is a bit like a combination of alum, aluminum, and raw silver.


... for the record, I can't stand needles.

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