Jan. 12th, 2017 07:50 pm
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An ice storm is barrelling down on the area. I've hunkered down with an absurd amount of bread and milk, as Midwesterners tend to do when these things happen. I'm prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. Any kind of help is appreciated; being in the dead of winter in a hotel? It's no way to make a living.

Hours...hours...well, those are a little less on the sunny side of life. It's the slow season, though, and that's to be expected. The slow season is always kind of ugly. It's going to especially be ugly on bills.

To top it off, the freeze is going to keep me from going to this place I've been told to go to by my therapist: it's out of the way and right in the way of the freeze area. I've also been told to start getting my legal in order: their disregard of my pronouns is officially illegal and I can now officially call them on it. Them being work. There's a lot of things to take care of. (Help. Lol.)

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But for the record, Color Noise is now the name of the Rainbow escorts' cover band.

The lid does well against particulate weather, but the draft is balls.


Jan. 3rd, 2014 03:39 am
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It's a little cold.
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In the span of a week, Moore, Oklahoma has been attacked again by the wrath of nature. As they take shelter, here in the East Boogie region roll our eyes again as we have to throw sandbags at our front doors to keep the flash flood from ruining the freshly waxed tile, flooding into the basements and making the 'shelter' a bigger hazard than staying up on the eighth floor.

I just watched my cardboard 'boards' warp after hailstones the size of half dollars ripped through the cellophane wrap. I'm not surprised--hail does that. No, what surprises me is that we're seeing weather THIS violently interesting this close to the middle point of the year. Usually in this area of the country, the weather has a single setting: Hot and Boring.

Well, it's certainly been Hot. Boring, on the other hand...

I'm keeping a low profile tonight while this weather blows through, seeing as one wall is pretty much NOTHING BUT WINDOW and there's lightning going on outside of it. A can of Perrier and a small bowl of green curry--not to mention my big red Vea vaporizer--and I'm making it a quiet night.
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Where am I?

Severe weather blew over the Midwest over the last twenty four hours. The state of Oklahoma got the worst of it; a suburb of Oklahoma City called Moore has quite literally been erased from the map. There's at least 50 dead.

Here in the East Saint Louis/Saint Louis area, we just got ludicrous flash flooding--watch the cruisers drift over the road, or what might be the road, it might be a river right now.

Here in chronic leg condition land, at about 3 AM, right at the first explosive downburst of wind and thunder, I woke up to a searing pain in my leg. For a moment, I thought I'd been hit by the lightning outside. I've spent the day alternating using the Pomodoro Technique--a lifehack involving doing work in short 25-minute bursts with strictly enforced break times--to alternate between cleaning the apartment and using my TENS machine to zap a short sample of pain relief into the leg. It's the worst it's been since the first injury three years ago, a few times today having reduced me to this pathetic whimpering thing that couldn't do anything.

The weather shows no signs of letting up, and to add insult to injury, I have to repair my window boarding again. It blew in this morning.

The only thing keeping me going is imagining what the escorts in the project would do. Morikawa-guy would probably be bringing me a warm blanket, and Wakamoto-guy would just say reassuring things as he stood by in his benignly enormous way, probably in that dang giant frilly pink apron. And probably snark that I keep breaking subsection A of Rule #1. (Rule #1 is "Don't Die." Subsection A is "Don't hurt yourself.") Hell, I'd hire them right now if I had the money. And, you know, they weren't fictional.
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OK. The hell.

I’m burning up.

Decided to go easy with dinner. Just some broccoli. Maybe a hotlink. Nothing fancy. I’m burning up.

Get up to discover that the apartment is, in fact that yes, it is that damn hot.

Too hot to think. Call me when slow-moving clipper…er, clips.

To make up for missing Friday’s post, 100 Things AND LTTP LP both go up tomorrow, even if it means I have to go to Starbucks to do it.

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I don’t get out as much as I used to. Part of it is because of this blasted junk knee; the other part of it is because I have COMPLETELY lost my heat tolerance. Right about now is the perfect time of year for me to try and hit a favorite park, but RIGHT NOW right now is a bad time to be out there.

See, the place is kinda sorta a HUGE MUDHOLE right now due to the sudden opening of the skies and such. And my shoes are canvas.

On days when I can get to the park I usually don’t do much of anything. I sit around and enjoy the atmosphere and the absence of modern technology. Sometimes, I hit the playground equipment for a playground-circuit workout (Flip a swing over the bar a few times and then use the swing for upside-down curls, or make use of the slide for plank-to-incline pushups!)

…ok, I admit it. Sometimes I just get on the swings for the fun of it.

I also sometimes use the time to people-watch.

And when I replace my ocarina, I’ll be practicing there again. :)

Mrrrh. HOT.

Jul. 6th, 2012 07:57 pm
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So I crack a lot of jokes about it being so hot it’s hard to focus, right? Well, this time there’s no hyperbole involved.

I was working on one of the 012 storylines, when—



“…‘ba-bam?’” I repeat. I then turn to face my window unit, which has abruptly powered down. Before I can get there, however, it goes back on. I turn it back onto the proper settings and—




The A/C slowly winds down. But the power seems to just sort of go out of it.


Then it kicks back on, but the compressor isn’t working. In short, I now have a weak fan where I once had a weak air conditioner unit.


Hilarious fact: less than an hour earlier my dad called me on the phone, wondering if I had use of an air conditioner unit. It was fifteen minutes alter that the damn thing did a cough-splutter at me and died.


I’m gonna try to get a 100 Things post written, but this apartment’s creeping up into 90°F range, and that’s gotten clear outside of my endurance. Between the heat and the probably heat-induced stomach cramping and headache, I’m looking at a rough night.

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(For those who haven’t taken the Bilingual Bonus, that’s:  “OBJECTION!”  Blame Ace Attorney.)


I’m getting pretty tired of being sick and tired.  Between the knee and finding out that the painkiller for the knee is what’s been making my migraines worse—


Oh, didn’t I mention?  The Mobic that I’ve been taking that works such wonders for my knee pain has an interesting side effect of “Blinding Headaches.”

Read more... )
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Here's the deal:

There was a tornado on the 25th.

It happened with no warning at all: I looked out the window once it had calmed down outside just as a strike of lightning flashed, and there was a funnel cloud, spout clearly defined, close enough to see.

I stood there for two minutes longer waiting for a second strike to illuminate the thing—entirely too dark to see otherwise.

I tried to alert everyone I was on with at the time that a tornado was just outside, and that I'd be back, but then—


The power was restored around 3 AM. The cable and phone were not restored until today, around four in the afternoon.

So I've fallen a little bit behind. To top it off, Livejournal's Rich Text Editor seems to have cannibalized itself. So I have to manually do all of the formatting


and means that I've missed meme days.
I'm working on it...
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The winter weather has finally blown into the area.

It is cold and dry, and snow has blown into the area with ferocity.  The snow is that dry, powdery kind that doesn't really stick to much without outside interference.  It's the kind of snow that blows around the area with the slightest interruption in the air, making the world around it sparkle like it has been coated with fairy dust.

It's the kind of snow that makes you wish it was a little warmer than five degrees outside, so that you could actually loiter around out of doors, scooping up handfuls of snow and take a deep breath, to blow it onto something as if you were fey royalty bestowing blessings on whoever you thought was fit.

Unfortunately, it isn't pleasant enough out to do anything like that.  The air is so cold and dry that most people that I know can barely stand to be out in it.  I can't even breathe in it, let alone get a deep enough breath to blow fairy dust.  The cold bites into the skin like envenomed fangs, making it hard to move anything that isn't covered in thick fabric…impossible to move anything that isn't covered at all.

The consolation in all of this is that it paints an incredibly pretty picture to look at.  Even in the urban sprawl of my high rise, where I have this splendid view of East Saint Louis (Oh look, the second ambulance of the day.  Wonder if that boom was a gun and not the sidewalk), the view is stunning at times.  I turn toward the west window—actually, it is the only window—and see the sun glinting off of the Arch and the snow, and it's not so aggravating.

Now, if the heater would just work……
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I had to skip work  yesterday.  But I had a pretty good excuse to skip out on it yesterday, though.

My street was totally underwater.

You couldn't walk outside.  The water would come in.

With a cameraphone in hand I called my job to let them know that I was STUCK.  As it turned out, it was slow enough that they wouldn't be needing my services that day, anyway.  It was just as well, though.  It took until about three in the afternoon for the water to go down far enough to take three steps out of the door.

Seriously?  I'm surprised that the drainage in the area worked as well as it did.  There were times where it was coming down so hard that the street was under eight inches of water (fast moving water, at that) and so it was impossible to do anything at all.  It had been called for in the forecast, of course: we were getting hit with what was left of Tropical Storm Ike (It wasn't downgraded for a good long while, either; not until it left our area) and it was moving damned quick.

All in all it made for a decently boring sort of day.  No one went anywhere until the roads drained off, and as I said that took until three.  Even then all we did was go grocery shopping.  I made a point of getting enough 'fast junk' so that I should be covered until next payday.

Granted, it's still a meal a day, two if I'm lucky.  But hey, until I adjust, I just have to deal with it.

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