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The news came at an unexpected time—the date of my rent re-examination last notice.

Last notice? When the miso-glazed fuck were the first ones? I thought, taking the notice out of my door and calling my boss about the unexpected day I'd need off. The date came and went, with a lot of hangups on organization—theirs, not mine. It took an hour of work to do what should have taken maybe twenty minutes.

The verdict: starting in March, I will have a lower rent than I paid all of last year.

But this month I still pay that teeth-itchingly high $200 for this tiny thing, meaning I still have to stretch and scrape and and unashamedly shake the bucket to get by in this economy.


Yes that was out of nowhere but it had to be said. It'll probably be said a lot. I'm doing a lot of self-care between my activism to make sure I don't go starkers in this new world of lies, propaganda, and gaslighting. I have an idle game on my phone where I feed and pet adorable hamsters that get into shenanigans. Two of them are lesbians. (Lesbihams?) Two of them seem to be starting a polyamorous thing. (Polyhamorous?)

Some are dignified. Some are...not.

Leslie is usually kinda mellow....and then I put the strawberry daifuku out. #HamsterCollection

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(Follow me on Instagram for more hamham shenanigans and my dumb face, btw)

I'm playing a browser game where you raise dragons and humanity is APPARENTLY NO MORE #misandry

When I get meager little tips I splurge on customizations for them and make them pretty. You can have as big or as small a collection of dragons as you want. At the same time this one is inspiring my writing. (there are dragons, but humans also exist but the dragons don't trust the humans, and a dragon falls for a human man because OF COURSE HE DOES and it's totally fluffy romance.)

(this isn't the dragon in the story, it's one of my game dragons, isn't she pretty?)

These tiny little things keep me from ripping my own head off these days. That, and tea. I need more tea. Good tea.
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To you, ye nonexistent deterrent to writing, I say but one thing:



That was…objectionable! )

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I’m beginning to understand what paid editors feel like.


I’m STILL working on that thing I said I’d beta—


Again with the migraines, which is why I’m spending a quiet night doing writing and editing, not RP or date night as was the original plan (Hells, I just woke up).




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Yesterday I actually made a dent in that case of writers' cramp by forcing myself to write anyway, trying to mechanically work on the idea until the usual flow began and it stopped feeling like work.  As usual I got my Last.FM going to help with that; my Zen was charging at the time.

Nothing got done until my radio managed to start buffering a track, got about a 1/32 note into it before pausing to get the rest of the data, but that was all I needed to hear, because I knew, with the sound of that amorphous electric guitar, that the track that was being queued was the Cocteau Twins' "Serpentskirt."  After that kicked in I kind of kicked back and relaxed, enjoying the sound of the track as I do, and listened.  By the time the track ended I'd gotten into the writing again.

Today, there isn't enough time to see if it works again; I have to go to algebra class in about fifteen minutes.  Tomorrow though, if work is slow, then I'll be writing like a madwoman.

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It's driving me insane.  Each day I think that I'll be getting something or another done, but something invariably comes up—for instance the theft of my phone, the death (again) of the family car, having to figure out a way to either recover the data on a twice-wiped hard disk, an injured back—on and on the list goes, and sometimes I don't feel like I'll ever get anything productive done.  In the last three days, outside of yesterday's substantial rant, I haven't really written anything; even my forum activity has been sluggish as of late, and, well?  To put it bluntly I feel like I'm going insane.

Call it writers' cramp, or block, or whatever, I need an infusion into my head so that I can get something done, or else.  I should be thirty pages ahead of where I am right now.

On that note, I think that I will stop bitching about not getting any writing done and grind the gears until I manage to find the one that makes the damn thing go 'forward.'

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