Jul. 24th, 2012

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It's going slowly—even WITHOUT accounting for this hand injury (NEVER let your tonberry chef's knife meet gravity. I'm typing with increasingly fatigued thumbs here.

As I went through the bookshelf, I stumbled upon these:

A “ten of cups” tarot card and a Love Pokéball.

Had I found these earlier in the year I might be in bad shape right now. I got the ball as a gift from...yeah. The card, I found rogue—cleaning a suite at work. This card's meaning is “joy, abundance, fortune.” It's one of the few cards whose meaning when reversed in a reading (upside down to the tarot reader) can be unchanged. I found them together, almost just like this—I merely had to turn the card face-up.

I realized something as I looked at these things: I deserve what they signify. I deserve their joy, their abundance. And to hell with people who would have me believe otherwise, or belittle me when they think that I cannot hear. To hell with people who think that I'm just lying when I admit I'm hurt. To hell with people who think I fake that pain.

I'll keep going—spite them and heal, even thrive.

Who knows, maybe I'll exchange another Love Pokéball with someone who's actually worthy of it this time.

The Wheel turns. Even if we land in the same place again, there's no excuse to not move.

And thus, I shall move.

This message brought to you by LjBeetle. ^_^

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