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Dipping into my stockpiles during this dire stretch, when I notice something's …off.


Blink and you miss it!

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I love cooking things. I also love coming up with nice drinks to go with them. Often that’s a customized tea blend. Other times, it’s a homemade soda. Sometimes it’s a juice thing.

And sometimes it’s some unholy hybrid of the three.

And sometimes, it’s entirely undefinable.

I remember a good drink that began with seltzer fizzed-up three buzzes in my SodaStream unit. After having drunk half the liter as plain seltzer, made some lemon syrup using sugar and lemon juice, added a shot of tart Montmorency cherry juice, and then tossed that all in a tall glass. The combination was wonderfully sweet and tart, and the dark color belied the taste that I’d just made—because it tasted like pink lemonade.

A slightly less…successful attempt started with the same strength of seltzer, but with a bit of vanilla syrup instead—Torani, if I recall correctly. I’d forgotten that such a heavy syrup, being added to a seltzer’d bottle—even tilted properly—results n a vanilla geyser. Furthermore, even though the liquid was bubbly as hell, the flavor was flat. Missing that certain something or another. I still haven’t figured out how to get that one to work. A shame, considering vanilla’s my favorite flavor.

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So, I’m futzing around on the internet when I realize that I need to get something to eat. In fact I remember that I have to eat. (BOTHERSOME! …lol, no one buys that coming from me.) I realize that what I’m eating requires me to do a fuckton of math and so I’m all “HURRRGH, I HATE MATHING” and I go hunting for something to make my job easier.

Then I find a recipe analyzer. It’s going to make my work a lot easier. For one, it does the math for me.

For another…


Isn’t that neat? I’ve actually got nutritional information on one of the foods I make from scratch at home now. I feel like I’ve actually done something here. I can look at something I’ve made and see how it stacks up.


Also? According to the software I’m currently trying the trial of, this is $1.18 a serving. A sushi roll for $1.18. This is a $5 roll in a restaurant.

I am honestly tempted to buy it at the end of the trial. I could make a case for gourmet eating on a shoestring fries budget.


I should be sleeping now, however. I need to be up in…three hours.

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I’m exhausted. I had one of those long shifts today—though not a murder!shift, when I run laundry AND housekeeping on the same day. However, it ran me down about the same level as one of those would have. I have the interesting problem of being the only one who can consistently handle the heat in the laundry room now, and the problem is compounded by the fact that it’s gotten to the point where it’s too hot for me, even—I can’t drink water fast enough to keep up with the heat, and that heat is considerable.


We’re talkin’ 100°F plus in that laundry room. It gets toasty.

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I just caught myself fantasizing about breakfast: maple bacon, cream of wheat with a splash of that Natural Bliss cream, super-buttery scrambled eggs, chunk of fresh bread, and a little bit of pomegranate juice to finish it all off with.


Then I remembered that my fast doesn't end until noon tomorrow.


*watches as the trickster Coyote takes a pin and deflates the fantasy*


Oh well. One more day won't kill me.

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You’d think I’d know my luck by now.

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