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The recent influx of these so called bathroom bills is just the latest round of body policing and transantagonism that has been going on since the time of the colonizers. People don't understand something, so instead of trying to understand it, they seek to violate, dehumanize, or rationalize away their own internal revulsion of it.

It happened before in every culture that embraces nonbinary identities as something to be acknowledged—but, slowly, we remember our heritage as our spirits wake. And it happens now as our sisthren, brethren, and sibthren come into their identities and walk their truths. At the same time, they—we—live lives like the other people, like those people who do so dislike being called what they are—the cisgender.

And it is with the cisgender that I take my current beef.

(Any comments to the effects of "not all cis" are subject to a metric buttload of side-eye. Only warning.)

It should be no one's business what is in anyone's trousers/kilt/skirt/long dashiki except their significant other and the owner of the parts, yet a mob of legislators wants to control where people can go to the bathroom or change clothes at the gym based on this. Were we to subject the cisgender populations to this treatment it would be called invasive harassment and overturned so quickly that your head would spin.

But since it's "for their protection," this is fine. The double standard is disgusting. It makes me furious. And more than a little sick.

It has also brought back the old chestnut that equates gender to genitalia, and I'm seeing more and more talk about how people would immediately drop a partner—even a long time partner—if their genitals didn't match the perceived or presenting gender. No other justification is even given, just "I thought you had X" and "bye, Felicia."

This revelation makes me sick. Just plain sick. And I don't understand how this line of thinking could be interpreted as anything but transphobic. Putting my cards on the table as nonbinary gets the same reaction. And the reaction is always the same:

"Never mind. Thought you was a woman" and a fast walk away with much dusting of shoulders.

Determining partners on plumbing exclusively is fetishist at best, phobic bull at worst, and needs to stop.

People forget: we are whole persons, with minds and lives and interests and hobbies. Not just sets of genitalia for you to fixate on.
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No off  days until next week.

Tore a muscle in my arm.

Typing hurts because I overloaded it at work and until I get my day off it's gonna be overloaded.


When I get a chance to breathe, I'm putting myself back on a schedule of updates. ...the fact that I have developed a mild (HAH) Civ V habit also hasn't helped things, but I think I've got a handle on that now.


I do not live in Ferguson. I live near enough that the events are concerning.

With the events in Ferguson, MO--a suburb of St. Louis, a mere stone's throw from the city I live in, racial tension is at the whistle point. The kettle will either pop or have to be removed, and I'm suspecting a pop rather than a timely removal. Without going into the gory details (they're all over at this point, to the point where the beleaguered souls in Palestine are giving us here in the US tips on surviving teargas and counter-riot brutality), things are at the point where even though I don't live in Ferguson itself, the area is still tense. Solidarity protests have taken place in my city, a city known for its racially tense history (we are not far removed from race riots), and when I heard about them I was concerned that things would turn ugly. Later in the day I heard about a threat on the post office and federal building--potentially unrelated, but there was nothing in the paper or online to confirm or remove my suspicion.

Just yesterday, during my shift at work, there were a number of persons who will not be identified lamenting the destruction of the QuikTrip store involved in the whole affair. It made me sick. Had I been in charge of the property, they would have been thrown out--not escorted, not directed, not told, THROWN OUT. To hear someone with more concern for property than life--no. Fuck you.

I do not believe that it will get quieter soon. Not with the press release that just went out. The timing was terrible, the tone was worse. Anonymous is already involved, and we know how they work. (While their intentions have been not-shitty their methods have been...ech.)

My input stops here--not for lack of things to say, but because of injury.
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I occasionally jump in on things that my friends on Facebook have weighed in on. Today, a person was lamenting that their now ex-girlfriend has apparently gone on birth control (referred to hereafter as BC) when she apparently wasn’t before. The original poster seemed to be, to put it bluntly, rather butthurt about the whole deal: he bought into the conservative fallacy of being on BC = promiscuity.

In all likelihood, the odds are she was on it in the first place, so I took a devil’s advocate position on the whole thing, explaining that hormonal contraception is used not only for contraception, but also a form of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for reproductive issues.

I for one went on birth control around the time right after seeing my now on-again first boyfriend: mostly because it would give me relief from the migraines. (What they don’t tell you about it? YOU GET MOAR BEWBS.) The fact that it gave me free license to jump his bones (didn’t happen, I kept getting cockblocked) was a bonus.

The point is, there’s more than one reason to go on BC. And that decision should be up to the woman in question. NOT a bunch of white-haired old men who think that the body has ways to shut down unwanted pregnancies as in the case of incest and [trigger word redacted]. The fact is, most of the government trying to regulate what we do to our bodies are men—who therefore have a barely-working knowledge of how making babies work in the first place—Todd Akin, anybody?—and don’t seem to bother with science at all. Look at the conservatives’ positions on the subject, and you see a lot of DIVINE VIRTUE and GOD’S WILL and ABOMINATION AGAINST NATURE and AGAINST THE HOLY WORD!

You don’t see…what’s it called—oh, right. SCIENCE. You don’t see the medical experts’ views. You don’t see doctors. You don’t see internists. YOU DON’T SEE WOMEN. Or at least, you don’t see women when you’re not looking inside of Mitt Romney’s infamous binders. Pretty much, the one segment of the population that has anything to do with this whole thing is being silenced. The right to do to our bodies what we want to do, even in cases of improvement of our own health, we’re stuck under the thumb of conservative pols and the damn Church.

And I’m not comfortable with a bunch of old men who won’t let girls join their club trying to tell me what to do with my own huevos internales at every chance they get.

An ancient institution should not be taking the place of a trained medical professional. Church, I don’t turn around and tell you how to massage your prostates. Don’t tell me how to make my ovaries behave, and DON’T go around sticking lighted wands all up in the Promised Land just because you think that a cluster of cells that has not yet even developed a rudimentary nervous system should have sole control over what I do.

That isn’t pro-life. That’s pro-birth. After the birth, where are these people? “Oh, we’re not going to provide assistance to you, you should have known better than to get pregnant in the first place. Oh, and spermicides and condoms and stuff like that is also the devil so no you can’t have it unless you want to go to hell and you don’t want that now do you, silly woman?”

We’re not baby machines. Stop treating us like baby machines. Get out of our laws. For fuck’s sake, start treating women like PEOPLE, you old dustbags. Until then, I’ll just travel about until I can get the medical help I need for my hormonal issue.

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Fitly Written:

Firstly: The next 100 Things post will be up sometime Friday evening. There is no guarantee that I will work that day, but there is no guarantee that I won’t either. In either case, there will be much work done with the upper body and I will need a GENEROUS nap before I do any writing. I didn’t work today, but I decided to work out today. *listens carefully* Ah, there’s the ever-present question:


Actually, thanks to my knee, it’s all I CAN do. I have the feeling that by the time June hits, I am going to be amusingly off-proportion.

Continued… )

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I’ll say it right now: I enjoyed watching them entirely too much. Though I’ve almost certainly made up my mind for voting this November, I do like to hear from all of the candidates and sides to make sure that I am making the right decision. There is of course that whole “oh woo woo woo what difference can one person make in the elections woo woo woo” but I try not to listen to that—seeing as if I do that all of the time I’d never do anything at all.


The Biden-Ryan Showdown certainly jossed my feelings that Biden is just sort of noise that shows up once in a while to make a goofy fucked-up observation on an open mic. He was solid in his performance tonight. Biden came out swinging, and he didn’t pull any of his punches. Even his reactions were candid.


He very  nearly facepalmed at one of Paul Ryan’s statements. It was what they in the business call Blatant Lies™ and there wasn’t much that Joey-B could do but just sort of laugh it off. And he did. A lot. I get the feeling it was because it was a bit more ethical than just going, “You are so full of horseshit.”


Man, it was crazy. It was like a fencing match.

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Recently the bill that improves the nutrition, and limits the calories of, school lunches, was put into effect. As a result, the maximum caloric load for the public school lunch is about 800 calories, maximum. The intent is to combat obesity by balancing their dietary intakes.

Students were not amused by this. The largest complaint is that they’re still hungry after eating their plates. What do they do in reaction?

They throw away the food in protest and make a video on Youtube that dramatizes just how hungry they are.

O )

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Seriously—cutest airstrike in the history of ever.

Free speech is something we take for granted in the US. So hearing about something like this gets me to thinking about how we have it here, and about how other nations have it. And specifically this…I’m not sure how they came up with this idea, but if their aim was to get the international community to squee with delight, I consider this a win.

This message brought to you by LjBeetle. ^_^


Jul. 21st, 2012 08:58 pm
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Even through all of the shenanigans that have happened here on LJ over the last few years, it’s been a bulwark for me. Not having a lot of people who I can talk to without having to backtrack and explain what word ‘x’ means and what word ‘y’ means in any given situation, the opportunity to unload and vent without restraint is something I’ve always found important in the last few years. Sometimes, I read the thoughts of others I’ve stumbled over in communities or have commented on my posts—I like the back and forth exchange of it, which is why so many of you here have probably seen me in a bajillionty places on any given day.

Today, I saw something that irritated me.


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I know that this doesn’t seem like the most exciting thing to be on about, but the fact is, this is a cause that’s kind of close to me—and has been for all of my life.
I’m speaking from the point of view of a preemie myself.
I was almost not here to talk about this.
Two and a half pounds.  A bag of egg noodles weighed more than I did  …also, blue.  Spent loads of those first days on machines: incubators, breathing machine, monitors—it was bad.  And it took forever for me to get up to close to standard.  I didn’t weigh fifty lbs until I was 11.  …moderately underweight, understatement of the day.  
So the cause is kinda close to me.  Being one who never really caught up to the normal where it comes to size and such—I’m still a runt, and I’ve still got the squishiness issues that I had when I was little. (Go ahead, feel free to laugh, I walked into it.) 
The point is, we’ve come a long way since I was born. 
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I remember a few months ago when I woke up one morning and first heard the term ‘Wikileaks’ on the news.  At first I thought that, for some reason, that the online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, had been hacked somehow and was malfunctioning.  Imagine my surprise when I heard that this was, actually, a website dedicated to exposing the hidden information that the authorities supposedly don’t want us to know about.

I’ll admit it—at first I was all for it.  I don’t like the concept of things that happen right under our noses not being divulged.  Especially the torture thing—I don’t condone that sort of thing, and for good reason: it’s counter to what the nation stands for.  (I resist adding a ‘supposedly’ after that, due to what’s been going on.)

I wasn’t paying attention to most of it, though—It was enough to know that this put such things into the public eye and to start a dialogue.

Then, this:  the revelation that the founder of Wikileaks was going to divulge diplomatic cables.  Now, thanks to these documents being thrown out there for anyone to see.  Diplomatic relations are at a strained state, and getting worse.

There are a lot of opinions about what should be done about the man behind all this, one Julian Assange—shot, ‘assassination,’ according to one Canadian pundit (and this is not without its controversy either), ‘executed,’ according to one friend…

Something has to be done, but death?  Isn’t that a bit extreme?

Several countries have launched criminal investigations into the man.  He’s a highly wanted man, even if he isn’t officially ‘wanted’ yet.  He's been called an 'enemy combatant' by Newt Gingrich, and a he’s wanted for rape charges in Sweden.  For whatever reason, lots of people want their hands on this man, and none of it for the reasons he’d like.

The reactions have been mixed, none of them totally ambivalent—either he’s being praised as a hero, or people want him dead.  The remark from the guy on the CBC has been singled out for the extremeness of it, and asking around my own circle of friends it’s equally polarizing.  Largely, we seem to agree to NOT  bring it up—unspoken agreement, all that.  I haven’t voiced my own opinion on it because, until recently, I was one of the few still sitting on the edge of the fence on this particular thing.  Now I want him brought in.

Not to kill him, but on charges of espionage at minimum, treason preferably.  He’s gone out of his way to undermine the diplomatic efforts of the nation, at one of the worst possible times to do it.  I think, however, that having him killed will serve no purpose.  It seems to be kind of the mind of a suicide bomber—not that he wants to be caught, but he’s doing these things in the most visible way possible without leaving any openings; he’s become an enigma, causing—yes, terroristic effects on the populace.

It’s information warfare, and under that definition of what he’s doing, I’m in complete agreement with Mr. Gingrich on his assertion that Julian Assange is an enemy combatant.  His activities have been actively disadvantageous to the nation—and others as well.

Don’t put him to death when he’s caught.  Make an example of him.

Pulling the foundational bricks out from underneath us is not something to be tolerated.

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Unless you’ve been living in a hole the last few days, you’ve heard about the two big pieces of international-conflict news: First, the artillery exchanges within the Korean Peninsula, and then the impostor Taliban. I’ll start with the Korean conflict and my take.



Koreas in Conflict )





The Taliban Flimflam )


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I was playing Final Fantasy XII, and had been for a while; when I noticed the time of day, and that I would have to stop and get something cooked for tomorrow’s day of work, I saved and quit (not before I pulled off a 33-chain hunting wolf-type monsters for the mad loots though).

I figured it was time to catch the weather at least, and so I saved and quit, hooking the digital receiver back up so that I could catch the news.

No, seriously~! )
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While I was at work today, it was slow.  It was horrendously slow.  Then, to try to do something about the horrendous bordem I was facing with the day, I turned on CNN.  Mainly because it was the closest channel I could get to without a remote, and if I tried to get any further down the dial, it might be perceived as slacking off.  So 'on' went CNN, and the story went on.

I can't remember the specific state, because the very topic sent me on edge, but I do remember the main point:  There's been a moratorium on executions because the drug cocktail used in executions may not effectively deaden pain, resulting in what could be considered cruel and unusual punishment.


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